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And I take the Home town or Hillbilly approach to being ready when bad things happen...

A corner of the basement or a 'Storm' or 'Root' cellar is my idea of 'Preparedness'.

Most of the 'End Of The World' kooks will store bibles, ammo and staples, like water and flour.
So then they are stuck burning bibles for heat/light, and eating flour wall paper paste seasoned with gun powder!

Shelving containing a well stocked pantry with everything you use now on them is the way to go.
Make sure you have canned meat there also, the 'Just In Case' purchase.
I eat what I normally eat! No "Shortages", no wondering if the 'Government' is going to shovel out handouts or not...

Also a good idea to have a CHEST TYPE freezer on/with an emergency circuit to your generator. Freezers that are run even two or three times a day will keep your extra food cold, and will provide minimum heat for the room.

Picking a part of your basement where the water line comes in will allow you to install a couple of barrels in the line it's self.
This keeps a minimum of 120 Gallon of fresh water in your system no matter what.
People say that isn't enough, but at a gallon a day for most people, that's 60 days for a couple,
30 days for a family of 4...
And that is just with two simple barrels!

Remember to include a window and/or vents in your design so you will have ventlation.

When the river gets out about twice a year,
Or storms blow through and knock out the power for hours or days, we never have to wonder where the next meal or drink is coming from.

If you don't have a basement, and are living where a 'Storm Cellar' would be impractical to build,
Reinforce one of your smaller rooms in the home with lot's of extra wall studs, ceiling joists, use metal strap hangers and screws instead of nails so a tornado won't blow it apart as easily as the rest of the house.
Use 3/4" plywood on both sides of the walls, and you could even fill the walls with bricks to keep flying debris/shrapnel from coming ahead through in the event of a serious storm...
Bricks in the walls will become 'Passive Solar Mass' helping to regulate the temprature in that room if the rest of the house is destroyed.
Use a good steel door that has a steel casement so it doesn't get punched through easily.

I don't believe in 'Panic Rooms', but I'm a FIRM believer in 'Safe Rooms' and 'Storm Shelters'!

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Am I prepared for a terrorist attack - probably not. But, I think that I am prepared to handle what winter has in store for me.

We aren't used to -20°F (-28 or -29°C) around here, or really deep snow fall.
If we get 4 feet of snow like we did back in '78, then we will be paralyzed for 6 weeks again like we were then...

If we get -10°F for daily HIGHS like we did in '77 and again in '83, then we are going to have problems again like we did in those years.

OR the tornadoes that just carried off neighboring towns in '71 & '90,
OR the floods that swamped most places around here in '89 and again this year...

That's the stuff I plan for!
And as the last flood highlighted, I'm pretty well prepared for what gets thrown my way!

If a tornado doesn't remove my home/garage completely, I'm pretty well prepared for dealing with it!
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