if you live in a glass house dont throw stones

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    first I'm not a Christian,Muslim,Buddhist,Hindu,Jew or any of the major religions---i adhere to the American Indian Religion but as i do more research for my partner for her blog the grumpy republican about just anything to do in the world im starting to see scary things about Islam and their want for world domination with all their total hate of others not adhering to the Qur'an and the way they treat women

    ---im sorry its not right to try to force your beliefs on others through violence

    ---the more i read about Islam i come to the conclusion its a dangerous cult that glorifies death and the control of others may the great spirit protect me and mine but it will come a day when we will have to fight them and i hope im gone when that day comes i treat others as the great spirit says to treat others like you want them to treat you and only take from the earth only what you need

    ---sorry i don't talk religion much as everyone has the right to worship what they want to

    ---i apologize, once again im just trying to get somethings off my chest so don't think im trying to tell you what to do

    -------remember its better to have and not need than need and not have-------
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    Well, folks have been saying the same thing for years. Do some research on the Crusades and find out what Islam was up to then. They want complete and total annalihation of anyone who does not believe as they do and world domination.

    I am a Christain, and I believe that Islam is the devil's counterfit of Christianity. If you do some deep research on it, you would know why I say that. I don't know if you believe in some evil spirit or not, but.......

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    OK........At the risk of getting booted off for being truthful but un-PC, here goes:

    According to multiple historical sources (look it up) Muhammad was:

    *A self-proclaimed prophet. Gee. Maybe I'll try that. Could have some great bennies.

    *A pedophile: One of his many wives was only 6 years old at the time of the marriage, which was consumated at about age 10. Even in those days, a man in his 50s having sex with a 10 year old???? If that's the Prophet's idea of Godliness, than I don't want anything to do with that religion.

    *A conqueror: To unite the tribes of the Arabian Peninsula in the name of his new, self-made religion -- Islam, he and his legions slaughtered thousands (some historians say tens of thousands) of men, women and children, but admittedly, he saved most of the women and children for sale at the slave auctions. Merciful, huh?

    So. Who wrote the Que'ran, the Muslim Holy Book? The guy whose wondrous deeds are listed above: Muhammud.

    The Christian world tries, unsuccessfully for the most part, to mirror Christ's life..............Do Muslims believe they should mirror Muhammud's life? Hmmm. Apparently many do. Read the news.
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    The difference was that Muhammad wasn't just a cheap rip-off of another religion. Jesus was actually based on the Egyptian god Horus who came centuries before him. Let me know if this sounds familiar:

    Horus was born of a virgin.

    Horus had a foster father named Seph.

    Horus' birth was accompanied by three stargazers who followed the morning star of Sirius, bearing gifts.

    The birth of Horus was announced by angels.

    Horus was baptized at age 30 by Anup the Baptiser at a river.

    Horus had to resist temptation by the evil Sut on a high mountain.

    Horus had 12 followers.

    Horus performed miracles such as healing the sick and walking on water.

    Horus raised Osiris from the grave.

    Horus was killed by crucifixtion, buried in a tomb, and resurrected in the city of Anu after three days.

    Horus was accompanied by two thieves who were also crucified at the same time.

    Horus' resurrection was announced by three women.

    Horus was then given the title KRST which mean "annointed one".

    And then you have the crusades. A bunch of Europeans flooding into a country with an opposing theological viewpoint, laying claim to whatever they want, ransacking temples, purging the "heathens". And you wonder why the saracens fought back.
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    ROFLMAO. Hey. That Horus dude sounds like an OK guy. You know. Not out raping 10 year olds and slaughtering folks. As for the Crusades and other European follies, they had long departed from Christ's teachings. Godzilla could call himself a Christian -- that doesn't make him one.
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    To return to the purpose of this preppers forum and the thread: religion, I sincerely see major, violent clashed between western democracies and Islam, particularly Sharia Law.

    I don't care what religion my friends or neighbors or fellow countrymen believe in, as long as they don't try to force them on me. But Islam is an ideology more than a religion. It supersedes all else -- INCLUDING THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

    FYI: Of the nations of the world, 39 are predominently Muslim by population. How many -- even by a stretch are democratic? One.

    IMHO, preppers need to be prepared for far more atrocities on our soil at the hands of radical Islam than we have experienced in the last 20 years. Lots of physical and political ramifications. JMHO.
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    yes sewserious ---in the native american indian beliefs there are evil spirits and people can be born with an evil spirit and in my short words----BEWARE of obama and Mohammed's words as you cannot trust them or have faith in them--may the great spirit protect you and yours ----------------------remember its better to have and not need than need and not have