If money was no object!!

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    How would you build/design your survival home if money was no object???

    I would build an earth sheltered design with ICF(10" concrete) walls and concrete roof.It would be 100% solar powered off-grid.It would have a nice,big food pantry that would hold years worth of food.It would be 100% wood heated,consisting of two airtight wood stoves.It would have plenty of storage for survival supplies.
  2. mosquitomountainman

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    If money was no problem I'd add a little wind power as well. Makes a big difference in the winter when the sun isn't out too long.

  3. Jerry D Young

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    The short list:

    The estate

    Missouri Ozarks
    Perimeter fence/wall/hedgerow w/crash resistant gates
    Perimeter drainage/barrier ditch
    Defensive landscaping w/dedicated tunnel connected LP/OP/fighting positions
    Evergreen tree barrier-strip/wood-lot
    20-year full cycle coppicing wood lot
    Wild wood lot(s) w/usable wild plants
    Wild meadow(s) w/usable wild plants
    Wild marsh/bog w/usable wild plants
    Domestic stock & wild animal grazing areas w/mobile fences
    Purple Martin birdhouse colony on raise/lower poles
    Bat house colony on raise/lower poles
    Natural habitat located beehives
    Heavy duty, multi-fuel, free standing incinerator
    Private cemetery w/building
    Earth bermed fuel tank bunker
    Cistern system
    Built-in house cleaning vacuum system
    Antenna farm
    48v Wind turbine
    48v PV panels on all south facing roofs
    Estate-wide security, fire, & video monitoring system components
    Garden, orchard & greenhouse located beehives
    Fruit tree orchard
    Nut tree orchard
    Berry & ground fruit patch
    Vegetable garden
    Spice & herb garden
    Rock & mineral garden
    Greenhouse w/fish tanks, mushroom cabinet, & outside rabbit hutches w/worm beds
    Irrigation well & pumps
    Garden utility shed
    3 Woodsheds
    Horse stable w/pasture/corral area
    Dog kennel
    Equipment shed w/horse drawn equipment
    Modern Farming equipment building
    General shop building
    Ice house w/ice making equipment & storage
    Curing/smoking/drying shed

    The House:

    Single story w/full concrete basement & useable height attic

    10’ ceilings (including basement)(basement w/5’ earth cover + 36” crawl space)

    Triple pane laminated glass windows w/laminated 1/4” hard steel & ½” plywood security shutters

    Steel entry doors w/laminated ¼” hard steel & ½” plywood security shutters

    12” thick inner wall w/staggered 2x6 joists w/6” Skousen bullet resistant outer wall

    Sound and temperature insulated interior walls

    Sheet copper roof w/300 watt PV panels on south facing roofs

    All roofs have gutters feeding underground cisterns

    Air lock entryways w/security shutters & decontamination equipment

    CBRNE air filter w/heat & humidity intake/exhaust air exchanger

    Armored roof top cupola

    Attic armored gun ports

    Crawlspace armored gun ports

    Airlock Entry porches w/decontamination equipment

    Whole house fire sprinkler system w/exterior roof & wall wash down sprays

    Protected outdoor cooking/canning kitchen

    Swimming pool w/fire pump

    Large pantry

    Laundry/sewing room

    Large Mudroom/decontamination room w/bathroom

    Private study w/comprehensive library


    Outside wood/coal heating units

    Master bedroom suite built as safe room

    Three regular bedrooms w/bath

    Fifth bedroom w/bath set up to handle medical emergencies

    Utilities room w/

    Main water well & pump

    Backup water well & pump

    Water filter/water treatment system

    City water/water pump selector valves

    Water heater solar pre-heater tank

    Water heater

    Public utility/standby AC electrical power alternator transfer switch

    Electrical power circuit breaker panel

    Telephone wiring master panel

    Cable TV/TV antenna master panel

    Built-in vacuum system power unit

    Zoned systems HVAC units

    Workbench & cabinets w/household, plumbing & automotive tools

    Three 48v battery banks w/charger & inverter

    Exterior attached utility equipment shed w/

    Lattice work brick walls w/fine screen lining

    Drained slab/gravel floor

    2 2'-4' turbine roof ventilators

    HVAC system A/C condensers

    HVAC system fresh air intake filters

    Twin Standby AC electrical power alternators

    Attached utility patio w/incinerator & recycle storage bins

    Emergency shelter details

    Underground location w/tunnel to basement, escape tunnel, & outdoor entrance

    Dual camouflaged air intakes & exhausts

    CBRNE air filter

    Heat/Humidity air exchanger

    Power feeds from main house plus independent generator w/external fuel tank

    Communications desk

    Vault for important papers, weapons, PMs

    Bookcase/cabinet w/

    Home emergency preparedness plan book

    Event journal & record keeping book w/pen

    Comprehensive reference book library
    (emergency preparedness, post disaster survival & recovery)

    Activities area/alcove

    Kitchen area/alcove

    eating area w/large table w/chairs (also used for other activities)

    fresh water system

    waste water system

    garbage/trash storage system


    Sleeping area/alcove

    Storage room
  4. AlterCow

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    This is amazingly well thought out. KUDOS!

    I would take the majority of these ideas and place the living spaces in two different locations: one in the backcountry of the San Juans mountain range of the Rockies and one in the Argentine Andes mountain range.
  5. JeepHammer

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    Easy if I had 'Government' bucks...

    The 'Hive' from 'Resident Evil' with it's own nuclear reactor...
    While we are dreaming, how about some clones of Milla Jovovich to 'Help' around the house in french maid costumes!?
  6. Vertigo

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    I like your thinking jeep... Don't forget the red dress :D
  7. allen_idaho

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    I'd probably go seasteading. Build one or more floating facilities capable of housing and feeding a few hundred people if necessary.

    Power would be provided by solar cells, tidal generators, and wind generators, primarily.

    The facility would also produce methane and hydrogen from a biogas digester and salt water electrolysis. Although it works more than 300% better if you use urine.

    The produced gas would be used for cooking, heat, emergency water purification if necessary, and possibly to fuel a small fleet of fishing vessels.

    Fresh water would be provided by a rain water collector and several solar stills. The byproduct would be useful sea salt and clean water without the need of wasting gas or electricity.

    Food would be provided by hydroponics, low level animal production, and fishing.

    Greywater would be filtered and recycled for the hydroponics system and watering of animals.

    And the entire facility would sit about 30 feet above the water on multiple legs.

    If necessary, the facility would be armed with anti-air and anti-ship missiles for defense.
  8. Wyheard

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    nuclear reactor :D Milla would be usefull as entertainment

  9. sailaway

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    I would still keep it simple and have a place people would just ignore. Just a small simple hunting cabin.;)
  10. VUnder

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    I built one for somebody out of ICF's and it was over 5,000 sq ft.
  11. mikesolid

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    You ever see that movie "Blast from the Past".

    Yeah. I'd like the shelter in the movie. Complete with christopher walken.

    Me and my father had another great idea that dealt with a underwater-eventual underground shelter. (We're both divers). But yea. IF only.