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Emergency preparedness tends to be a very broad subject, starting with what the emergency happens to be. It can be nothing more than an ice storm that results in a power outage of intermediate duration. The last time there was a major ice storm here was in 1990, and we were without power for 9 days.

In this case, once the facts are known, the steps taken to prepare for such conditions can be discussed, usually in the form of questions:

1. What is available for emergency light & heat?

2. What is the cost of an emergency power system?

A. Size & cost of unit.

B. Cost & types of installation


For more long-term scenarios, topics can verge into much more in-depth areas such as growing your own food. For this, there is an education to be had out there, and probably a good idea. I found a copy of the original Rodale Organic Gardening Encyclopædia as a remainder for $5. The book is very thick, very detailed, and if all the topics are followed up, probably constitutes a Master's Degree in gardening. But, of course, this book or the knowledge you may gain on the subject will do little good if you don't have the ground to establish a garden. Many persons who have only known an urban environment and pursuits typical to it all their lives will find this to be a whole new world......
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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