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    How many of us have our documents in one place where there easily accessable? Do you have duplicates that can be easily gotten at? Is your passport up to date? I discovered mine expires in 60 days. Do you have a couple of birth certificates in different places? What about credit cards, do you have their numbers written down and the emergancy numbers on the backs of them incase you have to call and cancell them? What about car, boat, motorcycle and other titles? What about deeds to property? In an emergancy bug out situation, can you prove ownership of all you have? What are your suggestions? are you prepared and organized?:dunno:
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    Both Wildmist and I have our own fireproof-safe to keep our documents seperated for easy location. You can see a picture of the safe that we have in the .pdf that I created about protecting yourself in case of fire.

    Any documents that we need to have on our body (purse / wallet) at all times are on us, but, there is a laminated photocopy of each one (both-sides) in each of our safes. Birth certificates, credit-cards, drivers-licence, banking information, important addresses, important phone numbers, digital-photo-DVDs and CD's and SD-cards of stuff in the house showing model-numbers and serial numbers, tools ... easy to do and in case of fire or theft, we have records of everything ...

    That reminds me - I just got some new tools - got to do more photography ..

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    Breaking news

    One of my co-workers just visited my little cave (AKA - Office). He told me that a couple blocks from his house a fire went up ... I'll let you all read the online-story: Fire guts Airdrie homes - Calgary Sun

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    We also have a fire-safe. All important documents (and some not so important ;) ) are inside, in different legal envelopes, w/ the contents listed on each envelope. As far as a passport, I've never had one and don't see the need for one in the future. :D I've been pricing gun safes lately as I currently have a steel gun cabinet that offers no fire protection whatsoever. :(

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    Originals of all of our important documents are in 2 places. Pictures on CD's are also in both places. A fire safe in our home and a safe deposit box at our local bank. As NaeKid said, whatever we have to keep on our person, we do. I also stay armed and have learned a few skills to help protect myself if anyone tries to get what's in my wallet.

    I like the idea of laminating copies, I didn't think of that. I need to do that.
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    I have copies of everything in my fireproof safe. I also have scanned copies of everything in two flash drives which are stored in two separate places (encrypted, of course). The contents of my entire PC are also backed up on a 32Gig flash drive (done weekly).
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    We don't do much with the computer as far as having anything important on it that would need backed up, other than photos, which we keep on the camera card as well as dropping onto the computer. When we fill up a card we buy a new one rather than deleting it and having to back up the photos on some other media.

    For vehicle titles, insurance policies, madical info, etc, we do the fire safe thing as well. Our safe is small enough that if the situation allows, we can grab it as we go. If not, we have copies of most documents.

    That brings up another point-our HP printer that came with our PC is also a photocopier. You don't have to run to the copy shop any more and pay a dime a sheet for copies-it can be done easily and relatively cheaply in your own home with readily available computer equipment.