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    Imbolc (Feb 2) is a festival of purification and a celebration of the first signs of spring.:flower: It is the time when the milk begins to engorge the udders of the livestock in preparation for the first births of spring. :woohoo: It is an important date in the beginning of the agricultural year. Preparations for the spring growing season will start. The cellar and the hay stores are also checked to make sure that only half had been consumed.

    The wheel turns again.;)
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    Ah, Feb. we get a nice day er two ta help us remember that warmer weather will be forth comin. I am so lookin forward ta the warm again!

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    Nice, ive never heard of this date....sounds like a good reason to throw a party in the name of going to do that....Pot luck!

    Although, I just did a Wiki on it and it is listing it as Feb 1st.....
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    I have seen it as early as Jan. 29 and as late as Feb 3rd. ...

    I have always went with the second. ;)
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    As is Charming of the Plough and Ostara for Heathens like myself in Feb and March
    Hail to the Gods for bringing fighting back the cold and bringing us longer days and more sunshine!
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    For those of us who live close to the earth for our very survival, those events are noticed and their importance recognized...whether for religious reasons or not!

    Thanks, andi, for telling us about that. mn-homesteader too, for what you added.
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    Feb. 2nd... isn't that when the Jews roll the stone away from the tomb and Jesus comes out?... And if he sees his shadow, we have 6 more weeks of basketball... :eek: :rolleyes: :lolsmash:
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    You are welcome gypsysue ... Just wait till I get to the gypsy side of things !

    mn_homesteader - Thanks for the Charming of the Plough ... great ... I love the research!