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Not sure about local laws, but anything over 1,200 gallons have to have 'Leak Containment',
Meaning a catch tank or dike around the tanks to catch spills or tank failures.

Storing any kind of petroleum fuel in 'Barrels' is inherently dangerous.
First off, fuel degrades over time, and you would be surprised how fast fuel can loose it's potency!
Some suppliers say in less than 90 days the fuel can be down to half of the octane rating it had when new.

Expansion & Contraction from temprature changes will be the biggest problem you will have.

Even if you don't have 'Leaks', vapors can escape, and they are explosive.
Vented tanks are recommenced, but you run into evaporation losses, faster degradation of the fuel, contamination issues,
And if the tanks aren't vented properly, there is a real serious risk of explosions & fire.

If the tanks are NOT vented, you have constant stressing of the containers from thermal expansion and contraction cycles.

Most large tanks are underground to keep the fuel at a more or less continuous temp,
But you often run into problems with leakage and water contamination with underground tanks that weren't specifically designed for fuel storage.

The 'Best' way to store 'Fuel' long term is Propane, CNG, ect.
Keep the tanks in a COOL place, and make sure it's vented because eventually ALL VALVES WILL FAIL.

The 'BEST' way to store gasoline is in sets of tanks that are rotated...
Remember the old farm tanks on stands or skids?

Use one, keep the other one or two in reserve, and rotate your stock so the fuel gets used before it gets too old or contaminated.

Propane is very handy for 'Emergency' situations.
It can easily be found in 1 pound containers on up to several thousand pound containers (yard or industrial tanks)

I specifically converted my larger generator over to propane because the fuel stores so well,
And I have an off road buggy that uses propane/gasoline for a 'Dual Fuel' engine arrangment.

Everything from grill tanks (around 10 and 20 pounds) to camper trailer tanks (30 to 50 pounds) to smaller mobile home tanks (100 Pounds) to the large non-transportable tanks you see in yards and the huge tanks you see in industrial applications.

Propane carbs or adapters are available for most any gasoline or diesel engine, and the propane works equally as well for home heating, cooking, ect.

The down side to propane is it's a Petroleum by-product, and it's price & availability are directly tied to the oil prices/availability.

CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) is not a petroleum by-product, and is not tied to oil pricing/availability, but doesn't contain the same energy as Propane does.

One other thing to consider about 'Fuel' for self reliance is 'Diesel'...
Diesel stores longer than gasoline,
Diesel can be from Petroleum or biological manufacture (Bio-Diesel) if you are into that sort of thing,
and diesel contains more energy per gallon than gasoline.

You can easily find diesel vehicles, diesel generators, fuel oil furnaces that will burn diesel just fine, ect.

Personally, I like the idea of Alcohol for fuel.
Drink some, put some in the car, and you are off to the races in more ways than one!
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