Im new from western MA

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  1. ar15bob

    ar15bob ar15bob

    Just want to say hey, my wife and I have been prepping for about three years seems the more we prep the more I feel we are no were near as ready as we need to be it can be quite frustrating but we keep keeping on.The way the the world looks I wonder if this is it!! Avid reader of surival blog every day I spend time looking for info.The book Patriots read it twice now its my wifes turn great read if you havent do so.So far its just my wife and I our famialys think were nuts.this could never happen society is fine (dont think so) looking forward to be of help and to get as much info as I can
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    Welcome to the forum :wave:

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    Howdy! :flower:
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    :welcome: Share what you know. Ask what you don't. :wave:
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    Welcome to PS!
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    I'm new too.. only been here a couple days.
    I know how ya feel . The more we prep the more we see we need. Its never ending. Yea some folks think we are nuts but thats ok.. we don't mind. We have recently taught the neighbors what we know and gotten them started. Our children believe and are also putting away food etc but at a slower rate.. hard to do if your life is wrapped up in 2 people working- 3 kids and a baby due in May, so we continue to add to ours, praying that we will have enough when the time comes. The neighbors and we have gone so far as to agree to plant supplemental fruit and nut trees. In other words.. I plant cherrys apples plums.. they plant nectarines, apricots and grapes so we can exchange back and forth, providing each with whatever the other doesnt have, in order to increase variety for both. :2thumb: . Just keep plugging at it darlins. You know you are moving in the right direction. :)
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    Hello and welcome from Tx! Sometimes it does seem like a daunting task but just think how far you have come. glad to have yall here. :wave:
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    You'll get the hang of it before you know it. At first I was at a loss (mostly because of the overwhelming amount of information and because I felt like I was behind the curve). You will whittle it down to what is pertinent to you and get a handle on things before you know it.

    I am a big proponent of lists. List 10 things you want RIGHT NOW, no matter how small, carve out a spot in your home and go after it. That will give you a place to start!

    Welcome aboard! :beercheer:
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    Welcome Aboard!, my family thinks I'm nuts too.:nuts:
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    Hi, and welcome. Can't wait to see what you have to say.
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    Welcome, please share your knowledge with us. Just keep prepping I don't think any of us we are fully prepared. I know we're not.
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    :welcome: to the forums!
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    :welcome: prepping is an never ending task. It also involves, rotation-rotation-rotation :)
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    welcome! We're in western Mass me so we can chat a bit better!
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    Thanks everyone

    just want yo sayits much appriciated for such a warm welcomeit is a daunting tast as we watch the world fall apart around us we keep adding to our preps I will try to be a help and a sorce of information please forgive the spelling again thanks were all in this together even though we live apart the Republic shall surive God bless America
  16. ar15bob

    ar15bob ar15bob

    I dont even know if im doing this right just want to say to herbal pagan just said to my wife this person could be our neighbor and we dont even know it be great to speak to you we feel like were on an island
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    It can feel like that sometimes! But you ARE NOT alone!