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The story goes, innocent bystander having a fun evening with friends dies. It goes on to say that the woman was the only one killed and that no-one else was hit by stray bullets. Some of the stories I have heard locally was that there were no stray bullets. What confuses me about the story is why would she be considered an innocent bystander. Sounds to me like it was a targeted attack.

Three of four men taken in for questioning about a weekend shooting that left an innocent woman dead have been released without charge.

The fourth, wanted on an attempted murder warrant out of Toronto, remains in custody while officers work to return him to Ontario to face that charge.

All four men have links to Toronto and a police spokeswoman said they remain persons of interest in the shooting in the 100 block of 11 Ave. S.W., which left Natasha Farah, 26, dead.

Farah, who is originally from Toronto and had been in Calgary about a year, was outside Bronco Smokehouse and Saloon about 3 a.m. Saturday when several shots rang out from a nearby car.

She was pronounced dead at the scene and police said she was an innocent victim, simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Police are now appealing to any witnesses in the area at the time of the shooting to come forward, as well as anyone with photos or video of the scene is asked to email them to [email protected]

The three men were taken into custody at a hotel in Motel Village on Sunday after police found a Volkswagen Jetta spotted at the crime scene.

A fourth man was taken into custody late Monday.

A police spokeswoman said tips from the public helped police track the fourth man down.

The only consolation is handcuffs - three sets so far, in a matter of hours.

Arrests won't bring Natasha Farah back, but a rapid police response means a trio believed connected to the random shooting which killed the 26-year-old woman is in custody.

A fourth man is being sought for questioning, and hopefully, when he's arrested, charges will follow and it's case closed.

This is the worst sort of crime, because the victim had nothing to do with her killers - and when she died, Farah was doing nothing dangerous, or unwise, or wrong.

She was killed only because she happened to be chatting with friends on the sidewalk, directly in the path of one badly-aimed bullet.

"I'm just in shock," said Danielle Iversen, owner of Toronto public relations firm That PR Thing, and a mentor to Farah as she completed her college practicum.

The arrests are a huge relief for the general public, understandably horrified that an innocent bystander could end up murdered on a downtown street simply because someone fired a gun without any prior warning.

For those who knew her, the questioning of three men by police only adds another grim chapter to the surreal nightmare that started when Farah was hit at 3 a.m. Saturday, the fatal shot one of many fired from a car outside the Bronco Smokehouse & Saloon on 11 Ave. and 1 St. S.W.

It's all happened so suddenly, to someone you'd never expect to be caught up in violence of any sort.

"I just can't believe this," said Iverson, who worked with Farah in 2012 and had stayed in touch ever since.

As mentor, Iverson got a close look at the substance behind the pretty practicum student, who grew up in a tightly-knit family with links back to Somalia.

Iverson says Farah was one of those students you never forget, because you can tell they are bound for success.

"She was amazing - always smiling and happy, and always dressed well and polished, very professional," she said.

"She cared about everyone around her, and she even cared about me as her boss."

Like the murder victim, police say the men they are questioning are all from Toronto, and were found staying at a northwest motel.

But Farah was making a new home in Calgary, working for GE, and making a lot of new friends.

"I am a dynamic and detail-oriented individual who loves working in teams or independently," wrote Farah on her LinkedIn profile.

"As an entry-level professional I would like to develop the skills to eventually move into the international relations field and continue to grow as a PR practitioner on the global landscape."

Iverson says Farah was social, but definitely not someone you'd typically find outside a bar at 3 a.m. - she says it must have been a rare late night out.

"She wasn't a partier, she wasn't a drinker, and she was always very respectful of herself and others," said Iverson.

Farah's family has kept a low profile so far, asking for privacy, but friends and relatives have taken to public social media posts to express their horror and grief.

"She was more than just the 23rd homicide of Calgary. She was a beautiful person inside and out and most importantly she was my sister," wrote one mourner on Twitter.

Another took to Facebook, expressing the dismay felt by so many.

"Our hearts are aching over the loss of our dear friend and sister, and it has left a hole in our lives that won't be easy to mend," she wrote.

"They say only the good die young and I take comfort in the fact that God has taken her from us so she could be with Him. For those of you who know, please keep her and her family in your thoughts and prayers. R.I.P. My love you will forever be in our hearts."
Calgary local comments about the story:
This was not random, victim and suspects are from the same city (Toronto), same ethnicity (Somali) and of the same religion (Sunni Muslim). I happen to know that the victim was a partier, and a habitual drug user (marijuana) and hung around some of these gang banger type so I think there is more to this story than what is being told.​

Again - she was targeted by someone who wanted her dead. Personally - I think it was orchestrated by someone(s) close to her - family of some level of relationship - maybe even an uncle. It surprises me that "Farah's family has kept a low profile so far, asking for privacy, but friends and relatives have taken to public social media posts to express their horror and grief." ... why would her immediate family keep quiet if it was shocking?

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Calgary police hold 'person of interest' in downtown bystander slaying

City police confirm they have a "person of interest" in custody in connection with the shooting death of a woman outside a Calgary bar over the weekend.

However, no charges have been laid at this time and details are limited.

Police took a man into custody from northwest Calgary overnight, as the investigation into the death of 26-year-old Natasha Mohamed Farah continues.

On Wednesday morning, officers remained at the residential complex on Ranchview Drive N.W.

Police say Farah, 26, who had recently moved to Calgary from Toronto, was with friends outside Bronco Smokehouse & Saloon at 11th Avenue and 1st Street S.W. around 3 a.m. Saturday when she was shot and killed.

It's believed four people were in a car when multiple shots were fired from the vehicle.

Farah was a bystander and there was nothing to indicate there was a target near her at the time, according to police.

Earlier this week, three men - all of whom are known to the Toronto Police Service - were arrested at a hotel in Calgary's northwest Motel Village in connection with the shooting.

Authorities also released a photo of a fourth person they wanted to speak with, whom they subsequently located.

On Tuesday, city police announced all four men had been interviewed, three of them were released, and a fourth, who is wanted for attempted murder on a Canada-wide warrant, remained in custody in Calgary.

No charges have been laid in connection with Farah's death.

Farah, described by friends as a "great girl" who loved life, graduated from Toronto's Humber College in 2012 and worked at GE in Calgary.

Members of Calgary's Somali community gathered Monday evening to pray and bury the 26-year-old.

Police continue to ask anyone who was in the area of 11th Avenue and 1st Street S.W. in the early morning hours of Saturday to call police or Crime Stoppers, and send any related photos or video to [email protected].

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Police identify man charged in weekend shooting

Calgary Police have now identified the man charged in connection with the fatal shooting of Natasha Farah in the Beltline over the weekend.

Police say Hussein Ibrahim, 21, has been charged with one charge of discharging a firearm recklessly.

CPS Staff Sergeant Mike Cavilla identified Ibrahim as one of the shooters involved, but they have also determined that there was more than one shooter, thus the single charge.

"We initially arrested four persons of interest, one of which is the individual we re-arrested in the early hours of today," said Cavilla during a media conference on Wednesday. "We were able to identify the suspect that we arrested today as being one of the shooters at the scene in the early morning hours of August 23 at the intersection 11 Avenue and 1 Street S.W. Initially, we didn't have that information or evidence. Now we do."

He also said that two of the persons of interest have been ruled out as suspects in the shooting.

Police indicate the shots were fired by multiple firearms but the shooting was not an exchange of gunfire.

"We have confirmed that they were not shooting at each other, they are friends. They were shooting into a crowd of people, at which time the innocent victim was struck with a bullet."

Police are awaiting the results of forensics and ballistics testing before additional charges are considered.

Ibrahim is expected to appear in court on Friday.
Hmm ... what is not being said in this story?

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Lots, because of the culture involved, the CPS won't get any information out of that community, so they may as well leave it alone. the Culture will handle it themselves. Except we the tax payer get to feed and house the shooter at our expense, Don't you just LOVE Political correctness

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A muslim girl is shot in front of a bar at 3AM by other muslims. My first thought is honor killing.
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