Internet Trolls Are Narcissists, Psychopaths, and Sadists

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    I saw this story in another forum, and am trying to increase topics in Prepared Society to increase my interest in topics.


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  2. Caribou

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    I can think of a few that passed through here and at least one that still shows up. Thank's for showing a formal study of what we knew or assumed.
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  3. IlliniWarrior

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    doesn't take into account the professional trolls hired to run interference for the political & social issue numb skulls .....
  4. Sentry18

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    I would like to see a study on their personal lives. Married or single, happy kids - sad kids or no kids, good job - bad job or no job, etc. My guess is that their personal lives are as woeful as their online personalities.
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  5. ZoomZoom

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    If they're Narcissists, Psychopaths, and Sadists, do they even care if they have a family or job?
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  6. Sentry18

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    Good point. But many people in those subsets at least try to integrate into society. When people used to say "he was such a nice guy" they were referring to the maniacal killer that lived next door. Now that guy lives in his mom's basement taking prescription meds, eating McDonalds and trolling the internet. So he's the "weird guy who lives with his mom, I don't know why she puts up with him". I suppose that's better than making a suit of skin. ;)
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  7. Tweto

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    The first 2 descriptions (Narcissists, and Psychopaths) are the same mental illness that CEO's and politicians suffer from. There maybe a few that are Sadists also!
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  8. Geek999

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    I thought they were idiots, know it alls, and people who couldn't express themselves clearly. Live and learn. :)
  9. weedygarden

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    Narcissism, long but good information

    I have mentioned narcissism a few times. Although I am not a psychologist, I did have a few psychology classes in college and when you work with children in a classroom situation, you do need to figure some things out about them.

    Narcissism is fairly prevalent. We all know at least one, and there is no doubt there are some on this forum.

    I really learned about it when a former colleague of mine was arrested for pedophilia, and ultimately, was diagnosed as a narcissist. Evidently this is a fairly common combination. After learning that about him, I began reading and studying about narcissism and realized that was a very common trait in my family.

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  10. weedygarden

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    Narcissistic Traits

    Some more information from the same website:

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  11. weedygarden

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    The last of the previous section, too long to be in that section.
  12. weedygarden

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    Aftermath of Narcissism

    The aftermath of narcissism

  13. weedygarden

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    Cinderella, although a fictional character, had a narcissistic step-mother and step-sisters.

    Families with narcissism, often have at least one member who is never good enough and never does anything right or good enough. A child might bring home a report card of all A's and one B. What do the narcissistic parents talk about? "Why did you get a B and not an A?"

    Have you ever read the book, "A Child Called It." ? The book is about a boy who was raised by a narcissistic mother and he was the family outcast. He slept in the basement, was often not allowed to eat, did much of the housework while his siblings did not.
  14. camo2460

    camo2460 Supporting Member

    I have a Narcissistic neighbor that I've known since childhood, and he display's many, if not all of the "symptoms" described above. Several years ago I finally realized that I either had to get away from him, or beat him to death...I chose to get away from him of course, but even that isn't his fault, it's every one else's fault. Very good information Weedy, thanks.
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  15. weedygarden

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    Ultimately, camo, one of the best things you can do in regards to narcissists, is to get away from them.

    I do this with a couple of my siblings, narcissists to the core. One side of my family is full of narcissists.

    Narcissists justify their behavior and treat people as less than they are as though "of course". A true narcissist has no sympathy for someone whom they judge as less than they are. They really think it is okay to mistreat someone in this way.

    Narcissists love each other. If you know someone who is narcissistic, chances are their friends are as well.
  16. Wellrounded

    Wellrounded Supporting Member

    My mother and brother have Narcissistic Personality Disorder, undiagnosed but they sure exhibit all the behaviours.

    When dad died it was all about them, never been so damn mad in my whole life.

    I left home at 16 to get away from it. Was 16 years of hell. In so many ways it was horrible but it taught me to be pretty self reliant.

    I still have problems, have to ask permission to do things, drives hubby mad :). Was heading upstairs to work today and said "I'm going to head up to do a bit more tidying, is that ok"..... I just can't leave out the " that ok." it's hard wired into my speech. The automatic checking to see if what I'm going to do would to be a problem for anyone.

    I haven't spoken to my brother in 20 years and stopped talking to mum about 4 years ago. She never once asked how her grandchildren were, never even knew their names! Terrible woman.
  17. weedygarden

    weedygarden Well-Known Member

    Sounds like narcissism to me.

    I have experienced many narcissists in my professional life as well. There are so many of them out there. The people who are about power and being right next to the boss and the important people are often narcissists.

    It took me many decades to figure this out, but finally I understood the problem in my messed up family.
  18. Grimm

    Grimm There is a place in Hell for me...the THRONE.

    WOW! I just realized it but all of K's siblings are narcissistic. I could go into details about their behaviors but really, do I need to?!
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  19. TheLazyL

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    My Dad was stubborn.

    My Mom is stubborn.

    So I have a double dose of stubbornness.

    When a Narcissistic co-worker or sister-in-law tries their "charm" on me usually the end result is their blood pressure going way up. :D

    During a future encounter I predict their blood pressure is going to go so high that their head is going to pop right off and they will be standing there with a neck blowing bubbles.

    Did I mention I'm just a touch on the stubborn side? :partydance:
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    Damn, y'all figured me out. :surrender:
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