Illinois gunowners need to be aware!!!!

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    Ill. Attny Gen to 'Out' Illinois Gun Owners

    -By Warner Todd Huston

    Recently the Associated Press asked the Illinois State Police for its list of Illinois gun owners. The police refused saying that the release of the names and addresses of all those registered firearm owners in Illinois would be a violation of their privacy but Illinois Attorney General Democrat Lisa Madigan disagrees with the police and has ruled that the list should be released to the press.

    In Illinois anyone that wants to buy a firearm or wants to purchase ammunition and related supplies must register and obtain a Firearm Owner's ID card (or a FOID). The card is also necessary for hunters that use firearms. Citizens do not have to get one of these cards in order to be allowed to have a gun, but they need one to legally purchase and buy supplies for them in the state. It is this registry that the press wanted released.

    Democrat Attorney General Lisa Madigan, daughter of the state's powerful Democrat majority leader Michael Madigan, has decided that the privacy concern is "invalid" undermining the State Police's reasoning of r refusing to release the list. Madigan's office released a letter to the press on Monday evening, February 28.

    Currently there are no state laws that would prohibit the release of the registry but some Republican-sponsored bills are sitting idle in the House of Representatives.

    The State Police have not announced what they intend to do from here.

    This move is obviously a move by Democrat Madigan to intimidate Illinois gun owners hoping to make them fear that their names and addresses will suddenly be released to the media.

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    Bet there's a fee involved---this is just Ill. making a few bucks for the big boys.

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    Went to the Appleseed 300 in Il. last summer, I didn't realize I couldn't buy ammo without a FOID.:nuts: Luckly I had enough. They did loose alot of tourism $s on me. I decided I wasn't buying anything else in that communist state either.:gaah:
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    That's the Chicago machine at work. Springfeild doesn't wag its tail until Chicago nods its head. Meine Gotte, it's lap puppy politics.
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    I don't have a gun yet, but am planning to buy one later this year. I won't be letting my name going on a list deter me one bit. The whole FOID system is a scam anyway. The only people that are actually complying with it are law abiding citizens, and those aren't the ones you have to worry about.

    Just wanted to add- I'm sure there might be a few people here and there that have a gun or two that didn't go through the FOID system, but I'm not concerned about the few who slip through the cracks and avoid the red tape. The ones that I worry about are the gang members and felons that have been convicted of serious crimes (robbery, homicide, etc.,). They aren't supposed to have guns but they always manage to have them. The system is doing nothing at all to deter crime and only makes it more difficult for everyone else to obtain a firearm. Once again the government got involved, tried to fix things, and made the situation worse than it was before.
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    makes me glad my guns were all purchased at estate sales, were gifts, or were inherited...
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    On a more positive note, Brandon Phelps (D) is sponsoring (along with a lot of co-sponsers) a right to carry bill in IL. Illinois General Assembly - Bill Status for HB0148

    Bill Synopsis

    Creates the Family and Personal Protection Act. Permits the county sheriff to issue permits to carry concealed firearms to persons at least 21 years of age who meet certain requirements. Requires an applicant for a permit to have completed specified training requirements developed by the Illinois Law Enforcement Training Standards Board consisting of classroom instruction and live firing exercises. Preempts home rule. Amends the Illinois Police Training Act and the Criminal Code of 1961 to make conforming changes. Effective immediately.

    Looks like it might actually have a chance too... Pass a written test, pass a range test, get finger printed and pay your fee and you get a 3 year permit.
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    Impeach the AG, she isn't fit to fill the office.
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    SO, publish the names, addresses and property values of every politician who signs onto this nonsense, along with their normal working hours when they'll be away from home............ :D

    Fight fire WITH fire...... :mad:
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    Since when does a State AG have any right what so ever to determine what is a privacy right. It appears to me that this would be a judicial matter, not one for an elected official to determine. Somebody needs to educate this idiot on her JOB and suggest that she leave other issues to the appropriate individuals. Seems like a civil lawsuit might help educate her. And a civil rights violation is one that would end her political career.