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.. right now would be a great time to create / build up a new company. You would want to build it using your skills not equipment. If you need to spend money - keep it to the minimum needed to setup your company.

Use what you have - a home office, a home computer, a cell phone.

Spend what you need - advertising, logo, professional paperwork

Some ideas would include:

Tax services - bankruptcy specialties
Computer services - maintain computer equipment - not just upgrade
Maintenance services - mowing lawns, removing snow, planting gardens around condos
Food services - Home-grown foods prepared in your home kitchen for sale through farmer's markets or made-to-order and delivered by the next day (web-orders / phone orders)

Keep your fees / prices at a level that there is minimum profit (10% - 15%) - don't look for the 200% profit margins that big-corporations have been making for the last few years - our economy will not be able to sustain that kind of price-gouging.

What kind of other ideas can you add to this list?
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