Interesting observation of the US

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Woody, Sep 24, 2010.

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    Painful to read, thats a fact. I reckon!

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    He said it better but Iv been saying it for years. Nobody listens to me they think Im a loony. :gaah:
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    I would say that every member on this board is loonie ... Canadians are the only ones with coins showing that ...
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    HAHAHA, NaeKid, your soooo fuuuuny :lolsmash:
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    I find it very hard to believe that 70% of Americans believed Iraq was behind 9/11. I call BS on that survey statistic.
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    Sorry, but I call BS on pretty much everything coming from Huffington... and this guy is no different. He obviously has a lot of disdain for the US and has repeatedly written his ***umptions as if they were complete fact.

    While it is true that the US has suffered from complacency and stagnation for the better part of most of our lives now (pretty much since the late '80's) and has declined greatly (reference that other thread if you need the numbers to back that up), this guy doesn't actually publish anything remotely FACT (as he puts it), but rather his observations from watching BBC and CNN International in his mom's basement.

    Sure, it's easy to verbally lob insults from across the pond, but it's not so easy to actually work and find fact to back up his little rant. Not that what he is asserting is not anecdotally true in some cases, his belief that single payer healthcare is in any way superior to free market healthcare is laughable. The fact that we have since "won" the war in Iraq and have turned our attention to fixing what NATO squandered in Afghanistan since his little rant crushes his statement that our "overfunded" military is great at stalemate with underfunded terrorists (wonder if he's ever heard of the Chinese military?). People used to think we could never be attacked on our own soil too (9/11?). I'm surprised this jaggoff didn't condemn us for not being "green" enough while he was at it.

    Sorry, though there is some validity to some of what he was presenting (the folly of elitism, the disconnect of our society, the complacency and bloated nature of our existence, etc.), I say he is generally a hack (like most everybody on that site).