I'm frustrated...I need to rant.

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    I'm sorry if this isn't the place to do this but I had to get this off my chest. If its an issue you can take it down. :)

    I'm a simple young lady. I don't like material things but the one thing that is materialistic and important to me was my car. My oil pan cracked unbeknownst to me and I blew my engine Friday night on the highway. I'm an idiot. The best vehicle I ever had and I destroyed the engine. I need punched in the head or i need a time machine so I could stop myself from driving my vehicle. I am extremely upset considering I'm broke and I am WAY too proud to try to get help from the state. It is going to take every single one of my paychecks from my joke of a job to get a "new" vehicle. Its especially harder now that folks are in the same boat as I am and are looking for cheap vehicles as well. Slim pickings.

    I am going to a part time police academy and trying my hardest to work my deadend job, go to school and prep on top of planning my wedding. In the past two years, I've dealt with people using me for my money, lie to me and do drugs in my own apartment. I quietly moved out and avoided those damn hippies. Dealing with those people really changed my outlook on life.

    Today I saw someone has stolen my headlamp and hazard lamp from my car and what did I do!? I finally EXPLODED. I had a breakdown. I turned into a childish brat. I wish I could find this person and cause bodily harm to them. I am sick of people. I have been nothing but a good person to other people. I once would have given anyone the shirt off my back and now I just don't even want to care. How sad is that to say at 23 years old!?? I've lost faith in humanity and I think God has as well with the way the world is going. The only people I can trust anymore is God, my family and my fiance. I hope something changes my feelings because I'm hurting for some meaning to this world.

    Thanks for listening and for any advice. I need a hug or something. :(
  2. catsraven

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    No you need a swift kick in the backside. Your not hurt you just need to suck it up. lots of people are not nice. This is a fact of life. Its the people that you can trust that makes this world mean something.

    Now you need a big (((((HUGGSSS))))))

  3. BadgeBunny

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    I hate to say it but people are just not nice. And I also hate to say it but there are plenty of people out there who are in a worse place than you are.

    OK ... now ... In my experience the only thing that is gonna make you feel better if to stop focusing on how bad you have it and start focusing on what you can do to make it better.

    I know ... it's a harsh lesson ... but you are now a day older and wiser than you were yesterday. If you have too much on your plate right now then drop the least urgent things to the back burner. You will notice I did NOT say least important ... I said least urgent.

    And finally ... you will be fine ... no, seriously. I've been where you are but I had kids to support too ... Just get up, dust the dirt off your butt, consider all your options and move forward. While things may get the better of you in the short term (like now), over the long haul you will be fine if you just keep putting one foot in front of the other ...

    Good luck!!
  4. Magus

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    I've been putting up with "those other humans" for 45 years.they SUCK!
    They're either stupid or predatory or stupid and predatory,hence my bed mate being a 44 magnum.

    On the bright side,does your insurance cover minor theft?

    Well,here's your hug,
    welcome to Earth,
    sucks to be us.

    Now then,step (1):

    Find a car like yours in a junk yard that has an intact motor,you might want to price a transmission while you're at it,a lot of newer motors take the transmission with them when they die.

    See if they do mechanic work in the same shop,most places here do,if so step (3) solved.if not,find a place that does.

    Scrap your old motor for a down payment on the repairs,it should nearly cover 1/3rd.

    Also,look for a competent shade tree mechanic,you can save a small fortune over a dealer IF he's good and has a decent reputation.

    Lots of luck,hope that helps.
  5. CulexPipiens

    CulexPipiens Still waiting for the zombies.

    You have a job. Your income will (over time) afford you to get a replacement vehicle. You have a finance, assumed to be someone you can count on. You got out of a bad situation without getting arrested and/or jailed on drug charges. You have some preps. So far you are way ahead of a lot of people.

    Not to say the theft and broken car and other stuff isn't, at least, annoying but you have not been physically harmed, with some belt tightening you are still getting by and with schooling and academy you're already taking steps to better your situation.

    As my wife would tell me, "suck it up". I hate when she says that as I'd rather get some pity, but her statement is usually correct. In the big picture, this other stuff is all just background noise that makes for some good stories years from now.

    And cracking your oil pan... it happens. My dad lost a car this way. For years it was fine, then something broke (oil pump?) and from when the engine started to make loud noises (first sign of the problem) to when the car died was a total of 2 blocks. Unless you knew what the noise was and immediately pulled over and turned it off he had no chance of saving the engine and even had he done that it was 50/50 at best as the damage might have already been done. In his case when he heard the noise he turned to take the car to our regular mechanic (6 blocks away) but only made it 2 blocks.

    Just hang in there, take each problem and work it through.
  6. NaeKid

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    Ranting and raving about something is natural - doing something about it is the next step.

    This might be the right time to say goodbye to what you had and start looking for something that will fill new needs. With summer-time around the corner and fuel-prices expected to sky-rocket, a form of transportation that sips fuel or uses no fuel might be in your best interest.

    I bought a motorbike late last fall, got my licence and shortly, I will be riding it as my primary form of transportation to and from work / grocery / etc. It has an estimated 66mpg as long as you are easy on the throttle. I know of no car that gets that kind of milage for under $5000 and you could find many motorcycles for way under that kind of price-tag.

    If a motorcycle will not do the trick for you, see if you can find someone who can help you swap your dead motor for a good one. I can do an engine-swap (depending on vehicle) in 8 to 12 hours with my limited amount of tools. Someone who has better (more) tools that I have available could do it in as quick as 4 hours.

    There are options out there ... sit back, and see if there is an answer to your situation that might just be affordable.
  7. Salekdarling

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    Thanks for the input folks. I'm feeling much better about the situation. I was having a woman moment I guess. :nuts: I am sucking it up and I started doing something about it yesterday before I discovered my headlight was stolen.

    I have a pathfinder that's been sitting in my backyard for the better part of two years. I'm going to get it up and running hopefully soon. My back brakes are seized up, the reverse doesn't work (a common problem with 1995 Nissan Pathfinders) and the fluids need flushed but I think it'll be a fun project to do with the limited money I do have. I am going to see if I can find a junk yard that I can trade my car for a transmission. :2thumb: I'm hoping to fix my vehicle on my own so I can experience maintaining the vehicles. Mechanics are expensive as you all know. :( My fiance lives too far away to do much of anything for me. I'm pretty much on my own but I will hopefully get a bit of cash from him to take care of this situation.

    My friend Phil told me yesterday that he'd put the transmission in the Pathfinder for me if I'll babysit for him for free a couple of times. I can't complain about that. :D My brother is a lifesaver. He works away from home and works with my father. They ride together to work and he leaves his Blazer at home. He told me I could use his vehicle until I get things situated. What a relief. I live in the woods so it'd take me hours to get anywhere on foot.

    I just needed to get that off my chest. I know I sounded like a whiny brat but I really am not. A lot of things don't bother me and I get over things super easy but people using me or stealing from me...that really gets my blood going.:mad: Lol.

    Thanks for the hug Catsraven and Magus :p
  8. ZoomZoom

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    Now I'm sad....

    We've had a spare car sitting here, pretty much unused for the past 2 years. It probably would have been perfect for you. (Audi A6 in very good condition).

    I just sold it 1 hour ago for $1500. It's my wife's car and the buyers were in a similar situation so she took their offer without dickering.

    You're just up the road so it wouldn't have been hard to get it to you... :(
  9. Salekdarling

    Salekdarling Member

    Aww! That's okay bczoom. I'm pretty much set for now. I appreciate you thinking about me! I'm actually very excited to get my 4X4 back on the road and learn more about vehicles while doing so. :2thumb:
  10. JayJay

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    Salekdarling...I swear this on my life---when I get frustrated, like when about 6 things in my house, car, needed repair, replacement, etc. IN THE SAME DAD-BURNED WEEK., yep--all at once!!...I can only say thinking of my friend who at age 39 had a stroke and became paralyzed from neck down... in a nursing home... tends to wake me up to another side of life.

    I just say very calmly to myself---I bet Dorothy wishes she had my problems.

    I put things in perspective and I get through it. I don't make light of your problems, as I didn't make light of mine that week or since...I just see another side of life when I think of her....and by the way, her husband has become an alcoholic; she's been in that bed for more than 20 years and begs him to take her life.
  11. JayJay

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    See...you already started to work on it---you have family, friends...my husband and I have neither...consider yourself waaaaay ahead of many others in just having those two things.
  12. BadgeBunny

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    :eek: OMGosh ... I will NEVER complain about **fill in the blank** ever again. Bless their hearts (both of them).
  13. goshengirl

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    JayJay, that is so sad. It does put things in perspective, doesn't it?

    Salekdarling, sounds like you're getting on your feet. For what it's worth, when I read your first post I got the impression that it was really the injustice of the theft that pushed you over the edge. And I do know what you mean by that. You're a 'do-the-right-thing' kind of person, and sometimes the total injustice of someone else's immoral and completely self-serving behavior really gets to you.

    I'm sorry to say, there are a lot of lazy buttocks out there who are takers (whether it's taking your place in line or taking parts off your car). However, I really believe there are even more of the good kind of folks out there. Focus on them - those who are helping you now, and those that you know are good people. Surround yourself with more good people if you need to. And remember that even though it feels personal (after all, it was YOUR stuff that was taken), it's not personal to the lazy buttocks that did it - they're just as happy to take someone else's stuff as yours. And they probably already have. ;)

  14. CulexPipiens

    CulexPipiens Still waiting for the zombies.


    Good job on turning this around! You'll learn some new skills and use bartering to get what you need without having to spend money.
  15. JayJay

    JayJay Well-Known Member

    Thanks...and seriously, Dorothy is my 'reality check'...so to speak.
  16. efbjr

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    A car to avoid...

    I would change it to "having a human moment", everyone has them. :gaah: :cry:

    I've dealt with druggies and alkys (my own family members), and getting away from them is the best thing you could have done.:2thumb::2thumb: Me and the spouse did, and it made a big difference in our lives not having the bottom dwellers leeching off of us. :)

    If you do buy a used vehicle, beware of the 1991 & 2000 Subaru Foresters, and other Subaru products of the same model years. Seems that they develop a problem with the transmissions, usually after the warranty expires :mad:, that prevents the car from going into Drive unless you rev up the engine. I bought one and have had the problem from day 2. The problem may not be readily apparent when you first start out as the tranny goes into Drive when cold. Later on, after about 10-15m minutes of warm-up, the problem manifests itself. Once in gear, the car runs OK. See link:

    Forester transmission problems? - Car Questions, Answers, and Discussion

    I have been working with the individual who sold me the car to resolve the problem, (Looking for a cheap fix :rolleyes: ), but may have to lay out some $$$, (which I don't have :( ), to finally correct the problem. :gaah: (See... a human moment! :D )
  17. BadgeBunny

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    We just recently had an off-duty police officer paralyzed from the neck down by a bunch of thugs ... They deliberately started a scene in a local restaurant/pub to lure someone outside so they could beat the crap out of them. Seems they had done this kind of thing before for kicks.

    The guy is in his 30s with a wife and 4 kids at home IIRC. By all accounts he is upbeat and positive even though his prognosis is pretty poor overall.

    We all have our cross to bear but stories like Dorothy's and Chad's really helps you put your own problems in perspective when you hear of things like this because but for the grace of God, there go I, as they say.
  18. gypsysue

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    This whole thread is one we need to read from time to time to remind ourselves how lucky we really are, even when we're totally bummed by the things that are happening to us at the time. Wow.

    Thanks, everyone, for sharing these stories. I'm swallowing a lump in my throat after reading them. Gee, there's only so much we can be prepared for, isn't there. Poor Dorothy.