If you have concerns about the younger generation.

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  1. Tirediron

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    A lot of "seasoned" adults are really down on the younger generations, and the pants down hat on crooked crowd reinforce that, but we have some youth on this forum who are wise far beyond their years. My son, not yet 16 has researched draft horse and cattle breeding programs at his own motivation, I haven't pushed him in any direction except to point out that the guy staring back at you in the mirror when you brush your teeth is the one who is responsible for where your life goes. There is lots of hope for a lot of the younger people, and there are a LOT of grey haired sheeple. Encouragement is what everybody here needs, :flower:
  2. OldCootHillbilly

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    There few an far between, but on occasion I see a climmer a hope in the younger generation. That be bout the best we can ask fer anymore.

    An yer right, there be some older folks what have lost their good sense, I guess it always been the same with the younger generation an the older generation, just that were in the midst of it now!

    Good that yer boy has some spunk. A nice thing ta hear these days.

  3. SaskDame

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    Levels of maturity and responsibility are never totally standard by age.

    And congratulations to any young person who has managed to resist the endless encouragement to play more and produce less. From where I sit they are definetely part of a minority.
  4. PamsPride

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    I will have to say that my children are very hard working! I am so proud of them! I do know other kids that have that entitlement attitude and don't feel like they have to work for anything.
    I agree anyone, no matter the age, that takes responsibility for themselves and prepares is to be commended!
  5. Jason

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    We are trying to get our son started down the right road. He's never been to a fast food joint and he's learning from the garden where food really comes from and he enjoys helping out. At age 2 he's already very intellegent so it's up to us to make sure he learns what's right and wrong and how to live a good life.
  6. UncleJoe

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    In fairness to all the generations, I believe if every generation were to look back, they would find that the generation or two that came before them saw a bunch of lazy rebellious kids. OK. I'm not even sure if I know what I just said. :rolleyes:
    Let's try it this way.

    My parents spent their teen years in the 50's. They were the generation that embraced rock-n-roll and allowed it to become the mainstream music of the time. I'd be willing to bet that my grandparents, who grew up in the WW ll/Big Band era, looked at the R&R revolution as the downfall of civilization. With Bill Hailey, Chuck Berry and Elvis Presley gyrating on stage, it probably looked like TEOTWAWKI was just around the corner.
    As they grew up, somehow my folks made it through to become hard working, productive members of society. In the early 80's I started "touring" with the Grateful Dead and stayed with it for nearly 10 years. They never said anything but I'll bet my parents were wondering what they did wrong and what was going to become of me. Well... I grew up, worked hard, bought a small business and am now self employed.
    Now I'm all too aware that this latest generation seems to have a higher level of "ME" than I remember having. I have a 23yo stepson that spends more time looking for ways to avoid work than actually doing any. He's online at least 8 hours a day doing "research" for one thing or another and he seems to be able to do it all on facebook, ebay and horse forums. Even with that, I'm betting that he too will grow up just like every other generation has and bring on the next generation of spoiled, rebellious kids.
    That is as long as the world holds together and he gets the chance.
  7. nj_m715

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    No. Congrats to their parents and elders who taught them better. If we are what we eat, than our kids are what we teach them.
  8. Kimba

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    Your son sounds like a great kid, and it sounds like you are doing a great job raising him.

  9. Tirediron

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    If our son is how he is because of our parenting , it is because we have tryed to teach him how to make his own decisions and included him in our decision making processes, Kids are programmed to rebel so if you TELL them how it is, it is their duty to prove you wrong. (at least this is how I think it works):scratch
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  10. Halfway

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    Many of the youn infantry soldiers I took to Afghanistan in 03/04 were 19-20 years old. I had some doubts about the "lazy-gamer" generation, but properly led, motivated, and mission focused, they were no different than what I concieve as salt of the earth a generation ago. They performed exceptionally well as a whole, and almost to the man.

    When left to an environment of low discipline or even worse, low expectations, anyone has the possibility of decay. Groups as a whole will decline. Some individuals slower than others, but as a group without leadership will decline.

    Choose your lectures carefully and create a tough, but achievable environment.