I'm feeling pretty good today.

Discussion in 'General Preparedness Discussion' started by Moose33, Jan 12, 2011.

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    I'll apologize in advance if this seems silly. We've been expecting a snow storm and sure enough the weather man delivered. We were supposed to get 7+/- inches and by one this afternoon we had four inches of wet heavy gunk. Now five hours later we're up to a foot of the stuff. Its supposed to snow all night. Its Maine, its winter, go figure...

    Why the weather report, well last weekend I stocked my car. Quilt, shovel, twenty pounds of kitty litter, four pounds of salt, jumper cables, a couple quarts of oil with funnel and two snow brushes. Not to mention, gaters, two extra pairs of gloves, waterproof pants and jacket. This is in addition to all the normal stuff, first aid kit and the like. Before I left work I tossed half a sandwich and a quart of water in my bag. I was feeling pretty darn good about driving home in this crud today.

    Preparing did a pretty good job of taking care of my mental health.
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    TiredIron - I think that this thread about FireStarters is the one you are thinking of ... it shows some of my pretty little firestarter bon-bons ... :2thumb:
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    You ladies can identify with this, surprize visitors always seem to come when the house is a mess. I like being prepared, it keeps little disasters from becoming big ones.
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    we just had 2 more ft dumped on us, it was light and easy to push.
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    we got 44" where we live out of that storm! good thing i'm prepared and didn't have to go anywhere. Peace of mind!
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    That was us last winter; 45" in 4 days. And that was on top of the 15" that was already on the ground. :eek: Since I plow, I spent most of a week living in my truck. Just had to stop at home now and then to make a fresh thermos of tea. :)
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    WTG Moose! Thanks for sharing your winter preps for your car.
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    Hey Moose...

    We got 15" near Ba Haba

    -you've got mail! (personal message)

    - Basey