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  1. ashley8072

    ashley8072 The only one responsible for yourself, is you!

    how long would it take you to get prepared? In a meaning of, of course ur stocked up, but what would be the first steps that you would take? I'm sure we've all seen the disaster video of an earthquake with the guy grabbing his bug-out bag as the house starts to go down. That's kinda what I'm looking for on some more ideas of what everyone else is doing.

    I'm really set on being prepared. Our food isn't what I would like it to be and I've still got a few things that need to be picked up more for luxury.

    So if something happened tonight and the power and phones were cut off, how easy would it be to adapt? The last thing you seen on the tv was telling you to stay calm and don't go anywhere.

    This is what we've done in several situations, whether it was snow storm or tornado taking out power.

    Well first things first for us: LOCK the doors, get flashlight and grab the gun and ammo. Pull the blinds and shut down rooms of the house. Everyone camping in the living room (the kids always love that). We've got a poster board radio that I bought when I was in high school and it picks up better signal than my weather band. Walk by and flip that on for music or news. Couple candles lit or oil lamps. Pull the water bucket out from under the kitchen and bathroom sinks, set in sinks. Lids off toilets and a DO NOT FLUSH rule is announced. The coleman duel fuel stove and fuel also resides under the kitchen sink. Pull that out for supper or boiling tea. Easily replaces the electric griddle on the counter. Time to sit down for a board game. lol!

    Now we live in the country and we've also got a generator, but we wouldn't use it til absolutely necessary (which would just be to get more water). By experience, we've made it 4 days without power in a snow/ice storm and could have went plenty further WITHOUT getting into any stored supplies besides fuel for the stove.

    So my question is...How quick is your lockdown? Have you thought about it, or even shut the power off and did a run down with the kids? Please share. :)
  2. Jerry D Young

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    Wind up the wind up flashlights.
    Fill the tub with water.
    Add water to the chemical toilet.
    Turn on the weather channel if power is still on and the site up.
    Check on the internet for information.
    The weather radio is always on, but would turn on an AM/FM windup radio for suplemental info
    Double check the weapons
    Add any last few items to the game cart in case bug-out is called for.

  3. kejmack

    kejmack Texas!!!

    Other than the drought, I'm prepared. There's nothing I can do about the lack of rain. Now that the economic downgrade has happened, the US is going to slide down hill very quickly. It's going to be a wild ride.
  4. Jimmy24

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    Hopefully there would be a forewarning of sorts....Can bug in or bug out. Have somewhere to go, actually several somewheres I can go. Have generation for fridges and freezer. Have minor solar at the retreat.

    As long as the crazies don't come looking, I'll hang out at the house for the first bit. Protection is always in place.

    Would contact the kids to see where they stand and what's going on where they are at.

    Then sit tight and pay attention.

  5. gypsysue

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    We live in our remote bug-in location, off-grid and so forth, so we're set. But if it's a world-falling-apart scenario we'd be expecting kids/grandkids to start showing up. We'd be making sure there was warm food simmering on the woodstove for when it's needed.

    We have bug-out buckets, which are 2-gallon buckets with airtight lids. Each one contains enough supplies and food for one person for one month. We don't plan on needing to bug-out, but if something does force us to, we just need to grab those and go.

    If if looked like a long-term, nasty situation we'd have every able-bodied person out cutting firewood while it's still safe to operate something noisy like a chainsaw. That way when everyone is out of gas and a motor running would be like an advertisement that we have supplies, we'll have plenty of wood cut, giving us all time to build up muscles while we start using hand saws and other hand tools.

    I'm not sure it makes sense to worry about having generators or keeping a car running after an EMP. Will it be safe to run a generator or drive a car when no one else can?

    Lord willing, none of us will ever go through more than several days of storm-cleanup and related power outtages. It'll be a lot worse and a lot harder than we imagine, if things really HTF big time.
  6. lotsoflead

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    I think you may have had your for warning 16 minutes after you made the post.market down 634.76
  7. Halfcrazy

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    Yep it is not looking good is it?
  8. CulexPipiens

    CulexPipiens Still waiting for the zombies.

    Stop, gather what info I can and then evaluate.

    Without knowing as many details as I can get some actions would simply be wasted time and energy.

    Now I don't mean try surfing for 3 hours and calling everyone you know, but checking a couple of quick sources, flip TV on, emergency radio, news radio, etc and see what is known, if it's being advertised or not. Is it localized or widespread? Has there already been a reaction? Information will be key to effectively executing any plans you may have.
  9. Salekdarling

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    I have not seen this. May I have a link?
  10. BillS

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    I have something called a "Water Bob" that fits in the bath tub. It holds a bath tub's worth of water and it's something you can close shut so the water stays pure. I'd fill that. I'd empty the big garbage cans from outside and fill them with water and a little bleach. I wouldn't drink it but it would be good enough to use to flush toilets for awhile.
    We have kerosene cooking stoves but only one gallon of kerosene right now so that would be a serious problem. We don't have kerosene heaters right now either. I know which kind I want but Home Depot doesn't have them in stock yet. We'd be in serious trouble come cold weather.
    We'd take out our shot guns and get our ammo. We'd have them loaded and ready in case we needed them. One member of our family would stay up nights guarding the place and one during the day.
  11. ashley8072

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    Found it. ;)

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I3o6uNb3Xxk]‪Ready.gov World Upside Down‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]
  12. UncleJoe

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    Well, we wouldn't be very happy but it's what we have been preparing for so we would just begin the transition to "Little House on the Prairie" mode. Or maybe just as far back as "The Waltons."
  13. Sourdough

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    I would run around in circles, screaming, "Oh my God we are all going to die".

    Well, I thought that was funny.................:2thumb::2thumb:
  14. *Andi

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    I'm alright with either one ... Thanks for the smile!:D
  15. gypsysue

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    :lolsmash: :2thumb:
  16. ashley8072

    ashley8072 The only one responsible for yourself, is you!

    You wouldn't believe how many people I know that would be doing just that. lol! People look at me funny when I tell them that I've got more than a 3 month supply of anything. Even when we show up at the storm shelter all wearing loaded backpacks, they act weird. But we're the ones with the flashlights and games, snacks and more. lol! (we share a storm shelter with my parents next door)
  17. lhalfcent

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    well most in my family would be freaking but I am pretty certain I would be calm.
    I have prepared my fam as best as I can and well, having a spouse who thinks I am over the top on preparedness I think we would be ok over all.
    I don't have nearly enough batteries and a few other things that are not super essential but needed anyway.
    One thing I have worked hard to do is connect with locals and have bartered alot for things. I know where to find fresh milk and eggs from several sources and have made good enough friends with them that I know I can count on being serviced well.
    Same for local game and such as I am not a hunter. Just a good cook and gardener. lol
    My two youngest who are 11 and 9 would fare better than the others as they really trust me and I constantly talk about being calm collected and run drills with them every so often.
    so yeah, if sudden something happened I think we would be ok for a good bit.
  18. Jimmy24

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    Oh yeah, watching that, but I look for a rebound/bonce for a day or two. It will have to have several days like that in a row and have the auto system kick in before I really start worrying. Remember 911....hell the senate wants to investigate S&P...

  19. ashley8072

    ashley8072 The only one responsible for yourself, is you!

    It's funny you mentioned a tv show as something to use as a tool. I've watched the entire seasons of Jericho from front to back many many times. Therefore, I have lots of salt. haha
  20. UncleJoe

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    Yeah, I like Jericho also. I don't think I've seen them all and I'm sure I haven't seen the first episode so I don't know how it all got started.