If you have sugar maples...

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  1. goshengirl

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    I hope this is okay to post/request...

    If anyone here has sugar maples, I would dearly love to have some (lots of) seeds. (The things we called helicopters or whirlybirds when I was a kid.) We have a lot of maples in our yard, but no sugar maples. We'd like to start a couple stands of them, for use in gathering sap a number of years down the road.

    If we need to, we'll purchase a baby sapling and hope it will produce seeds next spring (I wonder if it needs more than one tree to pollinate?). But I noticed all the whirlybirds from our non-sugar maples, and that got me to thinking, maybe somebody has a bunch they wouldn't mind sending? We'd love to get started this season. I'd be more than happy to pay for postage, and would be glad to return the favor if there's anything similar that I could send - maybe some veggie seeds?

    Please PM me if you can help. Thanks!! :flower:
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    I can send you all you want next spring..our sugar maples are only two years old/17 feet high...but I noticed they had lots of poppers on them this year..(what we called them when I was little)

    I'm researching now to see if they return in the fall...will get back to ya--okay??

    PM me and I'll send on...

    Edit: Oh, goshengirl...I think I goofed...my helicopters are on the silver leaf maples...I know they're silver leaf because that's what the tag said and we had them in our other house.
    They did have helicopters...and they are so bad about low growing limbs, so I've already cut them to get under to mow...and they grow fast.
    I think the things not growing are in our back yard and they are sugar maples. But no helicopters.

    Are you sure sugar's, not silver leaf, have the helicopters??

    I do know that our sugar maples at the other house are the prettiest thing ever in the fall.

    Let me know about the helicopters if you discover different from what I believe...
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  3. JayJay

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    Hey, my dh is a logger---he says if you contact your state forest service or state forester he will more than likely give you seeds for those trees...heck, he may have little trees started for you---that is their business...

    Wanta try that?? Good luck...dh says my sugar maple hasn't poppers yet maybe because it's still young.

    But if you want fast growing silver leaf maples, I'll send the poppers/seeds next year.
  4. Emerald

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    Did you know that you can make syrup from all maple trees but since the maples other than sugar have much lower amounts of sugar in them it takes much more sap to boil down into syrup. Sugar maples have the highest amount of sugar/sap.
    Birches also make a nice syrup.
    Sorghum grows in most states and you can also make a nice syrup/molasses from it.
  5. UncleJoe

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    All the maples have helicopters. :)
  6. JayJay

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    That's what dh said...my sugar maples must be too young to have them...they aren't growing very well,,,but considering the soil, I'm just pleased they didn't die yet. LOL:ignore:
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    JayJay, thanks so much for looking into all that! Yep, all maples have helicopters - they just look a little different from variety to variety. And I was just reading that sugar maples will take 30-40 years before they produce seeds, so no wonder your little guys aren't seeding yet. (And there goes my idea of generating my own seeds from a seedling.) I'll look into your DH's suggestion about the forest service - I have no clue where the most local office is located, but it would be good for me to learn!

    Emerald, thanks for the info. I thought only sugar maples were used because of the taste... I can always try our silver and black maples and see what the syrup is like. And I've heard of sorghum... our property has plenty of sycamores, elms, maples (of the non-sugar variety), oaks, and osage orange. Is this a weird thing for me to get a prepping bug about, or what? For some reason DH and I both seem to feel this need to get the sugar maples started, and DH isn't even a prepper... go figure.