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I Went Over My BO Tool Bag This AM

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I had to move some stuff around in my work/BO truck this morning and while I did it I did a quick inventory. I have 2 old surplus duffle bags that hold my emergency/bad weather tools seperate from my work tools in the truck and after looking through them today I feel like something is missing but I can't pin it down as to what.

Here's what I have in the 2 bags..........

Shovel (2)

Sledge Hammer

Bolt Cutters

Strong Magnet: helps to pick up dropped metal objects, especially helpful in tall grass, forest, & in the dark.

Long-handled Axe


Work Gloves (2 Pair)


Small diameter hose - For siphoning gas

Small Chainsaw


K-Bar Knife

Now let me add I have lots of hand tools for work as well as 2 mounted power inverters and a small air compressor unit a small floor jack and multi lug wrench and spare 5 gal gas can but it seems like I'm overlooking something but I don't know what??????????
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You didn't mention lights. A "stand alone" DC work light can be of help.

A chainsaw file or a flat file to sharpen your other tools?

How about waterless hand cleaner?

A ground sheet to lay on for repairs?

Shop rags?

Safety glasses?

Hi-vis safety vest?

Road flares and/or hi-vis "triangles"?
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