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    I did not see a section for new member introductions so I figured I would do it here.

    My screen name is Last Mohican because of my family lineage on my mothers side, "Mohican". I am a seasoned Scoutmaster in the BSA. If I wasn't married I would probably be Lying in a debris hut or lean-to on the side of some remote mountain right about now.

    I have a lot of experience "living off the land" so please feel free to pick my brain. I am sure that there will be many of you here that I can still learn much from.

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    Welcome! I think I might need to add an Introduction forum.

    I posted a thread recently about knowing what plants are eatable or not. If you have any knowledge there please post in it.

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    Boy Scouts

    Good to see the Boy Scouts of America represented! :D

    Given the Scout motto is Be Prepared, I am sure you are in the right place.

    I look forward to your insight, wisdom, and knowledge.

    The Boy Scout Camp disaster was featured at the recent Emergency Management Conference. It was truly a moving story. It was amazing that the boys had just a year before practiced a disaster drill with the local emergency manager in that area.

    Never was in Scouts but I was in APO in college. Unfortunately, it looks like the chapter is disbanded.

    I'd like to hear what your troop is doing to prepare. Are you taking the preparedness message home to the parents?

    Thanks for your hard work and dedication as you serve in this way.
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    Like Lloyd, I was not in scouts either, but was active in the Zeta Beta Chapter of Alpha Phi Omega at Virginia Tech and was in Mike Company of the Corps of Cadets. One of our ongoing service projects was helping to get the Blue Ridge Scout Reservation at Camp Powhatan, Pulaski County, VA ready for each summer season. During the portion of the summer vacation when I wasn't on NROTC summer cruise or attending Platoon Leaders Class at Quantico I taught riflery merit badge, wilderness survival and personal preparedness to scouts at Camp Powhatan.

    These days when not working my day job in public works, I volunteer with CERT and serve as assistant radio officer for training and safety for our RACES group. I also enjoy small game hunting, muzzle loading and cartridge antique military rifle competition, revolvers, and cowboy rifles.