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Glory days behind me, now just trying to stay alive, stay alive.
Live in a pretty good spot, in case of probable balloons going up.
I know more than I can prove, so trust me a little if you can.
I'm a Night Stalker Pilot from way back, but know now that the
canyons, mines, tunnels, chambers, and caves are my best friends.
Beans and Bullets are life's most valuable true commodity's.
Fuel and Shelter a close second, followed by Gear and Medicine.
Garden gets a little bigger every year as does the primer stash.
Love the Girl & Boy Scouts, Tea Party, Biker and Cowboy Churches.
Want to see the Short Wave and Citizen Band resurrection.
Want to see Methanol Stills and Corn Stoves in every Colony.
I plan based on "Virus" the 1980 Movie starring George Kennedy.
I know that your own Horse will save you one day, then kill you
the next without shedding a single tear.
Survival depends on pregnancy.

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This sounds interesting welcome aboard :beercheer:

I am a little teapot
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Hi, Soonerboomer. Welcome to the group.
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