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If you are in a city with very close neighbors - then I believe that most city bylaws will not allow you to store explosive fuels in residential areas unless you are certified to store those explosive fuels (ie: fueling station) and are willing to be inspected regularly by the fire-department ...

Standard 10-gallon jerry cans are exempt unless you have lots and lots of them ... if you know what I mean.

If you are on an acreage, I believe that you must have 10 acres or greater for fuel-storage systems (visible above-ground tanks as shown in the attached picture) and those must be inspected regularly for leaks. The large propane tanks that you have pictured must be filled by a certified mobile system and be directly connected to the home or shops regulator for pressure control. I believe that you have the ability to refill your own portable propane-tanks if you get yourself certified for that (check with your local fire-dept).


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