It pays to read the lable.

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    Processed meat are loaded with chemicals ,sodas are loaded with sugars ,Margarine contain trans fat—the worst fat of them all,Farm-raised fish farmed fish are fed with a high-corn diet ,Deli meat aren’t just packed with artery-clogging fats they can have up to 400% more sodium and 50% more preservatives than unprocessed red meats ,Nonorganic eggs , poultry on factory farms are “routinely fed caffeine, active ingredients of Tylenol and Benadryl, banned antibiotics, and even arsenic.” Examination of feather meal, a poultry byproduct made of feathers, from China revealed traces of an antidepressant that is the active ingredient in Prozac ,American cheese ,the realist is that American cheese is not ‘cheese’ at all. It’s a factory creation of a cheese-like food made from a blend of milk fats, solids, some whey protein, emulsifiers, and food coloring. Microwave popcorn ,microwave popcorn bags are often lined with a chemical called perfluorooctanesulfonic acid, which has been shown to affect fertility, cancer risk, and kidney function in animal and some human studies. So make better choices cook from fresh meats try making your own hot dogs, I rather have a fresh pork chop than bacon or a good strip of pork belly instead ,make your own soda syrup ,and baked your own bread ,start with a simple Irish soda bread, only 4 ingredients folks. I know is much easier to pull boxes out of the freezer but with less rewards.
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    It's fine to read the labels, but scientists have discovered that the human race has 3 different DNA strands that determine your years of life. The type 1 strand will cause the humans death in the 40's and 50's, the second will cause death from 60 to 80 and the third strand will live over 80 and possibly to 110. The food you eat can increase your live but only within the your DNA allowance. What is more important then food is no smoking, low weight and regular exercise to get a healthy long life.

    60 minutes (TV news show) did a report on this. When they asked the 100 year old survivors what they eat, they said bacon, lard, and alcohol. What they also found was that to avoid any mental deficiencies in older age, one food was common among the ones that were mentally healthy, eggs every day.

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    Tweto, I'm trying to search for that 60 Minutes segment. Do you remember when it aired (approximately)? Do you have any suggestions on key words for the search?
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    The 60 mins segment was about 1 year ago. It was about aging and mental acuity at 70,80,90, and 100. I don't remember the name of the segment. That segment did not contain all the info I put in my post but most was. Another interesting thing they discovered was that the mentally healthiest had high blood pressure. Every one of the elder people with mental deficiency had normal or low BP.
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