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    Greetings Friends,

    We were recently turned on to an awesome recource to help us with our food strage plan. I will say upfront that we are non LDS (mormom), but amdire their teaching in prperaredness and charity.

    We contacted the Knoxville LDS Home Storage Center yesterday to see if their services were available to the general pubic. We were told YES and invited to come down to the facility. The volunteer we spoke with also shared a website so we could figure out what we would like to purchase when we arrived. Seeing how it is only about 40 miles away, we took a road trip today.

    We were greeted by some extremly friendly and helpful folks. They gave us a tour of the entire facility and showed us their dry canning operation. Needless to say, we were very impressed with the set up, but were blown away with the folks we met.

    Today, we picked up 300lbs of wheat at a GREAT price. We also picked up a #10 can of hot cocoa and potaoe pearls. Sampled them tonight and both were awesome.

    We decided that we would be returning next week to do some dry canning.

    No matter what your religious preferences may be, this is a truley awesome service. Any serious prepper can learn a few things and get some great product from these folks. They welcomed us with open arms and we will be going back.

    Here is a link for their Homme Storage Center locations--check to see if there is one nearby you.

    Welfare locations

    If you find one close to you, you can download thier order form here for their current prices.

    Home Storage Center Order Form

    Give them a call to see what local rules they have for "guest" to use their facities and services.

    By the way, we were told by three different folks today to stock up before the 1st of the year because the prices will be increasing.

    We will let everyone know how our dry canning goes next week.
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    LDS are really nice folks which says a lot to me about their religion. It's rare for me to deal with a group where the people are universally nice.

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    Hi, Thank you so much for this information. I looked up the locations and found 2 nearby. I called them and asked about access for the general public. In my case, the good news is yes they allow it. The bad news is they won't do so again until after the 1st of the year. They do also have a limited online catalog. The prices are good, but not as low as if you pick it up in person--probably because the shipping price is factored in. But it's still a great resource and I'm happy to know about it.
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    SolarDeco, Even after the 1st of the year, We believe the prices will still be more competative than other sources. We have been shopping around for some time.

    By the way, we are enjoying the hot cocoa today. $6.60 for a #10 can is unbelievable. We will can a case or two of the cocoa when we return next week.
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    I agree. I had expected they still will be too and plan to follow-up as soon as it opens. Plus that was only the location nearest to me. I have a call in to the 2nd location. I had to leave a vm because they are not available every day. Perhaps this 2nd location is not as busy.

    I look forward to hearing of your canning adventure. I know nothing of that and appreciate being able to read what you learn.
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    Thanks for the links. Loved reading about your experience, and also your 'review' of the products.

    As a genealogist, I've spent a couple decades benefiting from the generosity of the LDS folks, and in the past decade have homeschooled with some LDS families. Can't speak highly enough of 'em.