Is It Wise To Live Near Army Base If SHTF?

Discussion in 'General Preparedness Discussion' started by neil-v1, Jan 25, 2010.

  1. neil-v1

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    Hello all

    I have been looking to move my family. I have been set on the Blairsville, Young Harris and Hiawassee, Georgia area but my question would really be for anywhere. How wise is it to live near an Army (or any other) service base if the sh*t was really to hit the fan?? It is something I never really thought of until today. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.
  2. rhrobert

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    Just think how fast the government will be there to help you :)
    Seriously though, I'd be concerned about them commandeering your equipment, supplies, or anything else they want/need for the "good of the people"

  3. Turtle

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    Depends largely upon what sort of base it is, what sort of work they do there.

    Personally, I live centrally located between Fort Meade (where the government is moving all of their intelligence agencies, including NSA and CIA), Aberdeen Proving Grounds (where the Army tests most of it's weapons), Fort Detrick, Walter Reed Medical Center (where the Army does a lot of medical testing), Andrews Air Force Base, U.S. Naval Academy (about five minutes from my house), Curtis Bay Coast Guard Base, Naval Air Station Patuxent . . . I am pretty much surrounded by military installations. I've known since I was pretty young that this area is a HUGE target for anyone who wants to cripple the U.S. So, this is just another reason that I would like to move away from this immediate area in the very near future.

    Any base that has a specialized purpose would probably be a target for a foreign attacker, so that would include places like Wright-Patterson AFB, Fort Benning, Cape May, Camp Lejeune, Colorado Springs, etcetera.

    If it were just a plain, basic base (especially a Guard armory), it would probably provide a level of security and a calming influence during crazy times. Now, with that said, you would have to be able to trust the military. If you were an anti-government type (not saying that the original poster is of that ilk), one would probably want to stay away from a military presence all together.
  4. allen_idaho

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    I would try to stay away from military bases long before the SHTF. They are the most crime-ridden areas in the United States and abroad.

    I know that it gives the illusion of safety and security, but you have to remember that the bulk of the military is made up of young, poorly educated kids who couldn't get a job doing anything else.

    Many of them were criminals before joining and didn't stop now that they are in the military.

    Many of them use or sell drugs.

    Many of them will likely commit rape, murder, or theft.

    A good percentage of them have undiagnosed mental disorders.

    When the SHTF, there is a good possibility that the military will fall apart just like everything else. Maybe not at first. But eventually. And the bad part is that these are the ones with access to the heavy firepower.
  5. Jason

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    Hey Turtle, when I was a kid my Scout troop used to camp at Wright-Pat every year, right on the base. We'd lay on the grass beside the runway at night and watch the planes do night maneuvers. Other than being the supposed destination of the Roswell wreckage what do they do there that is that specialized?
  6. UncleJoe

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    I live within 20 miles of 2 military depots and an army war college. If it turns out to be a problem, I guess I'm in trouble. :rolleyes:
  7. Expeditioner

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    I would not want to live near any military installation for te same reasons other have already cited. Blairsville, Young Harris and Hiawassee are nice areas. I was raised in Ellijay.
  8. Concerned_ Citizen

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    I would have to slightly disagree with some of these very broad generalizations.....although i 100% agree with the statements made, drug dealers, rape, thieves etc, from my own personal experience this is the minority and not majority.....i would venture to say that at least 90% of the people of that caliber do not make it past their first 4 or 6 year mark....if not sooner.

    the military has their fair share of bad apples for sure, no more then compared to the rest of our society as a whole.

    with that being said.......i would feel safer living farther away and not closer to any govt installation if the **** ever started flying.......
  9. SurvivalNut

    SurvivalNut Retired Army

    Some of the negative comments here, I think, are born of innocence and arm chair QBing not ignorance.

    I have a different opinion. I am an Army Retiree and live 40 minutes from a major AF base.

    Short of a total nuclear strike, I feel the following applies:

    In a SHTF scenario, the troops are going to be deployed to support national/regional/local issues. A skeleton force will remain.

    Dependents (wives and kids) will either be moved on base, shipped home or will have filtered home already. The military trains and practices that contingency. The individual soldier deploys on the assumption their families are cared for.

    Military communities have a high proportion of Military Retirees who will have access to base commissaries and medical facilities up to the last minute.

    Local and regional governments will relocate to those bases.

    Military Retirees have one of the most solid pensions and benefits packages that will be one of the last to fall apart. They also know guns and probably are well armed and are LAW ABIDING. They tend to own homes and are permanent residents.

    When the kids are off defending our country, no one is going to screw with skipper or his community, he’s got teeth AND experience. (well, I still have my teeth).

    In a lot of the eFiction downloaded on this site, Gunny, the Colonel, Lieutenant or old Sarge are the story’s local “Rock”.

    Military communities also have a higher percentage of military folk serving in local government, hence an experienced head in a crisis.

    I tend to like just where I am.

    Saddle up to a Veteran. Make friends. We tend to take care of our troops.

    (no, I don't do drugs, ain't an alcoholic and the judge didn't make me volunteer. I am not a nutcase. Just ask my Psych. Meet a 21 year old kid deploying overseas for a 3rd time and volunteering for it. That's patriotism friend! Life free in the open is better than hiding in fear).
  10. Turtle

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    Wright-Pat has HUGE stockpiles of parts and entire planes laying around. They are sort of a holding zone until a lot of recently rotated planes are sent to the boneyards, so they have a rather large number of viable second-string aircraft. Not to mention that it is simply a very large AFB. I would imagine that it would be a tasty target for anyone wanting to cripple our ability to strike back.
  11. Turtle

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    And yeah, I've gotta agree with Survival Nut . . . I've known WAY more solid individuals in the various branches of the military than any suspect scumbag criminals.

    Except, perhaps, for the vast majority of the Marine Corps. Those guys are all nuts. lol

    I would much rather ally myself with former and current military folks than your average civilian.
  12. Vertigo

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    In my opinion, living near a military base is not per se good or bad for you, it depends. If a crisis happens, at first this will not be good for you, since a lot of people will flock to that base in search of help. At this stage, it is not the military base itself that should worry you, it is the people who will try to get help there and will be passing along your front yard.

    If the crisis worsens, and there are some bouts of anarchy, protest, gangs roving around, but there is still a government, I believe you will be very thankful for living close to a military base. Because of its calming effect on possible perpetrators.

    If the:shtf: big time, there is widespread anarchy, complete loss of authority, then a military base would probably be the worst place to live close to. They have the training, equipment and spirit that combined will prove unstoppable for most civilians.

    Overall, a military base close by is actually an asset (especially a smaller one) it will provide stability and security, so the average civilian can concentrate on survival and growing food, instead of planning how to kill their neighbour.

  13. kyfarmer

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    I lived in Richmond Ky. for a few year's not far from thousand's of ton's of nasty gas. Even worked on the place for a while. I got the crap outa there as soon as i could. Back to the hill's where i belong.:D
  14. TreeMUPKennel

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    outside a base

    I'm right outside the Fort Bragg base here in the Carolinas. The only good thing about living here is the deals on military surplus, and opportunity to buy all kinds of goodies. :2thumb:
  15. 101airborne

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    I agree 100%, and as a Vet ( army specops) I am somewhat offended by AI's comments. The type of people he describes WILL be found ANYWHERE. Not just in the military. SOME choose the military because they don't have the education level for good civilian employment, but it is most likely due to not being able to afford college. Rather than being to dumb. I joined the military because I wanted to do my part to serve my country. I joined because I was 17 and my father had a heart attack and couldn't work anymore, so I wanted to help out. I joined because I wanted to see some of the world and make a difference. I Joined because I was/am a proud american. I think THAT IS the reason many people join not because we/they are druggy,rapist,scumbag trash to stupid to do anything else. IMO opinions like that hurts our military and the wonderful people serving in it. Bigoted remarks like A.I.'s are to me as I said extremely offensive.

  16. allen_idaho

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    I'm a vet (Navy) as well. And the truth of the matter is that there are some in the military who are actually decent folks. But the other half really are worthless dirtbags. Just like in civilian life. I don't see why you would be so offended by that. You know it's true. That's why the captain's mast sheet is never blank.
  17. NaeKid

    NaeKid YourAdministrator, eh?

    Just heard a "horror-story" on the news today. Seems a commander of a base in Ontario has just been charged with the murder of a local female. The police (OPP) seem to think that there are many unsolved deaths following this commander's career-path and all of the unsolved deaths involve females ... :gaah:

    Yes, there may be some bad-apples in the military and I know some of them personally and there are some really good-apples as well and I have met more of them than the bad ones.

    Is it safe to live near a base? If you are looking at the people on the base, you will find a similar mix of good and bad people. If you are looking at the base as being a point-of-attack, I would imagine it would be one and being further away would keep your skin coverin' your meat.
  18. TechAdmin

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    Serial Killer in the Canadian Military?
  19. NaeKid

    NaeKid YourAdministrator, eh?

    Here is the story with a picture of the guy. He looks pretty respectable, eh?

    'In the company of the devil': Victim | Canada | News | Calgary Sun

  20. NaeKid

    NaeKid YourAdministrator, eh?

    And another story:

    Military commander charged with brutal murders | Canada | News | Calgary Sun