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    Just Where are you all bugging out too? I live in upstate NY and own 17 acres. My old trailer is paid for. I ain't goin nowhere. I got a ton of the stuff you all are talking about getting right here.

    If I did haveta bug out. I guess this is my b.o.v.....

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    That is a sweet little toy. My buddy builds high-performance airplanes ... one of them has one quite a few awards. The plane is known as C-Gutt .. have you heard of its call-sign?

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    Welcome! Do you generate your own electricity on your homestead?
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    not yet

    I work for a scrap yard and have access to motors and even forklift batteries. I've been researching wind power. Right now I'm doing solar and geothermal heating projects. No, I'm full grid right now. Up here, wind is strong and the air is COLD.

    I'm also planning a still for alcohol for running the lawn mower and snow blower. using dandelions in spring and summer then cattails in the fall for mash.

    My inlaws have a strong creek near their house but I can't get them interested in hydro electric. Shame, it'd be so easy for them. They are bordered on three sides by the Fingerlakes National Forest. Most of the springs and streams run off across their property on the way to Seneca Lake.
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    Let me start off with nice plane! and next with sorry for all the questions:D

    Is that a "kit" aircraft?

    How many Horsepower and what is the top speed and range?
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    It's a Fisher Flying Products Koala FP 202. it's 250# with a full tank. falls under ultralight category so no registration/N numbers. It has a Rotax 277 single 2 stroke that's 27 HP. It's a 60" 39 pitch EVO prop thats ground adjustable.

    Range is 3 hours at cruise, 60mph. more with good thermals. 500lbs gross and I weigh 170 so that leaves a good 50lbs for cargo. I have a repair kit that weighs 2.5 lbs. it's all wood and fabric. Easy feild repairs for minor mishaps. I also carry 2 qts of 2stroke oil. Gas is usually available.

    mini Piper Cub, flies just like one too.

    yeah it was a kit. Now it's sold as plans only. Paul Reidlinger is the new owner of Fisher and I believe will be offering kits again soon.
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    Thanks for the info and the link, I can only imagine how much fun it must be to fly that plane. Must be great for site seeing.