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I wrote this several years ago. I and many others have been predicting what is happening for years. We just didn't know what it was going to be, or when it would happen.
Is America Heading Toward Another Civil War?

A powerful idea at best, but is it so farfetched to think Americans will not take up arms against their fellow neighbors and citizens? Or is it possible that Americans who are being corralled in an ever-growing bureaucratic quagmire as an out-of-control government strips their rights away from them? A man who didn’t allow anyone to see his birth certificate or examine his school records led us. Will they not stop and say, “Enough is enough?” When is enough really enough? But wait, the government has gone a lot farther than that, not only have they stripped away your rights, but they are removing your money from you with both hands. Your jobs, food, ability to make purchases, and your individual rights to gather in-groups are being threatened.

•Is it enough when you are being disarmed, or attempts to disarm you are ongoing?

•How about if the freedoms that were once your parents and are no longer applicable to you or your children?

•When the taxes you are paying are shipped overseas to support your enemies and not your own needs at home, is that enough?

•When the food your nation grows is shipped to foreign soil to feed your enemies? Or your food is allowed to rot, and your Congress is allowing a foreign food producer to package what you eat?

•When your money, the standard of the world is being diluted almost to have a true value of half its original value?

When socialist/communist organizations are at the forefront of the deliberate downfall of Americans? Groups such as:

• The Congressional Black Caucus

• The Democratic Socialists of America

• The Socialist International

• The Democratic Party of the USA

• The ACLU

• National Association for the Advancement of Colored People

• The US Communist Party

• The Socialist Party USA

• The environmental groups

• The National Teachers Association

• The Anti-War Groups

• The Anti-Pesticides Groups

• Most American Labor Unions

Of course, there are thousands more but those are your enemies as a starting list for reference. Your rights entitled to you and guaranteed to you by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are being stripped away from you by those groups and the people who belong to them. Many are in your government supposedly to serve you.

We are all equal in one regard. We all only have 24 hours a day within which to get whatever it is we need to get done. During that time, all of us eat, sleep, bathe, play, study, watch TV or listen to the radio, and we work to make ends meet. When anyone, any entity, or person takes away whatever you earn from you, you have lost a piece of your basic freedom. Economic freedom is just as important as freedom of speech or freedom to assemble in a group. It is a basic freedom one can only manage if there is a steady base of money coming in from some source. When part of that money is removed from you without your choice or permission, it is a loss of your freedom. It is also a loss of a portion of your life in that once removed, you can never truly make it up.

To add to that loss of economic freedom, we discover that not only are we encumbered with an economic burden of the loss of our revenue through taxation, but we also find our load has increased so much that we can never get rid of it. That is bad, but what the genuine tragedy is in this story is our children and their children, and their children’s children will be given a load and they can never get rid of it or pay it off. Some estimates calculate our government has just saddled each child in America with a debt of more than $80,000 with which to carry for the rest of their lives. For the children unborn yet that figure will be more.

One of the fundamental dreams most Americans share is to raise our children into responsible adults and to ensure they have it better than we did. I’m a father, a grandfather, and a great grandfather, and it was my goal for my children. It’s a concept that is over. Americans have already allowed slavery to be brought to their children because of what the socialists and communists have done to you and your freedoms, and you did nothing about it while you still could. I freely share the blame because maybe I could have done more.

You may say, “That’s life. What can we do about it?” You can protest. That’s what you can do, and you can fight unjust takings of your freedoms away from you by a group of people who hate you, think of you as merely serfs to do their bidding because they are above you, and they have no problems in adding another straw to your back for you to carry for them. They are above you. What is happening to you doesn’t affect them, they are above and looking down on it. They have their private jets to whisk them away to wherever they want to go, and you pay for it. Just as those Congresspeople did recently when they traveled to Cuba and made overtures to a Communist Nation that hates us and their own people as well.

Then, as the pressures grow little by little on certain individuals at the loss of not just certain rights and benefits, but some perceived injury to them and something happens these people snap inside their shallow minds and they go to where people group together to eat, to pray, to be educated, to be entertained to be together as a group may be in a workplace, and they kill as many of their neighbors as they can. The do-gooder socialists jump on the bandwagon, and they will attempt to fix it by passing laws that are contrary to the US Constitution. They really only needed an excuse, and what better one than “For your own good we are going to ……..”

Finally, one day when your guns are all REGISTERED, no big deal right, they didn’t take them away from you, they simply asked that you observe the law and tell them what you have and who you are, and where you live? Then one day the round-up happens, and your guns are a thing of the past for you, not for them. The laws always apply to you, never to them.

The more smoothly a confiscation happens, a roundup of protestors goes, or the putting down of a civil insurrection transpires, the more embolden the elements of government to become. Once pushed too far, the civilians will revolt and it will happen soon. It will happen because the government is self-serving, they work for themselves, not for you. They are self-preserving, and they won’t care about you because if you the citizenry makes problems for them, you will be the problem, and all effort will be made to put you where you can no longer bother them, and you won’t be heard if you had an eloquent voice. Once you are disarmed, the more serious of the desecrations of your rights will begin in earnest.

How far will the American public be allowed to be pushed is anybody’s guess? There are some who are in denial. Many don’t believe it can or will happen in America, but it is already happening. Your government now is controlling most of the banks, huge businesses, the Stock Market, big Insurance Companies, the home mortgages of about half of Americans, the communication and transportation systems, interstate commerce, all wildlife, and resources, who comes who goes, where you can come or go to, and soon, it will be the food we eat, all the water we use, and all the air we breathe.

In my book, I said a nuclear attack would happen on American soil. In real life, I believe something else will happen that will be the impetus that will force Americans into action. On that day, an incident will arise. It may be a series of incidents but be assured something will happen and the government will come in and take over and the American people will not believe it should involve the government in it and that’s when it will start. Civil War will erupt. The consensus will be wide enough for war to erupt in America. There are plenty of groups who are itching for it to happen right now. They believe it will be easy, like watching a movie in the comfort of their living room. Others will know well what it will involve and won’t welcome the war but will dread it, but many of those who understand war will fight and face it with resolve. Others will not. Thinking they are safe, they will rat you out to the authorities and they will in effect choose sides. Many of the socialists who consider themselves intellectuals will finally show you who they are and the lines of embarkation will be drawn. Some are showing you know who they are and what they stand for. The rest of us will "Cling to our Bibles and guns...."We will know them once and for all.

If you haven’t already done it, I would say to you, put your house in order and be ready for the hardships coming your way. Toilet paper will become more valuable than a thousand-dollar suit. A case of quality Scotch will buy you out of a tight spot if need be. A good Dillon Progressive will convert you into a one-person factory if you have the rest of what you need to supply those in need. If you can afford it buy some gold coins and as many old American silver coins that once flowed free in the Great American Society, you can afford. Lots of veterinarian-grade antibiotics, and a good survival library. Last but most importantly, put your religious house in order because that one is the most important. We all die, and we will be dead a lot longer than any of us were alive.

I have watched this coming for thirty years. It is almost on us. Some would say it has arrived. Whatever your opinion, here it comes, ready or not. I watched it gather speed like a freight train coming down the tracks, lumbering along. I watched the speed increase, and now it appears to be a runaway train coming to America at the speed of a commercial jet.

God Bless America. I will urge good luck to those of you who weather the coming storm.
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