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Granted that I am involved in search and rescue and disaster relief missions, my supplies double for my personal use and in support of those missions. A list follows:

10 million candle led light
6 cases (24 bottles) water
2 5 gal water containers
4 5 gal gasoline containers
wading boots
full trauma kit
3 cases MRE's
2 cases C-rations
2 cases NATO rations
Complete CERT kit
Additional first aid supplies
Tyvek suits
N95 and N100 masks
10 pair leather gloves
2 fm transceivers
6 GMRS radios
handheld GPS
assorted canned goods
gas stove
gas cannisters
personal care products
4000 w generator
cleaning products

This is a partial list of what I keep stock of. Although this was secured by me, I do use it for whatever comes along.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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