IRS Collecting Health Care Premiums?

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    WASHINGTON, April 5 (Reuters) - The Internal Revenue Service could tap individual tax returns to collect fines against people who fail to buy health insurance as required under recently enacted healthcare legislation, the U.S. tax commissioner said on Monday.

    Most individuals are required to get health insurance under the new law, or face penalties that would be phased in over time. By 2016, people without coverage could see fines of 2 percent of their income...
    ...Representative Dave Camp, a senior Republican on the tax-writing Ways and Means committee in the U.S. House of Representatives, issued a report shortly after its passage arguing that law "dangerously expands IRS authority."

    "The individual mandate would create millions of captive customers for health insurance companies, with the IRS acting as the enforcement agency for those companies," Camp's report asserted.

    IRS could tap refunds for health insurance penalties | Reuters
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    Yep! That's the spirit of the bill promoted by Obummer and supported by the demorats in congress. "You will have health insurance! You will buy it from the insurance companies that we've told you are ripping you off but now we are partners with them so they are the good guys now! If you refuse to comply we will use the IRS to sieze your assets, take your property, and throw you in jail if you still resist."

    And they will brag to their constituants about how "they" have provided health care for the uninsured.

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    Yeah the IRS and the Census workers are the key to lowering the Unemployment rate to. The Govt is hiring so many of them to get info from you, audit you and collect from you, but dont worry, "your gonna learn to love it", as per Obamski.............
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    That's only part of it. Once it is implemented, and the guvment sees how expensive it is, it will be farmed out overseas where medical care is cheaper. :rolleyes: