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What I consider being prepared will differ from what another person would consider being prepared. For me, living in Canada, I deal with cold and snow - and - with that it means power outages due to snow collecting on the lines and causing them to drop. I deal with hypothermia and frost-bite, not alligators and diamond-back snakes.

With winter showing its face again tonight, I have my gear ready - sleeping bags rated for -20, full-body snow-mobile suit, gloves, toque, heavy socks, thick boots, tire-chains, tow-straps, blankets, high-sugar foods, starches, meats and frozen and canned vegies.

My pantry is setup with enough dried and canned food to keep us fed for several weeks. My backyard has 3 BBQ's ready to cook my food in case the electric stove will not work. I have my generator and UPS rigged so that my fish-tank stays active. I have my solar panels connected to my battery packs so that they can be used to power my slew of 12-volt devices.

Am I prepared for a terrorist attack - probably not. But, I think that I am prepared to handle what winter has in store for me.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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