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  1. lotsoflead

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    this morning, I've been feeding my bees and needed to replace some sugar that we have in the preps although no one living here uses sugar.Anyway I bought a hundred pounds at Sams for 55.52.
    I stopped at a Walmarts before leaving the big city for the country(Pop about 24,000) I walked down the sugar isle and their sugar was 47.52 for one hundred pounds and I didn't even need a card to shop there, this is my last yr of taking a Sams card from thr kids even as a gift.
  2. Clarice

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    I use to have a Sam's card and gave it up for the same reason. You might want to go get another 100# at WalMart. Read yesterday where wm is dropping their roll back price promo and will be raising their grocery prices by 20%.

  3. The_Blob

    The_Blob performing monkey

    well if they do that in my area, they will definitely lose business, many of the groceries are competing just fine with them...
  4. Elinor0987

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    They've raised their prices higher than that on some of their products. Since I came to this forum I've been trying to stock up on food and now I'm glad that I did. Their cans of Folgers coffee used to be about $6.40 and I bought 8 of them. Now the price has increased to $7.20. They had a sale a while back on boxes of macaroni and cheese, 5 for $2.50. I bought 11 of the 5 box packs and now the price of the same packs is $3.66. I've been buying other things in bulk as well over the spring and summer and have noticed that in only a few months the cost of food is accelerating.
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  5. TechAdmin

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    Sams seems to have a some items available that Walmart doesn't carry. I would just call and ask prices before I headed out.
  6. mmszbi

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    My wife and I just buy the store brand (Kroger) sugar in the 4lb bags, just buy large quantities. We do a lot of canning of jams and jellies so we use it up. Much better price buying the smaller bags than at Sam's club. You have to do your homework with Sam's club, they do NOT have the best prices on larger bulk items. Your pocketbook will appreciate the time you spend camparing.
  7. SurviveNthrive

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    Compared to Albertsons and Safeway, Walmart is a Godsend.

    When our Walmart becomes a Super Walmart, it's going to be like getting a big pay raise for us.

    This morning I'm going to go purchase a multi tool, Mini Maglite and some other items for a missionary going to Africa. I checked out Target, but today I'm going to Walmart and figure I'll average lower overall.
  8. Herbalpagan

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    The Sunday paper is a cheap investment and the internet is on...use it to research local prices. Not only will you get the cost of the paper in coupons, you will know when you have a good deal or not.
  9. SurviveNthrive

    SurviveNthrive a dude

    Unfortunately, in our area:

    Our local paper's coupons are generally for items that aren't needed anyway or are for name brand items when there are much cheaper alternatives.
  10. mdprepper

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    I keep a list of the grocery stores in my area and what day they change their ads next to the computer. When I write my grocery list I check out who has what I need on sale and plan my shopping that way.

    Sam's does have good prices on some things. I buy the 25# bag of flour for $6.93. At the grocery store it is $1.99 for 5lbs on sale.

    I was going to say that I buy the 10# bag of sugar for $4.75, but I checked the price and it is up to $5.98! It jumped $1.23 in two weeks!! YIKES!
  11. sailaway

    sailaway Well-Known Member

    I'm a Mfg. Rep. and wont do wm, Kroger in my town has 4.6oz of Crest TP 10 for $10.00, time to stock up. Stores in my area compete well against wm, it's just the sheeple who are conditioned to go there.
  12. *Andi

    *Andi Supporting Member

    I just can't 'pay' someone to shop in their store. (It is not in my nature)... So when it comes to Sams and the others ... I'll pass.
  13. lotsoflead

    lotsoflead Well-Known Member

    paying to shop there is not the only catch, you bring your own boxes or bags, you ring yourself out and most of their things are no bargin
  14. mdprepper

    mdprepper I sold my soul to The_Blob. He had candy...

    My membership was a birthday gift. I have not decided whether or not to continue it. The flour is my biggest savings there, OJ and butter are reasonable there also (at least in my area). I do compare all of my prices before I shop.

    Honestly I usually get the best deals at Aldi's or grocery store loss leaders (meats).
  15. nj_m715

    nj_m715 www.veggear.blogspot.com

    You have shop carefully. I did a 15 wk trial at Sam's this summer. They have 50# bags of rice for $14, cheap TP, pasta was $4 for 6lbs and several other items that local stores couldn't beat, but the dog food was about 10% more than walmart. I grabbed some golf cart batteries for back up power too.
    The cheapest price I could find for rice at a local market more than double Sam's price. I "made back" my membership fee in one trip, but I spent enough there in 15 weeks that I don't need to go back for a long time.
  16. trebmaster

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    "save alot" grocery is the best price i can find. I cant even grow and can tomatos,corn, beans for the price i get them there.
  17. Emerald

    Emerald Well-Known Member

    Sure you're not confusing Sams with some other store? I have never ever, not once got to 'ring myself out" they don't even have self serve lanes here in Michigan.:confused:
    As for sugar- just watch out for what you are buying- right now beet sugar is made from GMO beets and I won't eat it. I bought cane sugar at Sam's for $14/25lbs just this summer but now it is up to $15.39/25lbs.
    All of our local stores have sugar much higher than that at .$3.79 for 5 lbs (save a lot has it $2.50 for only 4 lbs you gotta read them labels closely no days still no bargain there.). The only way it might be cheaper is if a big store puts it out as a loss leader.
    The big bags of flour went up a buck each also.
    Bread flour $7.60/25lbs
    All purpose $7.30/25lbs
    Even at the restaurant supply store I can't get flour that cheaply- and it is a pretty good flour as I make my own bread and am a bit picky about flours. The bread flour is around $3 for 5lbs in almost all the stores around here-I would end up paying over$7 more for my flour. I go thru almost 100lbs to 125lbs of bread flour a year, and about 50lbs of AP flour. so I save quite a bit of cash for other things. (it saves me about $44 a year and if you decduct the $25 fee it still saves me $19)
    But at sam's I can get tons of other things mega cheap compared to the other grocery stores.
    My olive oil(the good kind EVOO) was 1/2 what it was in the grocery store for the same amount. I bought 2 liters for $10.99 and right across the street it was $20.99.
    The 6lb bag of pasta was up by about .50¢ also, but still better than store prices.
    Plus you are not going to find herbs and spices at the same prices that Sam's has- even Gordens food service can't compare. I got 5.5 oz of basil (mine molded in the drying this year) for $2.33 and in the regular stores you get maybe 1 oz for $3. Same with the oregano- even tho I grow and dry my own it is just not as strong as the store bought kind-so I mainly use my fresh stuff in the summer. 5 oz for about $2.60.
    We even bought milk there as none of the local stores had theirs on sale this week. $2.30 gallon whole milk(no growth hormones either)
    You just have to know your prices and shop around- and I really don't need any more of those plastic grocery bags hanging out. so I don't mind no bags or I will sometimes actually use the reusable bags for the purpose they were made for.
    And Yes I know-- I watch every penny and keep an eye on the prices!But we only go to Sam's every other month and usually because we are going to be in town anyway, so am not making special trips there.
    and I do shop at two maybe three stores a week to get the bargains, but my local grocery stores are right across the street from one another and the save a lot is on the way home from me. I can stretch $100 bucks like a fat gal's girdle!:lolsmash:
  18. gypsysue

    gypsysue The wanderer

    We don't have Sam's here, but we do have Costco. They put in a few self-check lanes last year, and that's been great because it's faster. Seems the store is always packed.

    Some things, such as white flour, are cheaper there, by far. Other things, like sugar, are cheaper are Wally. Right now it's $11.50 for 25 lbs. of white sugar there. I'll have to take a look at the bags next time I'm there and see if it's beet sugar or cane sugar. Appreciate the heads-up on that, Emerald.

    My husband and I used to buy a card every-other year and then stock up before it expired. This year a neigbor lady offered to go in half on the card if she could be on it too. I didn't think that would work, because their rules clearly say "one other household member may have a free card". My card was due to expire last month, so this lady and I went to Costco and we walked up to the desk where you renew or buy cards. I said "I'd like to renew my card, and I want to change my family member". To my surprise, they never batted an eye. She just removed my husband's name, asked for my friend's driver's license, put in the info, took her picture, handed her the card, took our money, and that was it. So I got a half-price membership? I'm still amazed over it.
  19. The_Blob

    The_Blob performing monkey

    I just got a 'free' 90 day membership at BJ's... I have never been, but I assume it is very similar to Sam's/CostCo

    any input? :confused:
  20. horseman09

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    We avoid buying off-brand food from the discount grocery stores if we have a choice. I'd rather pay 10 to 20 % more for stuff grown in US than consume God-knows-what from Mexico, Indonesia, China or some other 3rd world $hithole that uses pesticides and other chemicals that we can't even legally possess here in America, much less spray it on our veggies -- then eat it.:eek: