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Seems I was remembered. I'm Magus. Have I got a story to tell you guys!

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I'll gather my notes. :)
It began as a survival manual for my son with the news of the Covid leaking in at the edges, it ended as a plague diary with WORSE things leaking in.
Mighty unusual things too, I'm one of those people STRANGE just follows around like bad breath. want to see a Big foot UFO or demons, hang out with me,
something will pop up that'll make you back up a step.

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Where to start?
Magus’ little red PDF of getting by.
Written for my son Mike, Dedicated to my Brother Steve.
You JUST missed it.
You might remember me, you probably don’t. I was the guy who used
to come in here and post about survival ism, scavenging [looting?
Maybe.] and making and using all sorts of this and that to survive
with. I had a few fans, I was and AM a militant survivalist as opposed
to being a prepper, that and being a Pagan and a bit of an Anarchist
put some people off, philosophy aside, you can take what I say to the
bank, it WILL keep you alive! I’ve personally tested everything I tell
you! This book began as a how-to, it ends with me living what I am
Chapter one, getting out of dodge.
My intent was to find somewhere quiet and in solitude work out some
issues I was having mentally, lick my wounds and think without a
television, telephone, internet or relatives and friends taking my
attention away from the repair work my life sorely needed, I did
however bring my faithful lap top on which most of this was written.
I traded some closet queen firearms for a lightly used 1977
Winnebago, a car hauler and a short term food supply and set out.
I had a friend who had some WAY off road property who needed
someone to keep the trespassers out, so I sat up camp right in the
middle of the road and made sure there were enough “POSTED” signs
right at my camp that a blind man would have found one eventually.
“No Bubba, you can’t hunt here, I just called 911 and this FAL says
you’re not dumb enough to try something you might live to regret. I
know you cut the lock off to get in here, so we can wait on the cops
or you can run, either way, you’re not getting in!” This little drama
repeated itself twice more over the next two years, word got around
about the crazy camper up in the woods with a “Machine gun” and I
had peace. Funny thing, I don’t have a cell phone, I won’t either. I lied
to him, sue me. The one dumb bastard had the law come check me
out. Uh, huh. Did you like that fine you got for trespassing/poaching? I
got a few more stories but this isn’t the place for them.
Back to my beloved “Winnie”
As I said, I traded a few closet queens for her, got a bargain really.
The odometer has yet to flip and new tires to boot, she has a leak
here and there, but only in extremely hard rain, and get this! The AC
works! There was a generator, but I traded it off after I got home. I’m
putting in a bank of deep cycle storage cells maybe in the spring and
a converter box and putting the solar cells directly into them. After I
got Winnie home, I cool sealed her roof, replaced the heater and
bypassed the inboard propane tanks, then double insulated her and
paneled all that over and put up cabinets and installed a full sized
toilet. [I’m a big guy, I have a big butt!] put in a gas water heater and
replaced all the vulnerable pipes with PEX and sealed off the cab
with heavy curtains, I use the overhead for storage. When I got where
I was going, I used roof tin and sheet metal screws to underpin her
with. I was just planning to be here a few weeks, but except for the
occasional coyote or rarer poacher, I fell in love with my solitude and
my weeks became months, my months became years. I’ve written 4
books out here, being honest, two. The other two are mostly smut.
SO… here I am, ten miles from nowhere, now what did I bring and
what did I have to get or improvise?
a Makita shop radio which not only recharges a cordless drill battery
but uses it as a backup power source as well. It is digital, has an
acceptable range, it uses an old style cell phone antenna which can
be upgraded or extended with six feet of unshielded wire and a gator
clip. I can pick up Ohio on a clear night!
I began with a Sangein short wave radio, which was great, but
something happened to it after thirty years of loyal service and I had
to go with a barely functional Sanyo which even new was a piece of
crap! At least it has SSB. Choose your com-gear wisely!
My laptop. A twenty year old dell. I upgraded it to a blue ray disc
drive and a 1 TB external drive full of my favorite music, some books
and movies and a few games from the late 90’s [Doom, Duke Nukem,
quake, shadow warrior, Unreal I, II, and III and all 5 incarnations of
STALKER, you get the idea.]
Satellite radio. Great idea! Where can I find one that lasts past the 90
day warranty?
Guns, knives, slingshots and other things to put an eye out with!
Camp guns:
The judge in 2 ¾” chamber and 3” barrel. If you can only have one
gun, here you go! First two rounds are #4 shot, next two are 000, the
last is a slug. I engraved the chamber where the slug is with an “S”
so I can dial it up in a hurry if need be. If I’m in camp, its on me!
44 magnum super Redhawk with scope and laser, you’ll need an
extended rail to accomplish this, worth the investment, I put mine in
a tanker style shoulder rig with a flap and carrier for 1 speed loader.
The custom leather is worth it! Next time I’ll have it fleece lined. And
why carry this three pound monster of a hand cannon you ask? Two
words newbie, BLACK BEARS! I’m too crippled to run and too old to
climb a damn tree. I sighted a sow and a cub on my way to the well
one morning, I was far enough off that they went on their way, but do
you know what happens if you somehow get between a sow and her
cubs? You get mauled to death. I’d likely be found a month later if at
The rock island riot gun. Uses the Ithaca patent, the action is as
smooth as glass and actually out-shoots my 870s and in nickel isn’t a
bad investment for 250$ I traded off to my 870 after I got a death
threat from another trespasser, it holds 9 rounds + one in the pipe.
Hard to say which is superior really. Likely the 870, it has two shell
carriers on it. I can mix and match between shot loads and slugs.
A 300 blackout chambered AR-15, a 6 pack of twenty round mags and
just enough hunting ammo to fill them. Why does everyone hate this
round so much? I mean yeah, it’s as loud as the crack of doom,
maybe as loud as a 300 magnum with a boss break but inside 300
yards, I’d put it up against ANY 308 I’ve ever owned! If you hunt deer,
coyotes or hogs, give one a try! [But wear ear protection!!] I use
subsonic ammo exclusively. OH, and if you shoot in tall grass, the
shock-wave is AWESOME!
My IMBEL FAL [L1-A1] My darling, my pet, my camouflaged, ACOG
mounted baby. I could write a book about my love for the FAL, but I
won’t. If you have extra magazines and a store of spare parts [not
that I ever needed any!] you must have this rifle! If I can see it in
ranges within reason [500 yards and back.] I can hit it. In 30 years of
shooting one [GODS I’M GETTING OLD!] I can remember only three
jams out of ANY of them, two were in brand new guns that needed
the gas bleed regulator adjusted better. [setting 3 or 4 usually.] and
the last was a catastrophic case failure that never repeated. [surplus
ammo.] Sadly, I got the idea that some scumbag might burn me out
sometime, so I took IMBEL and a couple others I didn’t want to lose
back home and returned with an AR-10 I had 500$ in, a Palmetto
state armory. It seems to have a stainless steel match barrel. I
traded a century old 45-70 and saddle gear for a LWRC match upper a
friend had, but sadly I have yet to shoot it to see how it does. It has a
freaky looking muzzle break like a howitzer though. Lots of railestate!
It got a laser/scope combo and a tactical light.
It used to be a toy. A Bushmaster SMG upper on a pistol lower with a
laser, scope, and tactical flood light, after I started getting worried, I
put an arm brace and 100 round drum on it. It sleeps beside me on
the wall. Inside a hundred feet I can blow a five gallon bucket all to
A wrist rocket slingshot. Yup. Get one, they’re like a whole ten bucks,
go to the dollar store or hobby lobby and buy 5 bags of marbles for
ammo and some spare rubber, make a back stop out of a large
cardboard box and put some thick foam rubber in the bottom so you
can save your ammo and get good with it! Store it in an ammo can,
sunlight destroys the rubbers! Good for running feral dogs out of
camp or dispatching feral cats if you have them. I did, but I like cats
so… IF you’re really good, squirrels and rabbits and one fat ass mean
raccoon as well! BOOM! Head shot. Instant hat and BBQ. [be careful
how you tan your raccoon hat or it will smell bad and draw beetles.]
A daisy BB gun. Good for rats, mice, squirrels and sick cats.
A blow gun. I made mine out of an old curtain rod and the darts out of
an old coat hangar and a rotten T-shirt. Simply use needle nose pliers
to bend a loop in the end of a piece of coat hanger, insert a 1” X 3”
wad of cloth and crush flat with pliers. Sight it like a shotgun and
learn to make a lung clearing puff. I nailed a rat with mine. Wheee!
Any quality and accurate 22 rifle, I’ve had three out here so far off
and on, I’m bad to trade. Two Marlins and a Ruger, if you’re curious.
An Estwing hatchet. The all steel one.
A quality kukurri or prang. I made mine out of a leaf spring, but good
quality factory made tools are out there, buck, cold steel and Gerber
come to mind.
A military grade machete.
A Leatherman™ or similar pocket multi-tool. [screw basic Swiss army
A buck saw and folding pack saw.
A hand augur and bits, I like spade bits.
A file, a round file, a coarse and fine whet stone and an Arkansas oil
stone. Maybe add a diamond hone and ceramic rod if you must.
A basic tool kit+specific tools for weaponry and vehicles. My Honda
needs metric but Winnie needs inch pattern, and add a few spare
parts too! Basics like fan belts, air filters, battery clamps, spark
plugs, wires, extra oil, transmission and brake fluid. and an extra oil
pan plug, you never know.
Clothing and keeping warm!
Here in the south it can get cold as hell! Be sure to plan your
wardrobe accordingly to your area. You can’t go wrong with leather
below 50 degrees, it’s wind proof and can be made totally waterproof
with silicon spray or waterproof rub for boots, I think there used to be
a spray for that too, under that, layer a quality flannel long sleeve
shirt and straight cotton or underarmor™ T-shirt. Downstairs it gets
trickier. Above 60 degrees you CAN free-ball it commando style, I
actually recommend it above 90 degrees. Below 80 degrees, briefs or
boxers, below thirty, add long underwear and maybe an extra pair of
whatever your favorite underwear is. Men’s balls naturally recede if
they get cold enough, it’s normal, but in some guys my age it gives
the sensation of needing to urinate all the time.
The bed roll.
My current set up is a goretex™ comforter, a wool blanket and a
straight cotton sheet inside a US military sleeping bag, I have slept
comfortably in the teens with this rig, in fact, you might have to unzip
during the night to let the steam out, I’m not kidding! You can see it
rise in the camp fire light if it’s still burning!
The ever faithful polyfill or goretex filled canvas duster with a hood,
in warmer climates, it’s like wearing a sleeping bag!
Fleece lined leather please for below freezing, quality cotton for
everything else or quality leather fingerless driving gloves. I like
those for hunting.
Your basic medical kit… NOT!
No, not that useless piece of crap under your kitchen sink with the
band aids, iodine and aspirin. Lets build a REAL medical kit for your
mobile home, something that will likely save your life when there is
no access to 911.
Now dig this:
Start with a medium sized cooler, Igloo™ is great because they’re
cheap and taper slightly inside, this is important as you’ll be placing a
tray in there! OH, and the Igloo I use is bright red, easy to see. ALSO,
it will keep your stuff from getting too hot or too cold! I have no idea
what prices are now, but I built my kit for under a hundred bucks! OH,
and put a bungee cord or two around it, it might take a few seconds
longer to open, but spilling your stuff when you REALLY NEED IT NOW
can be a bitch! Trust me on this. Let’s stock the bottom layer first:
1 bottle of 90% rubbing alcohol. For SERIOUS WOUNDS and sterilizing
1 bottle of 75% rubbing alcohol. For scrapes and nicks.
1 bottle of witch hazel. For bug bites, shaving cuts, rash, sunburns
Two tubes of crazy glue, instant stitches! Wheeee! Burns like hell
1 bottle of Hydrogen peroxide.
One bottle of Betadine solution. This stuff is great on more serious
One bottle of medicated mouthwash like Listerine. Not only is it good
on toothaches and toilet mouth, it works good on insect stings like
wasps and sweat bees. Speaking of which, sting swabs.
Two quality made snake bite kits, yes. I MEAN TWO!
Two tubes of Ora-jel.™ pretty good on burns too.
1 EMPTY quart canteen. For mixing up dehydration relief. Speaking of
which: 5 packs of your favorite Gatorade™ mix and a six pack of
1 bottle of bismuth liquid, AKA Peptobismol.
1 bottle of extra strength antacid liquid.
1 bottle of antacid tablets such as Tums or Rolaids.
1 box of alka-seltzer or generic equivalent.
1 tube of cortisone cream.
1 tube of Sun burn cream.
Take a small water proof bottle and fill it half full of table salt then
slowly add household Ammonia until it barely covers the salt, presto!
Smelling salts.
Eye wash and saline wash for wounds.
1 bottle of your favorite 100 proof whiskey.
Now for the top half. Cut a piece of plywood to the size of the mouth
of the cooler and bore a finger sized hole in the middle to lift it out by
and let it slip to the center of the box, alternately you can put your
tools and gauze in a Tupperware™ or glad tote box with a resealable
lid. Depends on your likes and how neat you are.
5 pairs of rubber gloves in a zip lock bag.
5 medical masks in a zip lock bag.
1 spray bottle of sterilizing alcohol.
Two rolls of blood stopping gauze, 5 female sanitary pads [for really
bad wounds you can’t stitch up! 2 packages of butterfly sutures, 10
each of small, medium and large band aids, 1 roll each of cloth
medical tape and breathable medical tape and a roll of regular gauze.
1 roll of bandage wrap, a tube of super glue, a pack of sterile-tabs,
sutures and a stitch kit all in one big zip lock bag.
1 pair of EMT scissors.
3 pair of tweezers, small, medium, large.
3 pairs of forceps.
2 medical clamps Small and large.
1 pair of chromed pliers.
1 pair of chromed [or stainless steel] long needle nose pliers.
A 1 ounce box of Alum in a water tight container. [stops minor
½ an ounce of fast burning pistol powder. Ever see a cowboy movie
where the hero is bleeding to death and he pours powder on the
wound and ignites it? Better than dying. Might include six inches of
hard water hose to chomp down on.
A small propane torch and fuel.
Well let’s see. Men and women have different needs, different ages as
well. I’m male, 55 years of age in moderate health with a few special
needs, let’s look at what I have in my little kit, a 12 pack sized green
igloo™ with a cardboard divider because I HATE LOOKING FOR
STUFF! Left is medicine, right is supplements. Lets look at the
Omeprazole for my stomach ulcers.
Loperamicide for when the other stuff fails.
Blood pressure pills. I’m a ticking bomb!
Citalopram. I said I had “PROBLEMS”
Trazadone. Ditto. I’m a mess!
Testosterone booster. Aggravates the other issues but I need it.
Melatonin. What is this thing you call sleep? I keel over when I have
to. Then I get to wake up screaming later. Wheeee!
Antibiotics. Nuff said.
Pain killers. The ones the nice doctor peddles, all legal I promise!
Itch cream. I get nerve blisters and hives. Screw it.
You know what YOU NEED, put it in there and rotate often!
SUPPLEMENTS! You WILL need them if you’re out here for an
extended time!
Salt pills if its hot out, your body needs salt!
Vitamins A, B, C, D and Niacin for a basic start, then add testosterone
booster for men and estrogen for the ladies, garlic and calcium
supplements and kratum to keep your old bones limber if its legal
where you live make sure you know what is and IS NOT LEGAL where
you’re going! What’s fine at home might be jail time somewhere else,
make sure all your restricted stuff is in the bottle it came in and in
the prescription bottle it came in, sometimes just double filling
bottles is a NO-NO! Hemp oil can be trouble in places too, better
check like you would on weapons and magazines, some states limit
magazine size and frown on handguns or “Assault” weapons. Pigs.
So you got to take a poop…
AND YOU WILL. No toilets out here, no blue loo, just what’s in your
camper and if it breaks…
Take one 5 gallon bucket, line it with 1 heavy duty trash bag, secure
it with a bungee cord, pour in one cup [a standard soup can is fine!] of
kitty litter for liquids, the cheap stuff is fine, place a seat on it, do
what you have to do, add a cup of quick lime to kill the smell, cover it
with the bucket lid or a trash bag. This set up will last a single person
a week before you must change bags. Remember to bury it or take it
very far from camp, you don’t want flies and possums hanging around!
don’t even think about burning it, your camp will stink for days!
Power to the people.
Winnie came with a generator and several batteries, I nixed the
ancient gas-whore for extra batteries and plan on a smaller more
efficient generator soon, I supplemented this with some solar panels
I got at the local equipment rental place. It worked great!
Convert a kerosene heater to run on bio-fuel. [google it.] great if you
like the smell of french fries. Be prepared to fine tune and trim your
wick a bit more than normal. Great to warm up the camper while you
get enough juice to run the office heater all night.
LED only, Duracell red AAA batteries only, I have one every six feet
and hanging above the hatch, it is rechargeable in nature.
A few. You can warm a small room if you must, but be sure they’re in
a solid holder and can’t fall out or tip over. I do this by putting a flat
head sheet metal screw through the bottom of a Polish ham can or a
large sized chicken can and screwing it into the candle itself, then
filling the can with gravel. 24 hour storm candles are great!
I’m thirsty.
A water purifier can be made with a bit of effort from two 2 liter
bottles, some clean, fine, white cloth, crushed charcoal, and clean
Cut the top out of one bottle, bore a 1/16th. Hole in the bottom and
line the bottle with the cloth and add in this order:
2 cups of finely ground charcoal.
2 cups of clean, fine sand.
Invert the top of the bottle for a funnel and bore a couple of holes
through both pieces and put wire through them to hold it together,
then bore two more larger holes and put a para-cord bail on it to hang
it from a tree. Run a couple of gallons through it before you use it to
rinse out the really small stuff, boil it before use or use it only for
cooking, it won’t catch viruses, but it will filter algae and river gunk
nicely, but not as nice as the Berkeley water filter my son sent me
when he found out what I was doing. He’s a damn good kid.
Pack some water purification tablets cheapskate! you’ll thank me
Dinner time!
To begin with acquire nine or ten plastic milk crates available at the
Walmart cheaply, or if you know the guy at the mom n pop Indian
store, free! he’s glad to get them out of his way! The next bit of
equipment is two large 40 MM military grenade cans, but we’ll get on
those later.
Each crate can hold up to two weeks of food for one person, but to be
safe, say ten days. Using the 5 basic food groups...[beer and pizza are
not food groups Bubba, but we’ll get to that.] Using the 5 basic food
groups to pack each box, you can pretty well plan a varied diet that
won’t bore the hell out of you and meet your nutritional needs nicely.
To that end here is an example of what I saw fit to chuck in one of my
random crates:
Nine cans of various kinds of soup, depending on what it is it could
either be meat or bread group.
Five cans of ravioli. Meat and bread group.
Five cans each of Baked and pinto beans or re-fried beans. Protein
five cans of fruit cocktail or peaches, pears, cherries, pineapples,
etc. mix it up!
Five cans each of Beefaroni and Mac n cheese. Bread group.
Ten cans of canned meats, chicken, roast beef and gravy, corn beef
hash, corned beef, chicken, tuna and mackerel. Mix it to your taste.
Ten cans of vegetables, the mixed stuff, peas and carrots, yadda
yadda. If you have room left, jars of peanut butter!
Fill each case in a similar fashion. Remember! Peanut butter and
nutella are your friends.
Five cases of various drinks.
The dry goods.
Remember the 40 MM grenade cans? If you can find them, great. If
not use a huge cooler and a sock full of instant rice to reduce
sweating and spoilage. In it put boxes of instant rice, dehydrated
potatoes, flour, corn meal, a box of salt, your crackers, pancake mix,
cooking oil and candy and put it somewhere cool in your camper to
keep the bears, coyotes and possums out of it.
ALWAYS take your leftovers and scraps far from camp so the
woodland freeloaders will go there and not to where you are, let them
get used to the free meals at least a hundred yards away!
Wild meals. Think it over.
Let’s see. I have groundhogs, squirrel, rabbit, raccoon, deer, several
species of fish, pigeons, dove, wild hogs and bear. One thing I have
learned over the years, no matter the game, is to brine that stuff in
salt overnight, ESPECIALLY if it’s harvested before the first frost to
kill parasites, ALWAYS wear gloves while skinning, and wash
thoroughly after doing so. You really don’t want the black plague,
yellow fever, or trichinosis out here with no doctor in sight.
Recipes for otherwise mediocre flavored game.
Squirrel A’La Magus:
take two decent sized squirrels and parboil or pressure cook in a
quart of water until tender and flaky.
Remove the meat from the broth and add three cups of wild rice, two
tablespoons of butter and a clove of minced garlic. Add water if
Stir fry the deboned squirrel meat in butter until browned lightly and
add 1 bell pepper and a can of drained mushroom chunks.
When the rice is done, pour off all the excess water, add the meat
and vegetables and one jar of Ragu™ meat spaghetti sauce and
simmer fifteen minutes. Serves four with fried garlic/Parmesan toast.
Deluxe coal miner’s dinner.
Debone one medium to large rabbit and parboil until tender, then coat
in corn meal and stir fry brown in bacon grease, remove the meat and
most of the grease and brown a 50/50 mix of corn meal and flour,
slowly add milk or water, stirring briskly until thickened, add the
meat to the gravy and pour over fried potatoes and biscuits. And fried
eggs. Salt and pepper to taste.
Roast groundhog supreme.
Take one large, skinned groundhog and remove the feet.
Rub it down in bacon grease.
Drape the carcass in pepper bacon or sliced fat back and use
toothpicks to anchor in place.
Cut 4 sweet potatoes length wise into quarters, do the same with 4
regular potatoes and stuff the body cavity with them, you can add
carrots and chunks of corn ear if you like, but it all ends up tasting
like sweet potato anyway. Drizzle in a cup of cooking oil and wrap in
tin foil and place over a medium fire and rotate/ flip every twenty
minutes and check after two hours, if the sweet potatoes are soft and
brown your meat is either ready or within a few minutes of being so.
Serve with boiled corn, green beans and beer cornbread.
Navy Groundhog
In a gallon of water, add 4 cups of navy beans, 1/3 of a stick of butter,
a decent sized piece of skin on fat back bacon or four large pieces of
salt bacon, one diced onion, one diced jalapeno pepper, four fist sized
potatoes cut into chunks and one medium to large groundhog cut up
into chunks, cook until the meat is falling off the bone and the beans
are done. Serve with corn bread.
Beaver: SAY WHAT?!
Yep. Any recipe using pork can be made using a beaver. Blast a
couple of those property wrecking slap-tails and use your favorite
BBQ recipes and go nuts!
Canadian goose.
There are so many ways to make a Canadian goose taste like crap,
but a decent number to make it taste great! and even then, only half
those who eat it will like it, you either love it or hate it!
Very slowly simmer your goose in a light brine of 1/8th cup of salt to
the gallon and one large clove of crushed wild garlic, never bring to a
full boil or it will get tough! When it’s mostly done to the bone, drain
and let cool covered. Take the broth and make cornbread batter and
add 1 medium diced onion, a can of corn and a can of drained veg-all,
mix until you can stand a spoon up in it and pour it into your goose.
Drape your goose in bacon and smear it with either bacon grease or
margarine and wrap in heavy tinfoil and place over a low fire, turning
over twenty minutes for an hour to an hour and a half.
Canadian goose salad.
For every three cups of shredded goose, add 1 cup of mayonnaise, a
quarter cup each of sweet relish and dill relish and three table
spoons of diced onion. You may also add a couple of finely diced
jalapeno peppers. Salt and pepper to taste. Serve on lightly toasted
Catfish stew.
In one gallon of water, place in this order:
two cups of wild rice.
½ a red onion, diced fine.
1 garlic pod, crushed.
5 sticks of diced celery.
4 diced carrots.
1 slice of fatty bacon.
2 diced red chili peppers.
Boil until the rice and carrots are done and add two cups of catfish
Two quartered tomatoes.
Two red potatoes cut into ½ inch chunks.
The potatoes and fish will get done about the same time, give or
take, if you mix it all in at once, the fish will cook into mush, not a
bad thing taste wise but it looks wrong. Serve with grilled garlic
Might as well touch base on this…
Weapons for where you are and what works best:
Rural areas/deep woods needs are very very different than urban
needs, screw that “three gun kit philosophy” you NEED 5 is some
cases. Let’s check out the woods first:
The rifle. L1-A1s and FAL rule, and it can double as a defensive rifle
and hunting weapon, but if freedom’s long arm isn’t your thing, I also
can recommend in this order:
The M1-A/M-14 rifles, HK-91s, AR-10s, BM-59s and the good old M-1
Garand, all in 308/7.62X51. Get at least 12 magazines and a decent
medium range scope or red dot sight.
The Shotgun. I love Remington 870s and their variants and all the
useful stuff to add on to them like extended magazine tubes, side
saddles, scope mounts, flashlights, all the chokes, and ammo
versatility, Next up is the tried and true Mossberg, which isn’t as
modifiable but models can be had stock with nice bells and whistles.
Then we get to the Rock Island riot gun, last I heard an extended
tube was available, and that’s it for accessories, but a damned fine
and usable gun none the less. The Remington 11-87, lots of after
market goodies for this one as well, you might note its the only semi
auto in my list, its the only one to survive ME, but I do hear good
things about American tactical. haven’t got one yet to try however.
The pistol. Out here it’s more working gun than fighting weapon,
there are three calibers to consider: 44 magnum, 45 LC, 357 magnum.
Did I forget your beloved 45 Casull or 480? Nope, but mom and pop
probably don’t have ammo in stock. I went 44 on the account of
ammo availability and variety. My advice is Super red hawk, regular
red hawk, super black hawk, Smith And Wesson 629 and 29, In 357,
my picks are a Ruger GP-100 and SP-101 and by special mention, the
Taurus judge, my favorite in camp gun of all time! You can use 410
shot shells and 45 LC slugs in this bad boy! Did I miss your favorite?
Sorry. I may never have owned one, so buy me one and I’ll review it
for you.
The 22 pot meat gun.
Marlins spring to mind immediately, you can not beat them for
accuracy and reliability, the good old iconic 10/22 Ruger and all the
accessories available, followed by the CZ auto and the Squires
Bingham/Rock island 22s.
The deer gun.
What can I tell you? If it’s accurate, reliable and easy to get ammo
for, use it! I use a pristine CZ made Mauser 98 and a Savage weather
warrior, tailor it to your needs and desires. Also, it’s hard to beat an
SKS really. Good brush gun.
Whole new ball game, whole new set of needs.
Rifles. you’re probably not hunting here so we can go to lighter, faster
firing, lighter recoil, less penetrative rounds, the realm of the
homeland defense rifles! Hold your nose, it’s going to get stinky up in
here! Any quality AR-15 in 300 blackout for an accurate, medium
game/ defensive rifle. Any AR-15 really, customize it to your needs,
the sky is the limit! I’m a sucker for DPMS and Bushmaster, but colt,
Smith and Wesson and Ruger are excellent firearms! Be aware
chrome bores somewhat reduce accuracy. The good old reliable AK-
47. Durable, reliable, not too expensive, great for short range
shooting inside three hundred yards. There are many styles available,
chose well. The SKS is a great urban rifle, but good luck finding one.
The pistol:
BIG can of worms, lets look at the calibers. 9 MM, 40 cal, 45 ACP. I
like Glocks for ease of use, durability and accuracy. I myself use a
Browning hi-power, but I have carried 1911s in the past, make sure
you tune any 45 1911 you carry to make sure it functions well with
your choice of ammo. Not a fan of revolvers except for home defense
here. I normally use a 357 or 44 magnum for that.
The shotgun. Same as the rural selections. Moving on.
The meat [rodent/pest control.] rifle. Any quality 22 semi auto, if you
live in a state that lets you, silence it! Also get a quality pellet gun for
rats, stray dogs and pigeons.
Pistol caliber carbines.
Light and hard hitting for places you don’t want over penetration, the
good old M1-carbine is good here as well. Use JSP in all.
You MIGHT consider a heavy caliber weapon here as well, all scoped
up to take out problems at a distance, any accurate bolt or semi auto
works well here as long as ammo holds out.
The urban nightmare.
Good rifle choices are: AK-47s, AR-15s, HK-94s Mini-14’s all shine
here, next up are the pistol caliber carbines and M1-carbines.
The shotgun: Add a Remington 1100 tuned for combat to the list I
already gave you.
The pistol.
Pretty much any reliable, high capacity semi auto, you might consider
a quality made sub compact in 380 or 9 MM as a backup as well. I like
Glocks, high cap 1911s and Browning hi powers. You MIGHT consider
a rifle caliber pistol like an AK, AR, or other with an arm brace for
compact, more accurate heavy firepower on the run. You MIGHT also
consider a heavy caliber, longer barreled revolver with a scope in a
shoulder rig for medium range targets under light cover. Yeah, maybe
I like Jerry Ahern’s books. there’s good nuggets of real life info in
with the over the top entertainment.
Back to camp. Fire and heat!
Starting a fire, keeping a fire, making a light.
Let’s start with lighters, there are really only a few choices, my
beloved Zippo, while not 100% water proof, both flints and fuel are
refillable, and its the only one I know of that you can sit on a flat
surface for light and to put heat where you need it. Its multi-fuel
capable as well.
Any quality blowtorch lighter. Most of these will melt holes in tin cans
and put out a hell of a lot of heat, pack extra fuel. Make sure you
keep the nozzle blown out, and if its really cold, the fuel won’t ignite
because it can’t vaporize. To remedy this, put your mouth on it and
blow a few times to warm it up, otherwise, spark it off another
lighter. ALSO, when some get half full, they won’t light unless you
hold them level. No clue why. Maybe some useless safety feature?
Safety matches:
Start with any quality strike anywhere matches IF YOU CAN FIND
THEM and dip them in canning wax or paraffin, then stick them
upright in a Styrofoam block to dry, then taking a prescription bottle
they fit well in and using crazy glue, attach a strip of 100 grit
sandpaper down the side to strike on, put another strip inside for if it
gets wet.
Ranger bands:
Using a black rubber bicycle inner tube and a pair of shears you can
make hundreds of them! You can use them to hold your Altoids box
survival kits together or mount them to your Rambo knife sheath,
hold tools together etc, pretty much a super heavy duty rubber band.
Neat huh? But that’s not why I’m mentioning them here. Set one on
fire and it will burn several minutes, long enough to start damp wood!
Fire tape. My very own invention!
Find a snuff can [Skoal, wolf, Hawken etc.] preferably plastic. Clean it
Take some 1/4” COTTON not nylon rope and roll as much of it as
possible to fit in your can and cut it off. Mix two tablespoons of Borax
[20 mule team etc.] into a cup of hot water and stir until it dissolves
completely and soak your rope in it and let dry a few days, then roll it
into your can and cover it in melted wax, let it cool and tape the lid in
place to keep it from leaking in or out. Now you have tinder that you
can carry in your pocket and cut only what you need! An inch burns
half an hour! Oh, why the Borax? Makes it burn hotter and longer. No
borax? Use white sugar, just twice as much. It won’t burn as hot but
it will burn longer and smell much better.
Another of my little inventions.
A junked out small frying pan or heavy pan no bigger than 6” or 8”
place into it a chunk of gray cinder block chipped to fit well and pour
on a 50/50 mix of used oil and diesel fuel, ¼ cup is plenty. Light it up
under your stubborn fire, it will burn approximately half an hour,
plenty enough for all but soaked through wood. The fire won’t hurt
your rig and it’s reusable. You can attach a short chain to pull it out
by if it bugs you however.
I’m hearing about some kind of viral outbreak in China, sounds real
bad too, they’re literally sealing people in their houses, I think I’d
better watch this!
OK. not exactly where this was supposed to go but…
Decontamination supplies:
90% rubbing alcohol.
Hydrogen peroxide.
Lysol, lots of Lysol.
Several spray bottles for all of the above.
Several boxes of rubber gloves.
Two pairs of heavy duty rubber gloves.
Heavy rubber poncho.
Gas mask with fresh NBC filters.
Duct tape and plastic.
A net bag for groceries to lay out in the sun.
N5 surgical masks.
Garlic, jalapenos, honey and Lemon juice.
Disposable masks.
Sun glasses. So I don’t rub my eyes.

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Heh. there is always "book II" but its mostly a diary of what I saw and lived and my opinions of society as it came over the short wave. Probably won't post it, I drop F-bombs like a B-19 and I don't need some social justice warrior trying to mess my life up worse than it is. :p

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Back again, my life is like a minefield!

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