Illegal immigrant admits to using fake ssn on tv

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    So, what should the repercussions be for her act?
    I think she should be investigated to see if she has paid her taxes for all the years she worked at Goldman Sachs, whether the SS number she used was in fact fake or was it stolen and possible charges brought against her and Goldman Sachs if it is found that the company knew she was illegal as she climbed to the executive position in the company. Should her citizenship be revoked? How much fraud should an illegal be allowed to commit in order to work in this country and stay here?

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    I don't remember if it was some time ago on this Forum or some other one, but there were a few "posters" who said "illegals can't vote, and the hype about Hillary's plurality coming from illegals is just BS."

    LastOutlaw's post (good post!) shows just how moronic those are that think "illegals" can't vote, and affect election outcomes, whether on a local, state, or even Federal level. Since I am a local "poll worker" this is one area I happen to be familiar with, and it is a frickin' nightmare. We have, oh, probably, a 50% level of "immigrants," Vietnamese, Hispanics, Indians (from India), mostly, with a few others tossed in for good measure (Koreans, Chinese). MOST of them are here LEGALLY, work on the shrimp boats, operate convenience stores, motels, restaurants, etc. BUT, there are a few, mostly Hispanics, who are here ILLEGALLY. The trick is to "catch them" when they hit the voting booth. It AIN'T as easy as it sounds! I got news for ya, it is so easy now to get phony/false "birth certificates" it ain't even funny. And never mind the "LEGITIMATE" driver's license/non-driver ID they can get under current laws in almost every state. There are numerous ways they can get FALSE ones with the click of a mouse, and the false ones ARE scannable, and will come back as "valid," if run through the state's database. Social Security cards? No problem, just get a "duplicate" from someone who is "legal," and has the same name....all they check is whether the NUMBER is a valid number.

    You want a "scannable driver's license or state ID," no problem, just visit, and click on your state. It's THAT simple!

    You want a birth certificate? Just hop on

    Social Security card? Just start out at

    You want to catch the "illegals" at the voting booth? GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!!! Somewhere along the line (A) there is MASSIVE manipulation of the "databases" to insert the "scannable" ID info INTO the system, after all it CANNOT BE "SCANNABLE" if there is no information IN THE SYSTEM to match the scan, and (B) the "illegals" are getting a LOT OF HELP from Liberal organizations to "beat the system.," from "churches" to "sanctuary city Mayors/City Councils," they get a tremendous amount of assistance to "game the system."

    And this doesn't even consider the "multiple vote casters" who vote in more than one precinct, city, or even cross state lines to vote in another state, nor does it consider "ballot stuffing" in collusion with Democrat officials, nor does it consider fraudulent "mail-in, absentee ballots." (I won't even bother posting the links regarding these can find HUNDREDS of them in about 10 seconds flat using Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, or whatever other search engine your little heart desires!)

    Voter fraud? It is MASSIVE, COMMON, and there is virtually NO WAY to "catch it, or stop it." You can check all the IDs you want at the polling stations and unless the person "voting" is incredible STUPID, you're never gonna nail them.....the IDs will come back as being VALID.

    And it is virtually ALWAYS to the benefit of the Democrats. And if you think this crap DOESN'T affect the OUTCOME in many cities, or even a few states, your duct tape is flapping in the wind, and you are about four sandwiches short of a picnic!! Think L.A., NYC, Miami, for have 15+ MILLION "illegals" (I don't think ANYONE knows the "true numbers"), at least 5+ MILLION of which are of voting age. Hillary's vote plurality was what?

    Oh, one other thing, none of the above considers "illegal votes" cast by LEGAL citizens.....multiple vote casting, ballot stuffing, fraudulent mail-in absentee ballots, voting by the "dead," etc. And again, it virtually ALWAYS benefits the Democrats. You want an interesting little "exercise?" Try Googling Republican voter fraud and Democrat voting're gonna find VERY FEW instances of Republican fraud, and THOUSANDS of instances of Democrat fraud (Oh damn, I gave it away, didn't I? :eek::rofl::rolleyes:)

    There's another website for passports, etc., and I'll post that as soon as I can find the darn thing again.

    Y'all have a nice day, ya hear!! :partydance::coffee::coffee:

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    Passports, green cards, etc.

    Found one of the'll do as an illustration, easy enough for you to find others if you want to look.

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    I have mentioned on here about my sister-in-law's ex boyfriend and father to her youngest child. He is here illegally and has stolen papers so he can work UNION jobs. Anytime he is caught he just gets new papers.
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    Exactly....people don't realize how EASY it is for illegals to get this stuff. Which just goes to show the "problem" is a whole lot more "massive/entrenched/organized" than the public is aware of. :mad::(
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    Here is a post from our sister site (firearmstalk) that I found interesting. I have no idea whether it is true or not but it does seem plausible.

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    HiWall......very interesting! Seems Mexico makes it a bit more difficult than we do! :scratch
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    I`m not surprise at this ,is common practice around here for illegals to have fake id`s or ss or drivers license, hell at the family`s and children's office they tell you how to beat the system to get more food stamps or money ,is a joke my friends and the government is making more laws instead of acting on the ones already in place.Exemple; if you walk to Mexico without papers and get pickup they will send you back right away ,no legal system no lawyers no amnesty international no water or food or medical care ,hell you may get a beating ,remember that you are a Gringo ,only America has laws on top of laws that even contradict other laws .
    The Death of Common Sense.
    A great book that everybody should read.
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    Several years ago I was at my friends place.
    He had all his workers together so they could fill out their W4 forms.
    His field boss explained it to everyone in Spanish.
    First guy asked how many dependents he could claim.
    There was 2 spaces so everyone of them put down 99 dependents.
    Minimum withheld from their checks.
    Then he pulled out a stack of SS cards and DL, picked 2 and gave them to my friend for ID.
    He had about 25 sets of ID all with different names.
    I looked at my friend and he just shrugged and said who would pick his apples if he didn't take the ID. He said even worse is several of them would use real ID and then claim he was discriminating and the feds would be all over him.
    He was in a no win situation and he needed his apples picked.
    There was also a good possibility that he would start having problems with his fruit getting damaged and his equipment breaking down.
    He finally had enough and went to work for the Fire Department.
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    i probably would have broken his equipment if I saw him doing that. He deserves to lose his business.
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    She should be airdropped without a chute over whatever country she came from.
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    So… Basically she is saying IT IS ALRIGHT TO BREAK THE LAWS of the country she ILLEGALLY entered? I take that back.. She came here on a temporary visa, but overstayed and became an illegal. No one was injured, because SHE USED A FAKE SS#. It is OK TO BREAK THE LAW because… well… she had no choice but to do it? Then she gets a job, using the ILLEGAL SS#? Then she gets a LEGIT SS#. Then admits all her ILLEGAL activity and rationalizes why SHE BROKE THE LAW?

    Then, she goes on about how there should be a pathway for people who want to come here LEGALLY. Don’t we have that already? Folks apply and are accepted and go through the LEGAL process or not accepted and go elsewhere? Perhaps it takes longer than they would like? They should be able to apply and enter the country after 5 minutes of filling out a form? Heck, I was born a naturalized American citizen and anything to do with government takes me longer than I would like also! When you moved, how many trips to the DMV or other agency did it take you before you had everything they required? Ahhh… Again. She feels we do not let enough immigrants in! That didn’t even happen in past history. Except for the Europeans who came over and killed the folks already living here and claimed America for their own. Didn’t the Ellis Island era have quotas on immigration? I believe most countries do, why should we be any different?

    Perhaps she should be lobbying to change the immigration/emigration policies of HER NATIVE country, Mexico? I hear they treat law breakers and illegals a little differently there.

    Sorry, folks like her upset me.
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    You'd figure when the employer sent in the pmts for an account that doesn't exist someone would notice.
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    The Federal Government refusing to accept money that doesn't "belong" to them? What a radical concept! :D
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    Not sure if it all ties together, leave that up to y'all......
    1. The sale of "scannable ID (Driver's licenses/State ID cards for every state in the country, and even passports/border cards)" online, indicates to me that there is MASSIVE manipulation of those databases. If LE scans your driver's license, and it comes back valid, obviously that means there is information IN THE SYSTEM that matches YOUR driver's license. You CANNOT "scan" an ID, and have it come back "valid" unless there is data IN THE SYSTEM to match it with.
    2. When SS Cards are checked, all they are checking for is to see if the card is valid and matches the persons name. ANYONE having a phony "duplicate" of someone's SS Card is going to come back "valid" for the simple reason the ORIGINAL is perfectly legitimate.....they DON'T know if that person is in one location, and the "duplicate card holder" is maybe four states away....that's not how it works.
    3. Phony birth certificates are a dime a dozen, and if they LOOK "legit," no LE Officer is going to inquire costs money to run checks through a state Bureau of Vital Statistics to see if the birth certificate is in the database for that state...unless there is an obvious "reason" for checking further, 99.99% of ID checks involve nothing more than validating the ID through the DMV, and searching NCIC and the state's own system for "wants/warrants."
    4. OK, back to the scannable stuff....driver's licenses, state ID cards, passports, and the like....ALL of which can be purchased on line these days. For there to be "data in the system" to match these cards, there MUST BE a massive, ongoing, organized coordinated effort to PUT THAT DATA INTO THE SYSTEM.....whether it's done by "do-gooder hackers, organized crime, state/federal employees on-the-take," WHOEVER, there is an incredibly HUGE breach of security going on here.:scratch

    MAYBE this even carries over to the IRS, and there is a LOT of hanky-panky going on there, too. Say "XYZ Business" sends in its tax data, or payments, and XYZ employs a number of "illegals." Could it be that account gets "flagged," goes to a certain IRS employee (who is on-the-take) and that employee falsifies the record??:dunno:

    The "phony ID/illegal immigrant/voting" thing could go a lot DEEPER than anyone thinks.......wouldn't be the first time really major problems have been hidden from sight!:D
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    A month in prison for every year spent here, working to build the wall.
    forfeiture of owned goods and bank accounts.
    A swift kick in the @$$ right on the border.
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    OVER the wall... After she is finished building it.
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    I REALLY LIKE your solution!!!
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    And welcome home Magus
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    what happened to her? haven't heard anything . did this get swept under the rug like so many other things?