Is our prepping for nothing

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    Back in the 70's my family had a VW camper bus, after years and years of traveling and camping all over the U.S. seeing some cool places, my dad decided to sell it, man I was bummed out for the longest time. I always thought to myself we could live in that van all the time if we had to, I know I was young but I think that's when I started becoming a prepper. I always wanted to be more self sufficient. I've said this once before but I always try to buy or do things that make us more self sufficient or things that are dual purpose, everything we buy has a use if something were to happen. We pretty much have everything we need when and if **** happens, I'm doing something everyday to make this house more safe for us, but always feels like I'm not ready and I've thought about this for awhile and if there was nuclear fallout that would be the end of us and all this prepping was for nothing, after reading BunkerBobs posts on his shelter that he built(which is kick ***) I want one..

    I live in a bi-level house so my living room, kitchen, small bathroom and utility room are on the lower level which have 10inch block walls and are below the ground, so I'm thinking of mking the utility room a saferoom it's 14lx9wx8h not to big but would do, only problem I see so far would be the ceiling, I would think a concrete ceiling made out of block might work, anybody have a safe room in there basement? What type of ceiling do you have for it?

    And yes now that I'm grown up I have a beautiful 1987 VW westphalia camper bus, my kids love it.....
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    Hey OldCootHillbilly, That's some good info, Ill be thinkin about it for awhile,,
    I'll be in Preston, Iowa next month pickin up my new huntin and personal security best friend, a Chesapeake Bay Retreiver..
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    Nice pooch, I like chessies.
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    Great Pup!:congrat: just got me a black lab Christmas Pup tonight, want too work with him to be a bird dog.:2thumb:
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    Pics Please. We love puppy's!!!
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    HP, block for a ceiling is weak, do a pour that ties into the walls.
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    A block ceiling will work okay for a fallout shelter as long as it's thick/dense enough and the support structure is strong enough to keep it from falling on your head. If you want to have a blast shelter you'll probably have to do something different.

    Another good website is found at

    They have a free download of Nuclear War Survival Skills that's worth reading.

    HP: congrats on the puppy!
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    If you'd like a little more info on fallout, check out this site. The more we know and learn how to protect ourselves, the better off our families will be.

    I have a small basement, so I'm taking all this into serious consideration.

    An Ill Wind Blows from Afar:
    Iran or North Korea Radioactive Fallout Contamination Map & Radiation Protection FAQ!

    What To Do If a Nuclear Attack is Imminent

    It takes a few minutes to load if you are on dial-up but very informative. I printed it out in case the power goes down.
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    HardenedPrepper, I think your safe room sounds like a good idea.

    Sounds like you've had an interesting life, both as a child and now with your own children, having adventures and learning how to take care of yourselves.

    Good luck with the new dog!

    And Sailaway, congrats on the new puppy! :D

    Can't wait to see pics from both of you!
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    Poured concrete would be nice, but not always practical. Done properly stacked block on a well built frame work will be fairly sound. This is for a fallout shelter, not one designed ta take a direct hit.
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    We do not have a fallout shelter and I am concerned about that, but trust the Lord will provide a way. So far everything we have needed to prepare for the "whatever" has come our way. I will check out the sites provided by you and see if there is one we can use. We really should have a storm shelter as tonadoes are plentiful when the seasons change. If the worst should happen while I'm at work we have a huge basement in the courthouse where I work. I also keep a BOB and extra food stored in my office. The shelter thing is nagging at me more and more as the world becomes more unsettled.
  13. OldCootHillbilly

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    Check the specs on both an ya should be able ta build one shelter what will work fer both.

    I'd be more concerned with tornado's then fallout, but then again, one never knows with the kooks in the world now.
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    I'm kinda thinkin I would tie in 8 or 10 inch steel ibeams for the ceiling, 16 inch on center, then slide in 10x8x16 soild cinderblocks between the ibeams and they would rest on the lips..that might work, this would work well for both fallout, tornado, and with the right door a saferoom...more thinkin
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    That sounds a little over-kill! I design oil-rigs where I don't even go that heavy on equipment that will be skidded across tundra or fields. 16" centers are fine for 2x4 stick construction, but, using Wide-flange at its "lightest" in 8" variety is still 10 pounds per foot. That is alot of steel!!!

    Picture below shows dimensions of WF8x10 .. if you calculate out the centers at 16" centers you will have 12 1/16" from edge-of-flange to edge-of-flange ..

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    Check your a local High School. As long as it was built before or during the Cold War it will/should have a fallout shelter in it. The one in my area did. Only a few of us know about it. The school has been remodeled since then, but I don't believe it has been touched.

    It will be located in the most central or well covered location in the building.
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    Well instead of putting block up between the Ibeams I will pour concrete instead If you will look at the link. But I am not going to build the tower escape, just a hatch...If you notice on the pic the Ibeams and the rebar going thru them to strengthen the concrete, it's going to be alot of work but worth it...I think
  18. HardenedPrepper

    HardenedPrepper BetterSafeThanSorry


    This structure would provide shelter against fallout, storms, fire, home invasion, airborne, chmicals, it will have an airfiltration system..Everything else you have guestioned I have or have trained for extensivley for....
  19. BasecampUSA

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    Multi-purpose "root cellar"

    Before... heavily insulated and undercoated railroad refrigerator car,
    twice coated with foundation tar. A 316ss air intake & exhaust installed,
    side doors welded/sealed, end entrance cut in. A steel vestibule was
    added as 90 degree entrance, providing space for diesel generator
    and changeroom decon shower area. An AR600 steel "lookout" tower
    was constructed on top... I paid $1200 for it delivered on a lowboy
    when the ground was frozen one February day. Trying to break into
    one of these is like cracking a big safe.

    During "burial"... pond "moat" seen in foreground supplied 30"
    fill over top, 45 degree slope to bottom all around. A W10x17 was
    added with 3" pipe columns inside to support roof wt. About 3"+/- of
    reinforced shotcrete was sprayed all over, then 6" topsoil was applied
    and a lawn seeded with automatic sprinklers fed from the pond "moat".

    The idea came from this interesting Viking settlement at L'ans au Medeaux
    in Newfoundland, Canada -and looks just like this now that is is finished:

    Viking sod house - instead of the walkway seen, the root cellar has
    an irrigation pond "moat" all around it, where the earth was exacavated to
    cover it.

    You can do this same type of thing with a steel "Connex" shipping container...
    This method beats groundwater and drainage problems that plague many others.

    - Basey
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  20. mosquitomountainman

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    There are a lot of good arguments for bugging in. Much will depend upon where you are and the local situation. I believe there's a thread elsewhere already on this topic alone.