i was offered a job in hawaii and i got a question about moveing some things

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    ok here is my set of question about moveing a bunch of survival supplies to the hawaii

    1-how do you list the supplies in the conex for when i was asked by the shipping company who are moveing the conex there what a complete list of everything inside the conex

    2-and here some of the problems i have for i have weapons spare parts for each of the rifle and pistol along with reloading supplies and bulk ammo in ammo cans in rifle pistol and air rifle along with long term food item and other supplies in the diff sections need that i put togerther over the years for a long term survival after the event.. plus some basic household items from the tank home along with a small car for personal use around the inland ..

    3-also i can pull up the home from the ground and also ship it to the hawaii through the same company that shiped the conex .

    so how much info do i need to list on the shipping manifest to keep it legal but no so much that they go and snope around the inside the conex unit..

    so any ideas ..i been offered a job in hawaii and i been wondering about the whole fact that getting my long term supplies to the small lot i will be buying for there is no way i am going to be stuck some place that i can have a whole of diff type of supplies to help me make through the a bad time on a inland ..
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    better ck and see if customs has anything to do with the shipping out of here and into Hawaii, if everything is not listed and they decide to inspect your conex and find anything to throw up a red flag, you may never get you stuff.also better ck if everything you're taking into Hawaii is legal there.

  3. NaeKid

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    I would just list the stuff as "canned food" for your LTS goods and for weapons and weapon-parts just call it all "misc metal projects". List things like your BugOutBag as "camping gear". Get creative in the naming that will allow you to remember what it all is when you get to your new home without giving away too much information.

    Good luck on the move, eh?
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    We have done alot of research on moving to Hawaii. One thing that really stuck me was that 40% of the people move back to the mainland after the first year. Most of use here are pretty good at planning as I am sure you are. You might consider stashing your stuff with a trusted friend at first in case the job doesn't work out or something.

    We will be visiting again soon and looking at housing and such ourselves. Another thing I heard was to spend some time in the neighborhood you are looking at in the evening. Barking dog's, tweekers, noisy neighbors and such become more apparent.

    Congrats on moving to paradise hope it all works out for you.
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    I spent a lot of time in Hawaii.
    Great place to vacation but I couldn't live there.
    After about 6 months island fever sets in and you just want something different.
    If you were single had lots of money you could chase the tourist girls.
    A lot of them seem to forget their morals when they pack. ;)
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    iam single and not married plus all my childern are grow and gone out of the house .. the job is work for a resort there and it a four year contract with the really nice chunk of change to move there .. part of the job perks is a free food from there own dineing room set up for you to eat in along with a small studio set up at the resort off site liveing quaters for the socalled staff
  7. nj_m715

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    Just send anything you can't take to me, I'll use it for you:D

    I hear that prices for everything are pretty high there, because it all needs to be shipping in.

    I don't think customs would be involved. You're not leaving or reentering the country.

    I think you could get the best answers from the company is going to be moving your stuff. Anything else would just be speculation. You should be able to call them and ask hypothetical questions without identifying yourself. I would guess that as long a weapon was legal in the state that they should ship it for you.

    I'd be careful on the creative naming. The camping thing should be just fine, but I'd hate to have to explain for 5,000 rounds of "metal projects" caught fire and exploded on the dock. Or more likely could be lost, stolen or damaged and you're turning you "project" into a $1500 scoped out remmington.