If preppers are struggling what of the Sheeple

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  1. Tirediron

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    If you look at the rising price / loss of availability thread in the last while,and how this effects people who buy on sale and think ahead about what they need. What about the sheeple who wait 'till after work to buy the makings for supper or 'till they have to wipe with one square of paper cause they didn't buy another package. these peo Sheeple have to buy what they need at what ever the price is. are they being forced onto welfare??:confused:
  2. nj_m715

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    I've only been buying on sale ( with very few exceptions ) for a long time. It really pays off. Over the last 2 wks we picked up about 100 lbs of pasta at .40$ per pound. My wife thinks I'm nuts but it lasts a long lime and one of the only things my 6 yo eats with us. They had a 12 lb per visit limit, so we went in different lines and hit both of the stores in our area. I told her why buy it next month for $1.40 when we can it this month for $.40? I think she might have understood. Once a month chicken quarters go on sale for $.60 or $.70 a pound and we stock up. The normal price is about a dollar. Toss in some potatoes or rice or beans and you have a meal for the cost of a cup of coffee.
    Normal people think it's normal to piss away money and live deep in debt. I guess that makes us crazy.

  3. BasecampUSA

    BasecampUSA Sr. Homesteader

    What welfare? Here in the US?

    The states are almost broke.
    Food pantries are emptyng at an alarming rate.
    Foreclosures are rampant.
    Tent cities are springing up all over.

    The sheeple STILL have no inkling of what is going on around them, they are still in la-la land too busy watching TV, movies and other Hollywood distractions to know that the bottom has literally fallen out underneath them. It's just like Wiley Coyote runnin out over the cliff after the Roadrunner... they refuse to look down! Now it's time to fall....

    Social security is just about broke.
    10,000 baby boomers are retiring daily wanting their money.
    Unemployment isn't getting better.
    More layoffs on the way, as the second "slide" is starting.
    Gasoline will hit $4.00 a gallon again by summer.
    Food prices are going thru the roof.

    The waters are rapidly rising!

    Only those who participate in forums like this are likely to survive :wave: :congrat: -if they are not all hot air with what they write... (if the shoe fits, wear it).

    Those who are out of touch with the REAL reality will suffer... No government is big enough to take care of all the people WTSHTF. It will be everyone for themselves... true survival scenario.

    :ranton: Why should I support someone who squandered their money and even went into debt buying "toys" and enjoyment, while I worked my everlovin' butt off, paid cash on the barrel (if I had some) on what I absolutely needed from Goodwill stores and yard sales all my life to get my meager retirement stash (which I put in silver and not in worthless stocks)... I've got enough of that lala-land type in my extended family that I'm gonna have to carry WTSHTF, but they are gonna hafta WORK on this farm to stay alive! THE PARTY IS OVER! :rantoff:

    That is what Alan Ginsburg will have called "a reality sandwich" when it happens soon...

    - Basey
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  4. Tirediron

    Tirediron RockyMountainCanadian

    Sombody HAD to say it , glad that has been said, I too think that there may be a few that talk the talk but don't walk the walk:congrat:
  5. Frugal_Farmers

    Frugal_Farmers Good ole country folk

    Teh huddled masses will continue to be oblivious to their surroundings. Heck, ask 100 people what they pay for a 5# bag of sugar and see how many bank stares you get. And sugar is just one item.

    Next time you go by your local grocery store, take a hard look and see just how many people are buying their prepackaged meals on credit cards. The numbers are rapidly increasing everyday. Sad, but true.

    Let's see what happens when the next credit bubble bursts.
  6. BadgeBunny

    BadgeBunny Well-Known Member

    Yep. On another board I frequent (not a prepper board) there have been several SHTF threads started lately. There is a ton of "well, I'll just go to so and so's place". :confused:

    I have posted several times that while I love them all dearly that unless they already have a personal invite (because of conversations off the board) they had better not show up at my place expecting anything other than a very cold shoulder. Even suggested that they might want to do some pre-planning themselves because I believe that going out in any kind of difficult time (unless absolutely forced to) is more dangerous than staying home and laying low.

    But ... they have it all worked out ... they will just carry their firearms illegally and go to grandma's house. (Honest ... unfortunately, you can't make this stuff up!) :eek::scratch

    I have a feeling that should we run into some of the same problems Greece and other countries have experienced that life is gonna get really uncomfortable for a lot of folks.
  7. BasecampUSA

    BasecampUSA Sr. Homesteader

    Hehehe... notice how a lot of those wannabe survivalists out there think that when TSHTF, they will simply flip some invisible switch inside their head and go back to being a "pioneer" ? It is almost like they are going to change the channel to "Little House on the Prairie" and walk right into the set and live!

    As far as I know- (cause I lived among them for 2 years without electricity once while I was learning horse farming) - THE AMISH will be the only ones who can handle THAT kind of change... but they won't raise a hand to defend themselves WTSHTF. I fear for those gentle wonderful peoples.

    You read about all the preppers who blow all thier money on guns and ammo, cause they are gonna hunt and fish to survive... yeah, them and 100,000,000 other hungry American men-of-the-family, who will shoot 'n hook everything that hops, runs, flies, slithers and swims into extinction within a few weeks! GET REAL!

    We homesteaders, the true preppers have got it together by thinking wayyy ahead to plan food and supplies storage to tide us over the "hump", while we begin total self-sufficiency and mutual barter as well as cooperation amongst ourselves.

    The future will be a very "local" economy, as transportation gets expensive or breaks down. Even ex communist run-down Bulgaria has a better railroad system than we do, --we were too busy having fun in Lala-land to pay attention to our infrastructure. Now everything is falling apart and we don't have enough money to fix it.

    But, a lot of people are just starting to wake up... too late?

    That's why for the last few years, I've spread the words (in red below) around as many forums as I can:
  8. NaeKid

    NaeKid YourAdministrator, eh?

    As there are different levels of being prepped, I will say that knowing what to do and doing what needs to be done are two different things. Not everyone on this board has had 5 decades (or more) to prepare for the worst that can happen - it is impossible to have five decades of preparations at-the-ready when they haven't even reached their second decade yet (yes, I am talking about some of our teenagers on the board).

    Life-circumstances are not the same for all of us, we need to work together to build-up our forum members and to keep encouraging them to continue on with the plans as time and money allow.
  9. Herbalpagan

    Herbalpagan Well-Known Member

    I don't think there is a single one of us who "prep" who have not talked to family and friends or tried to share tips with anyone who asks, some even blog and go above and beyond trying to wake people up. At some point you have to realize that "you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make them drink". I have a clear conscience, as do many here. We've talked and given all a chance to get on board. Heck, even FEMA and the government have ads and programs all over the place warning people EVERYWHERE to be prepared. It is not our fault if they haven't listened. They all have FREE choice, free will and access to the knowledge.

    Yeah, it's sad that some will suffer needlessly. Yeah it's even sadder that kids will go hunrgy. But you can't save everyone. Our society has given and given and in the process, created generations of lazy, oblivious people. WE woke up, WE prepared. THEY have the same options. Anyone who thinks they will just trot on up to our place will be met with a load of birdshot if they don't trun around and leave. While that sounds harsh to some, I'll take MY life and my family's life over someone who was too self absorbed and lazy to do what we did...prepare.

    As for thinking they will just plant seeds and grow a garden, just pick up a gun and they will hunt...lots of luck to them. WE have spent years learning skills and practicing. THEY had every chance to do the same, but the new SUV, McMansion,expensive ball games, pricey gadgets, Save the Whales and other things came first to them. i do not feel one bit sorry.
  10. horseman09

    horseman09 Well-Known Member

    NaeKid, I like your philosophy, but I sure don't know how to accomplish any of it, much less without hanging out a sign saying, "When T****F" come to _________'s house.

    I groaned when BaseCamp said about people saying they'll hunt and fish because just as he might hear that often where he lives, so do we. We live in an area with lots of "cabin people" from the cities. Ya know where they're gonna go -- completely unprepared when TSHTF???? Here.

    And when I subtlely mention to someone about "putting a little stuff back in case things get tough", almost invariably, they'll look at me and respond with some condescending babble as one would respond to a small child. But every time I do that, I'm risking those idiots remembering my comment then pounding on my door when they are cold and starving and terrified.

    So, I agree with you in theory, but I must say I am increasing embittered with the blind frigging stupidity I see with 99% of them out there -- including most of my extended family.

    Mention it online anonymously -- fine. But in person? Very, very cautiously.
  11. BasecampUSA

    BasecampUSA Sr. Homesteader

    That's it in a nutshell!

    I never talk about it around my region, and my compound is off-limits to all but my family and a very few others...

    I used to run several survival threads in different forums. They always said I should start a "homesteading survival school". No thanks. Not here at this compound anyway.

    I taught wilderness survival for Outward Bound and Vision Quest back in the early 70's... same attitude but different circumstances now.
    You can pretty much tell just WHO will make it and who will not by reading the posts in all these kind of forums!

    But teaching always reminded me of the Zen master who wouldn't pour tea in the student's cup with the pot.
    When asked why he wouldn't pour it, the master said "your cup is already full"... -(go figure!)

    There's a lot of people out there with books and ideas, but they haven't hands-on-self-sufficient homesteaded for the last 35 years! It is damn hard work... just read the Nearing's books if you don't believe it! That's the only way to success. The hoe is NOT a magic wand!

    OK, I'll admit, we only achieved 85% self sufficiency last year here on the farm. Busted our everlovin' butts gardening and canning, freezing and drying! We had an acre of dry beans (pintos) that will last 2-3 years. If I couldn't do it with a tractor, it would have been <50%. Next year will be a real bear! We've got over one test-acre of wheat to harvest BY HAND end of June. That will boost our self-sufficiency to 95%.

    WTSHTF, I'll have 16 hungry mouths to feed - nephews and nieces with small kids!
    They scare the sh*t out of me, because thier heads are plum full of Hollywood and text-messages,
    -and if you set a bag of pintos and a sack of flour on the table in front of them, THEY'LL STARVE to death staring at it!

    Some of them will have to learn to WORK for the first time in thier lives... nobody is gonna pull for them! No welfare, no handouts, WORK!

    - Basey
  12. Tirediron

    Tirediron RockyMountainCanadian

    Sorry if it sounded like I was picking on the young or new preppers, because I definatly was NOT, my thoughs were more toward some of those who think that they already know everything and like to poke at people. Having said that most of those have seemed to have stopped posting. I feel /think that the most important thing a prepper can do is really take what other people say into consideration and research it if nessicary, but don't just dissmiss it cause you think you know better.Just simple things like bringing enough clothes with you to be able to stay comfortable outside even if you drive you car from your heated garage to a heated underground parking lot.
  13. JayJay

    JayJay Well-Known Member

    My experience, next door neighbor...just over yapping about something ..whatever...and supplies, food, storing topic came up...summer of 2009...and after advising to prep---are you ready for this??

    He said he'd go to the church with a membership less than 40.....and I said, ya know, you are not part of the solution, you ARE the problem!!!:scratch

    Then one day his daughter told me both her grandmas stored food..one was warned by her son in the military..go figure!!:sssh:
  14. Elinor0987

    Elinor0987 Supporting Member

    Exactly! I just got finished watching The History Channel's show called "After Armageddon" on youtube and there will be a lot of people after an emergency situation that will amplify problems because they assumed there would be somewhere to go to afterwards or that the government will rescue them. Once reality starts to kick in, they will be competing with each other for food and resources.
  15. Jason

    Jason I am a little teapot

    As someone relatively new to the prepper scene, I can say for sure that with what we have put back right now, if things really tanked, we'd be up the creek before all that long. We've adopted the philosophy (presented to me for the first time by this forum) of buying 2 when you only need one. Need deodorant? Buy 2, then you have some put back. Same for canned goods and other supplies. We have to be very careful with our spending as my wife does not work so she can stay home with our 2 year old son. He's a healthy, happy, energetic farm kid. She does work the farm and she's become quite a gardener and is learning how to can food by leaps and bounds. We are awake, we see what's coming, we just can't "get there" overnight, or even in one or two years. We both have a few guns, we both have CC permits, and we have over 200 acres that we call home. We've pared down our expenses by hanging onto our vehicles for years after paying them off, by buying clothes at thrift shops, by heating with wood, and by using coupons and buying on sale.

    In short: I'm new at this, I have a long way to go, but I know that I don't know it all and I feel that that in itself is a huge advantage that my family has over the Sheeple. I feel that as long as we do something, no matter how small, every day to make us more prepared, we are doing all we can and we just hope the S doesn't HTF for a while so we can be more ready when (not if)it does. I posted in another thread a while ago that we aren't as "serious" about prepping as others, but now we're taking things quite seriously, reading, learning new skills, and above all, LEARNING.

    I just wanted to share the perspective of one new prepper to let you old timers know that we're still here, not offended (or intimidated) by you, still humble, still learning, and are doing everything we can to some day become old timers ourselves.
  16. horseman09

    horseman09 Well-Known Member

    Hey Jason. You're one of us. :)

    I think I'm pretty safe in saying that none of us are totally prepared, but like you, we try as best we can.
  17. UncleJoe

    UncleJoe Well-Known Member

    Yeah, seriously.
    We've only been at this for going on 4 years now and while we are way ahead of the masses, we're way behind in what will probably be necessary. :)
  18. Jason

    Jason I am a little teapot

    Between all of us, we MIGHT be ready. The key is to learn from one another, feed off of each other's energy and enthusiasm, and stay focused, but not wear blinders. This has almost become a hobby for me-seeing what I can do with something I'd normally throw away, seeing how cheaply we can get the week's supplies, etc.

    One of my favorite sayings: Keep your head in the clouds but both feet on the ground.
  19. The_Blob

    The_Blob performing monkey

    I keep trying to tell the family that we should just tell people that we drained the pond, removed ALL of the fish & now it's just a swiimin' hole... I feel kind of dirty thinking that way, but I'm afraid if I didn't start that little rumor we'd be invaded! :eek: :(

    I never ever feel that we're ready, I hope the head start we have is enough to make a difference.
  20. goshengirl

    goshengirl Supporting Member

    Thanks for your excellent point, NaeKid. It's really gotten me to thinking.

    First, my hat is off to any teenagers on the forum! :congrat:

    Second, we are all products of our environment. Whatever our environment is, that's what we perceive as 'normal.' So really, with all the dependency (both overt and subtle), all the short-sightedness, all the 'grasshopper-living' in our culture - with all that it's truly a wonder that ANYONE becomes a prepper. Thank God people do. I know that on this site I am a rookie and have very little to offer - but ironically, to everyone else I know, I am literally a prepping expert. I imagine other rookies on this site share that same strange dichotomy.

    But I don't think any of the established preppers here complain about the rookies on this site. I believe they feel a frustration (to put it nicely) with folks in their life who could prep (and have been exposed to prepping), but are simply too lazy to do so and believe that they will be bailed out. Or they're pissed with those who are condescending about prepping. But as a rookie, I've never felt that their frustration (or sheeple bashing) was directed at me. I wouldn't think that the teenagers on this site would take it personally, either.
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