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  1. ashley8072

    ashley8072 The only one responsible for yourself, is you!

    Hey all. I'm going to start working on my first Buried Survival Cache, and I'm looking for some ideas on the contents. I know that each BOB is tended to personal needs, but as I'm at work :help:, I can't think of anything but the Basics. I'm planning on stopping at our local Prepper store on the way home, however, they close within minutes of me getting there. So it's gonna be a quick grab of what I don't have. I'd like to get this done today too, while the ground is nice and soft.

    Anyways, the landscape of the cache will be by our 5 acre lake on the property, about half mile from our homes. I will be using a 6gal bucket. The location will be close to some campsites that we already have established there. On the sites already are a standing grill, cut firewood, campfire ring, well w running water (elec. powered) and picnic tables.

    Number of persons to be using it wouldn't be important, as long as it's multi-functional as an add on, or as an only BOB. The purpose would be geared not only survival use, but recreational ease too. Something that we could use there, and then also if SHTF, it would be worth taking. I just feel like there's something missing in what I've got so far. Any ideas?

    My list so far includes:
    1st Aid kit that will include ointments for poison ivy, bug bites, burn cream, and hook removal in skin.
    Tarp (hoping to get a 7x9 to roll up reasonably)
    Retractable fishing pole already spooled w line
    Extra spool of line
    Fishing Kit
    Roll of HD Foil (for cooking the fish over fire)
    10+ pairs latex gloves
    Crank Flashlight/Radio
    Ammo (our most popular rounds would be .40, .22lr and 12ga)
    Few lightsticks
    Fire Making Kit
    Shower Kit w baby wipes
    Pocket Stove (preferably my butane powered one, w large canister of butane)
    Bug Spray
    2-3 Knives (filet and other)
    Towel and washrag (if I can't fit the towel, then just the rags)
    Toilet paper
    $50 in small bills
    Large Trash Bags
    My own Heirloom Seeds, just in case INCH
    100ft paracord

    Food wise. Planning on including a medium cookpot and a large military fork and spoon. Along with some of the dehydrated 1 pot meals that I've made. Throwing in some no-cook eats and treats like pkgd tuna and protein bars.

    Filling in what space is left with bottled water.
  2. CrackbottomLouis

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    Extra socks, boots, underwear, and foot powder. I'd probably make a seperate cache of winter clothes. Over counter meds like ibuprophen and antifungals with maybe some vitamins to round out your diet might be good. Just off the top of the noggin. Good on ya for getting it done. A lot of people think about these things yet they never become a reality.

  3. mojo4

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    I would add in a few bars of handmade soap. Unlike the store brands that don't last some handmade bar soaps last for months of heavy use. Plus it helps with clothes too. Add in a pound of sodium hypochlorite (pool shock). It costs 5 bucks per pound at your local pool supply store and depending on the concentration you can make bleach (super valuable to decontaminate items or people) or just to purify water. 1 pound purifies around 10000 gallons. More people die of disease and uncleanliness than starvation. Keep sanitation high on your priority list!!
  4. 101airborne

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    If the caches are part of your get home plan or a plan to bug out to a safe location items like food ( dehyds or MRE's) water and such would be a good idea. That will help keep your BOB lighter and easier to carry, also maybe some ammo if you have a firearm as part of your BOB stuff. Extra flashlight bulbs and batteries as well. Crack bottom also had some very good suggestions.
  5. ashley8072

    ashley8072 The only one responsible for yourself, is you!

    Socks! Def gonna throw some in there. Those are easy to fit just about anyone, and double for gloves if needed. First aid kit has the over counter stuff in it too (ibuprofen, anti diarrhea, sinus stuff). Multivitamins will be good to add too. I found an old pack able raincoat that I don't use anymore when I go backpacking, I threw that in too.

    The bar soap that I put in is from the organic store. Capable of using it on hair, body and clothes. It's great stuff, and well worth the $1 each. Pool shock is a great add too. We've got loads of it for the pool, and don't need it since we're not opening this year. That will be great space saver!

    We weren't able to get home before dark tonight, so my cache gets an extra day. :) Plus, it was still raining. By the time I got everything vacuumed sealed, I've got plenty room for more stuff.
  6. ashley8072

    ashley8072 The only one responsible for yourself, is you!

    Exactly what I've been working on. ;) Keep our BOBs ultralight and more room for personal gear like clothing, and then some basics for each of us in case we get split up. I try to only purchase multi-use clothing for us all. Like fast dry material, zip off pant legs, reversible jackets for hot rain and cold weather. I did think about battery powered items, but I'm not completely sure about them being underground. Is there a chance that they could pop and leak?
  7. Lake Windsong

    Lake Windsong Well-Known Member

    Duct tape, dental floss, marker, paracord or strong rope. None of these take up alot of space and are multifuntional.
  8. Navajo

    Navajo Well-Known Member

    Well if you have to resort to a buried cache, you are really in deep doo-doo

    So that means you will be either carrying nothing (cause you had to run or escape ) or very little since you didn't grab everything you need and feel a need to unbury your treasure.

    I would bury what I need to start over and live life on the run. And these means you aren't going to carrying alot, so adjust what you bury to what you can carry every day, day in day out for who knows how long.
  9. Jerry D Young

    Jerry D Young Well-Known Member

    Here are some ideas from simple caches to very large ones for a MAG. They were developed in the 80s, so need some up-dating that I don’t have time to do right now. Some of the specific items have changed, but the type of items are pretty much the same now, as then. Not everyone needs every cache or every item in every cache. They are just idea and reminder lists. Take them for what they are worth.

    Simple supply cache

    Environment proof container
    Back pack
    Change of clothes
    Utility knife
    First-aid kit
    Water purification tablets
    Disposable lighter
    Match safe w/matches
    Mini flashlight w/lithium battery

    Travel route cache

    Environment proof containers
    4+ 5-gal cans gasoline
    2+ 5-gal cans water
    24+ MRE's
    1+ sets fluid changes (oil, antifreeze, etc)
    1+ sets replacement parts (belts, hoses, etc)
    1+ sets major parts (alternator, starter, etc)
    2+ mounted spare tires

    Re-supply Cache

    Water bladder for refilling canteens/hydration packs
    MRE’s/Lifeboat rations/pemmican/jerky/gorp
    Drink mixes/condiments
    100 rounds .45ACP
    2 x 140 rounds .308 in 5 round stripper clips in bandoleer
    2 x 210 rounds .223 in 10 round stripper clips in bandoleer
    20 rounds .32ACP
    1000 rounds .22LR

    Financial cache
    1 environment proof container
    1-3+ packets legal tender currency ($100 - $10,000 each)
    1-3+ packets legal tender coins ($20 - $250 each)
    10-1000+ blank barter slips
    10-100+ 0.1 oz gold coins
    1-10+ 1.0 oz gold coins
    2-20+ 50 count rolls silver dimes
    1-10+ 40 count rolls silver quarters
    1-5+ 1.00-1.05 carat/VVS-1 clarity/F color/round brilliant cut diamonds

    Retreat Supply Cache

    4+ environment proof containers
    1+ personal gear bag
    1 sleeping bag
    3+ changes clothes
    3+ changes underwear
    1 ditty bag with personal items

    1 chemical toilet
    1 case with toilet paper & toilet items
    1 water container w/spigot
    3 replacement water containers
    1 case with kitchen items
    3 cases w/rations
    2 gray water wheeled tanks
    2 black water wheeled tanks
    1 case with solar shower and shower items
    1 case lighting products
    1 case folding table and chairs (4)

    Base Camp Cache

    Environment proof containers w/

    Star-plate building sets w/
    star plates
    foundation blocks
    floor panels w/insulation
    side/roof panels w/insulation
    door panel w/door & insulation
    adjacent building interconnect panels
    assembly hardware & tools

    Communications equipment cases w/
    Solar panel w/stand
    Battery bank
    AC battery charger
    1-3 antenna stands w/antennas
    Portable TV
    Portable computer
    Perimeter alarm system
    Cellular phone
    Citizens Band SSB radio
    2-4 NOAA NWS weather radios w/SAME feature
    2-4 emergency frequency monitors
    1-2 Public Service Band scanners
    HF General Coverage receiver
    HF Amateur Band radio
    Amateur radio computer/terminal
    Public Service Band radio/repeater
    Business Band radio/repeater
    VHF Amateur radio/repeater
    Aircraft Band radio
    VHF Marine Band radio
    HF Marine Band radio
    2-6 GMRS/FRS Band handhelds w/chargers
    2-6 Business Band handhelds w/chargers
    2-6 VHF Amateur handhelds w/chargers
    1-2 Air Band handhelds w/chargers
    1-2 VHF Marine Band handhelds w/chargers
    2-6 PS Band scanner handhelds w/chargers
    2-6 rechargeable flashlights w/chargers
    Extra radio & flashlight battery packs
    Extra radio & flashlight battery chargers

    Combat equipment cases w/
    2-6 fully loaded combat harnesses each w/handgun & rifle
    2-6 large fully loaded backpacks each w/machete & shotgun
    1-2 Barrett Light-Fifty Model 85 .50 BMG semi-auto sniper rifles w/
    20x auto-trajectory scope
    Padded sling
    Tripod (opt)
    20 10-round magazines in 4 5-magazine bandoleers
    Aluminum storage case
    1-2 Steyr-Mannlicher SSG P-II .308 bolt-action sniper rifles w/
    Polymer stock
    QD scope mount
    4-12 x 40 variable auto-trajectory scope
    Passive night vision scope/laser sight
    Threaded barrel (opt)
    Screw on suppressor (opt)
    Belt mount polymer scope case
    10 5-round magazines in 2 5-magazine pouches
    10 10-round magazines in 2 5-magazine bandoleers
    Aluminum carry case
    1-6 cases w/extra ammunition

    Camp equipment cases w/
    6-10 person tent (opt)
    Large tarp/awning w/poles, stakes & rope (opt)
    2-6 sleeping bags w/pads
    Fuel bottles/cans
    Insect repellent

    Camp equipment cases w/
    1-3 lanterns
    Fuel bottles/cans
    2-6 folding stools
    Folding table
    Insect repellent

    Hunting/fishing equipment cases w/
    1-2 .22 RF rifles each w/scope, sling & extra ammunition
    1-2 12/20 gauge hunting shotguns each w/sling & Poly-choke
    1-3 Center-fire hunting rifles each w/scope & sling
    Fishing equipment
    Game preparation equipment

    Kitchen cases
    Water purification tablets
    Water purifier
    Fuel bottles/cans
    2 dishpans
    Hand washing & dishwashing equipment
    2 1-gal water bottles w/pumps
    Condiments & basics
    Coffee/tea/bullion/hot choc mix

    Rations cases
    5-gal water containers w/spigots

    Equipment cases w/
    Chemical toilet
    Privacy screen
    Toilet paper
    Toilet chemical
    Folding shovel
    1-3 waste containers
    1-3 water refill containers
    Hand washing equipment

    Equipment cases w/
    1-2 3-gal Sun-shower bags
    Privacy screen
    Small folding stand
    2 1-gal water bottles w/pumps
    Small dishpan
    Wash cloths & towels
    Basic toiletries

    Equipment cases w/
    Fuel bottles/cans
    Toilet paper
    Toilet chemical
    Insect repellent

    Equipment cases w/extra food consumables
    Coffee/tea/bullion/hot choc mix

    Equipment case w/
    Chain saw
    Fuel can
    Oil cans
    Spare parts

    Equipment cases w/
    AC alternator
    Power cords
    Fuel cans
    Maintenance items

    Large tool cases w/tools
    5-gal cans fuel

    Gravity flow fresh water piping system (opt) w/
    Intake filter/screen
    Storage bladder
    Solar heater storage bladder
    Receiving Basin w/
    Drain connection
    Pipe lengths

    Gravity flow waste water piping system (opt) w/
    Pipe supports/levelers
    Pipe lengths

    Water well installation/piping system (opt) w/
    Lift bucket w/
    Gravity flow piping fill basin (opt)
    Solar pump w/solar panel (opt)
    Windmill pump (opt)

    Field construction gear:
    plumb bob
    guideline string
    chalk stick
    wax stick
    lumber measure
    2 axe
    2 shovel
    2 machete
    2 pick-mattock
    2 post hole diggers
    felling saw
    crosscut saw
    rip saw
    planking saw
    finishing saw
    sledge hammer
    rock drills
    2 block & tackle
    chain hoist
    heavy mallet
    broadax (to square logs for cabin building) (12" log gave 8" timber)
    hewind dog (to hold logs in position while squaring
    light mallet
    wood rasps
    wood chisels
    brace drill & wood boring bits
    draw knife
    carving knifes
    sanding stone
    metal file
    honing stone
    saw setting & sharpening tools
    2 snow saw
    2 snow knife
    4 snow block molds
    2 snow shovel
    plastic sheeting
    gorilla tape
    assortment of fasteners (nails, screws, bolts & nuts, etc)
    mechanic’s tools (basic set of tools)

    Gardening tools:
    2 shovels
    2 garden rakes
    2 garden hoes
    6 #10 cans LTS non-hybrid seeds

    Food Preservation Cache

    4 Pressure Canner Cases
    41½-quart All American aluminum canner
    spare parts kit (2 gauges, 2 weights, vent, 2 complete clamps, 10 overpressure plugs)
    canning tools
    lid wrench
    jar lifter
    canning funnel
    lid wand
    4 jar racks
    lid sterilizer rack
    12 soft cotton dish cloths

    100 12-count case 1-quart regular mouth Ball canning jars
    10 cases of 24 boxes 12-count regular mouth rings with lids
    10 cases of 60 boxes 12-count regular mouth lids
    5,000 Tattler reusable jar lids
    10,000 Tattler reusable seal rings

    canning salt
    pickling mixes
    sweet pickle mix
    dill pickle mix
    bread & butter pickle mix
    breakfast sausage seasoning
    summer sausage seasoning
    sausage cases
    fermenting mix

    All American Canner Senior Electric #9000 can sealer for #10, #12, & #3 cans
    Conversion parts for #2½ cans
    Set of replacement parts

    All American Canner #7502 can sealer for #10, #12, & #3 cans
    Conversion parts for #2½ cans
    Set of replacement parts

    Empty #10 cans w/lids
    Empty #12 cans w/lids
    Empty #3 cans w/lids
    Empty #2½ cans w/lids
    Empty #2 cans w/lids

    Mylar impulse 24” sealer
    6-gallon 5-mill Mylar bags 20x30
    6-gallon 5-mill Mylar bags 26x36
    6-gallon buckets
    500cc oxy absorber
    100cc oxy absorber
    300cc oxy absorber
    2000cc oxy absorber

    Excaliber 148sqft commercial dehydrator
    Dehydrator accessories

    Pro Smoker 200# electric smoker
    Smoker accessories
    Smoker wood chips

    Cabela’s CG-15 15” vacuum sealer
    20’x8” bulk bag material
    20’x11.5” bulk bag material
    20’x15” bulk bag material

    jerky maker
    meat slicer
    meat grinder
    meat mixer
    meat tenderizer
    meat saw
    sausage stuffer
    pickling crocks
    fermenting crocks

    Fuel/automotive trade goods cache

    500+ blank barter slips

    4+ 55-gallon drums gasoline w/hand pump
    2+ 55-gallon drums diesel fuel w/hand pump
    2+ 55-gallon drums kerosene w/hand pump
    1+ 55-gallon drum Pri-G w/hand pump
    1+ 55-gallon drum Pri-D w/hand pump
    20+ 1-gallon cans Coleman fuel (Napthalene)(Good Zippo fuel, too)
    100+ 1-lb propane cylinders

    20+ 5-gallon fuel cans
    20+ 2.5-gallon fuel cans
    50+ 1-gallon screw top metal cans
    50+ 1-quart screw top metal cans
    50+ 1-pint screw top metal cans

    10+ 1-liter bottles of battery acid

    10+ gallon jugs windshield washer fluid
    10+ gallon jugs anti-freeze
    10+ cases 1-quart 10w30 motor oil
    10+ pints brake fluid
    10+ quarts transmission fluid
    10+ quarts power steering fluid
    2+ cans wheel bearing grease

    20+ fuse kits

    Re-equip Cache

    combat harness/vest w/
    2 canteen covers each w/
    GI stainless steel canteen
    GI stainless steel canteen cup
    Bottle of Potable Aqua water purification tablets
    3 to 10 magazine pouches each w/1 to 5 loaded rifle magazines
    Bianchi UM-4 hand gun holster w/semi-auto handgun
    1 to 3 bandoleers w/rifle ammunition in stripper clips
    cleaning gear pouch w/field cleaning gear
    bipod pouch w/rifle bipod
    radio pouch/pack w/radio
    electronics pouch w/GPS
    map case
    entrenching tool cover w/Cold Steel Special Forces e-tool
    machete scabbard w/Cold Steel 24” machete
    bayonet scabbard w/bayonet
    field knife scabbard w/Glock Model 81
    combat knife scabbard w/Cold Steel ODA
    first-aid kit pouch w/individual first aid kit
    compass pouch w/Brunton Pocket Transit
    shoulder/musette/dump bag
    butt pack
    small back pack (Kifaru Marauder)(see 72 hour listing)
    large back pack (Kifaru EMR, Lowe Loco Pack Mark II)(see separate listing)

    semi-auto rifle w/ (HK-91/M1A/M1 Garand/Steyr AUG/AR-15)
    folding/collapsible/bullpup stock
    scope/NVD/laser sight/flashlight (opt)
    7-10 loaded magazines or clips (70-500 rounds)
    1-3 bandoleers of ammo in magazines, clips or stripper clips (70-250 rounds each)
    magazine loader
    semi-auto pistol w/ (Glock 21/ParaOrdinance P14/Colt 1911A1)
    3-7 loaded magazines (15-140 rounds)
    combat knife
    cleaning kit
    spare parts/repair kit (tools, springs, firing pins, etc)

    large back pack (Kifaru EMR)

    externally loaded w/
    nylon machete sheath w/
    24" Cold Steel machete
    8" bastard cut mill file
    nylon shotgun scabbard w/
    Remington 11-87 shotgun w/
    6-round sidesaddle
    nylon butt stock shell holder
    Camelback 3L bladder & cover
    nylon 2-quart canteen pouch w/
    2-quart plastic canteen
    bottle of Potable Aqua water purification tablets
    nylon pouch w/Cold Steel Special Forces entrenching tool
    nylon pouch w/Cold Steel Rifleman’s Tomahawk
    nylon pouch w/extended first-aid/trauma kit (see separate listing)
    nylon pouch (or pocket) w/Gore-Tex rain suit
    map case w/
    Brunton 1SJET map compass
    parallel rule
    compass protractor
    water proof stuff bag w/
    Quallofill sleeping bag
    Therma-rest self-inflating mattress
    cotton sleeping bag liner
    stuff bag w/
    Gore-Tex sleeping bag cover
    gear bag w/
    Eureka Trooper nylon tent w/
    two doors each w/snow snorkel
    shock corded aluminum poles
    gear bag w/
    rappelling harness
    gear pouches w/
    figure-8/gated rappelling rack
    slide pulley
    rock/ice hammer
    leather rope gloves
    rope abrasion sleeve

    internally loaded w/
    ditty bag w/Katadyn water purifier
    ditty bag w/
    zip-lock bags
    surgical tubing
    sheet of plastic film
    ditty bag w/
    packets of salt
    tea/coffee/hot chocolate/bouillon/cider
    match safe w/lifeboat matches
    disposable lighter
    Blast Match
    ditty bag w/
    2-8 zip-lock bags each w/one pound of gorp
    2-8 zip-lock bags each w/ ½ pound of jerky
    6-12 pemmican bars
    2-6 ditty bags each w/2-5 MRE's
    ditty bag w/
    can opener
    packet of foil
    fire grill
    match safe w/lifeboat matches
    disposable lighter
    magnesium fire starter
    Blast Match
    packet of tinder
    ditty bag w/
    MSR X-GK multi-fuel stove
    MSR cook kit
    stove maintenance kit
    disposable lighter
    match safe w/lifeboat matches
    ditty bag w/
    Brunton Glorp LED lantern
    4 spare NiMh rechargeable batteries
    ditty bag w/
    Candle Light lantern
    disposable lighter
    match safe w/lifeboat matches
    ditty bag w/
    extra stove fuel bottles (Sigg/MSR/Brunton)
    extra Candle Light lantern candles
    ditty bag w/
    foot powder
    moist towelettes
    folding basin
    shaving soap/cream
    shaving brush
    tooth powder/paste
    dental floss
    hair brush
    toilet paper packet
    feminine napkins/tampons
    dish detergent
    garbage bags
    whisk broom & dustpan
    playing cards
    letter writing material

    Retreat Supply Cache

    4+ environment proof containers
    1+ personal gear bag
    1 sleeping bag
    3+ changes clothes
    3+ changes underwear
    1 ditty bag with personal items

    1 chemical toilet
    1 case with toilet paper & toilet items
    1 water container w/spigot
    3 replacement water containers
    1 case with kitchen items
    3 cases w/rations
    2 gray water wheeled tanks
    2 black water wheeled tanks
    1 case with solar shower and shower items
    1 case lighting products
    1 case folding table and chairs (4)

    Bulk trade goods cache

    Diamant #525 grain grinder to grind grains for customer
    spare Diamant grinding plates

    Katadyn Expedition water filter to make clean water for customer
    spare Katadyn Expedition water filter element
    weighing scale to measure out items
    set various scoops, funnels, etc. for measuring & transferring goods
    5/6/7-gallon dispensing containers (to hold filtered water)

    blank barter slips

    5/6/7 gallon buckets w/lids for water (deposit)
    1-gallon zip-lock bags/cloth bags (deposit)
    1-quart zip-lock bags/cloth bags (deposit)
    medium paper sacks/cloth bags (deposit)
    small paper sacks/cloth bags (deposit)
    pint cans w/screw lids (deposit)
    small envelopes/zip-lock bags for spices/meds/etc

    20# propane cylinder for refilling from large home tank
    1-lb propane cylinders
    10-lb bags charcoal briquettes
    5-gallon buckets of pool shock (to make bleach)

    Cases of
    #2½ cans baking powder
    #2½ cans baking soda
    #2½ cans corn starch
    #2½ cans or vacuum packed spices (cream of tartar, Allspice, season salt, pepper, mild chili powder, cinnamon, ginger, Italian seasoning, lemon pepper, nutmeg, spaghetti sauce spice, taco mix, parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme, clove, BBQ mix, basil, cumin, oregano, Paprika, anise, cayenne, garlic, curry mix, mustard, celery seed, turmeric, chives, tobasco, caraway seed, cardamom, dill, fennel, tarragon, coriander, Worcestershire sauce, spearmint, peppermint, savory, mace)
    2 ounce bottles of extracts (Vanilla, mint, peppermint, butterscotch, maple, almond, anise)
    1-lb packages yeast

    Buckets of
    pinto beans
    great northern beans
    olive oil
    coconut oil
    shortening powder
    iodized salt
    kosher salt
    powdered milk
    vegetable stew mix
    dried eggs
    nutty granola
    butter powder
    cheese blend
    tomato powder
    spaghetti noodles
    rolled oats
    peanut butter powder
    beef bouillon
    chicken bouillon
    beef TVP
    chicken TVP
    ham TVP
    hard candy

    rolls of toilet paper
    bundles of red shop rags as reusable TP substitute

    100# bags fertilizer

    100# bags non-iodized canning salt

    Large containers of simple homemade cleaner ingredients (Baking soda, Vinegar, rubbing alcohol, washing soda, Borax, mild dish detergent [castile soap], cream of tartar, hydrogen peroxide, Lemon juice, sodium percarbonate, salt, corn starch, olive oil)

    Just my opinion.
  10. CrackbottomLouis

    CrackbottomLouis Winston Smith Sent Me

    Wow Jerry. Comprehensive list. I'd be in underground bunker territory if I had all that to bury. One day, he says with a whistful sigh, one day :)
  11. helicopter5472

    helicopter5472 Well-Known Member

    Whoo, If you include max. amounts of currency/diamonds were talking more than my home and property, cars/trucks.... :)
    Good thing I have 80% of that stuff.... :cool:
  12. LincTex

    LincTex Jack of all trades?

    Latex gloves will store for a couple of years.... by then it would be a good idea to dig it up anyway and have a good look at the contents!! :D

    Calcium Hypochlorite (pool shock) MUST be stored in some sort of incredible container. It free gases chlorine when any humidity at all gets near it. I have seen the destruction that can occur to various materials stored in the same vicinity, so make sure this stuff is stored with incredible precautions.
  13. ashley8072

    ashley8072 The only one responsible for yourself, is you!

    I wonder if I've got enough ink to print Jerry's compile? :) I did realize something though. If I needed to use the cache as part of a "spider hole" situation, I'd want some Boom Booms. As we had much leftover from being rained out during our Independence Day, I put in a few boxes of different things. I threw in a jar of peanut butter too. ;) I did add duct tape. I can't believe I forgot that too! That's almost a BSA motto. Never forget the tape. :p

    We buried it this morning. However, my DH says that we should put one by his parents' house now. lol! They live about 10mi away.
  14. weedygarden

    weedygarden Well-Known Member

    What size bunker would that need?

    Jerry D. Young, that is an awesome, comprehensive list.

    I am wondering if you have all of that, or are close, because I wonder what size cellar or bunker a person would need to contain that?

    Maybe a couple, or a few cellars would be good to keep things more secure?
  15. 101airborne

    101airborne Well-Known Member

    I don't think that you have to worry about the batteries popping and leaking. I could happen but if you use cache tubes like I do and bury them upright and put the batteries toward the bottom (in a Ziploc bag) then they should maintain a pretty constant cool temperature and be fine.

    About the basics you mentioned. Good idea, something else I didn't see anyone mention is a compass and maps. I have printed out road maps in each cache as well as topo maps. IMHO it's a good idea that EVERYONE including kids old enough to learn be taught how to navigate with map and compass. That way if something happens and route A is unavailable you have maps for routes B,C, and D to get you where your going. Plus hopefully caches along those routes to just in case.
  16. Jerry D Young

    Jerry D Young Well-Known Member

    Gotta remember that these lists were done in the mid 80s and had very little updating since then. Silver was under $5.00 an ounce, and gold under $300 an ounce, with the same diamond that is now $20,000 or more, only $5,000 back then.

    I really do need to update them for current times.

    Just my opinion.
  17. LincTex

    LincTex Jack of all trades?

    Unless they are RAYOVAC :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
  18. 101airborne

    101airborne Well-Known Member

    LOL I think those'll pop laying on the table if your even looking at them.
  19. Magus

    Magus Scavenger deluxe

    One blew up in my answering machine last was ten minutes out of the package.
    rayovac sucks.
  20. crabapple

    crabapple I sold my soul to the internet

    My home, with my BOB & BOV are 18 miles from my BOL.
    Let see if I got this right:
    BOB- bug out bag
    BOV- bug out vehicle
    BOL-bug out land/ second home where you hope to make your stand.
    My BOB/BOV are 18 miles from my BOL.
    Where would I have my "travel route cache"
    Where would I have my "resupply cache"
    I have no planned to need a "retreat cache"
    I am leaving the city, to move out into the woodland/farmland.
    I may have to take another route, but retreat is not in the plans.
    How do I keep the caches safe until I need them if I do not own the land they are buried on?
    The plan is to move alone the back roads to the route to the BOL.
    There are 3 routes out of town, to the North to the BOL.
    1)Interstate, 2) two lane pave road A 3)two lane pave road B