I like cheese not wood.

Discussion in 'Nutrition' started by readytogo, Apr 5, 2017.

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    I'm not too upset about a little cellulose. When I'm cooking out in the woods, sometimes I accidentally eat a little sand or dirt. No big deal.

    HFCS? Hate it!

    I suppose this is a little bit like that. Anyway, another reason I find myself cooking at home, from scratch, more and more.

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    Us too which makes us less popular with the restaurant goers. If it saves them a buck they don't give a heck what they feed us.
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    I wouldn't be uspet about the cellulose if that's what I am buying. Stuff like this is why I cant buy my daughter food at the store.
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    That's why I don't buy grated cheese. I only buy parmigiano reggiano in a block and grate it myself.
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    Thanks for the idea.
    Another idea I'll adopt.
    Wonder how long block cheese will "keep" if well wrapped & in fridge?

    I guess I could buy a goat and make cheese.
    (prepping don'cha'know.) :D

    Wonder how long a goat lasts?
    Goat meat = pepperoni, otherwise not so good.

    When I was a kid back in the day before electricity was invented we had a goat.
    It HURT! That sucker would head butt a tank without fear.

    Roosters hurt also. Spurs.

    I killed and roasted that thing!!!!
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    Really they DO NOT care what they feed us. Shop wisely.

    Hey when I was a copper I AVOIDED most chain eateries.
    They pay very little money and hire anyone willing to work for almost
    No background checks either so they will hire those with police records.
    They SPIT in cops food.
    How do I know?
    Waitresses would warn us so I only ate a private owned small places
    where they LIKED cops.
    Fast food places were o.k. as the burgers and fries are mostly already
    cooked and ready to go.

    I avoided places that gave cops discounts on food or free meals.
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    Number one here is always read the label, check with FDA for food recalls ,just be inform and if all possible cook more at home. On cheese ,cheese is a living thing it needs to breathe so never used plastic to wrap it ,cheese paper is the best and never buy to much of it and if you do eat more of it and keep shaving it or you may try cheese wax but I just used paper or cheese bags .Here is some info.
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    You get out of goats what you put in to them. Ignore them and yes you will get butted. Spend some time with them and they can be very loving and friendly.
    We have goats and will not have one that is dangerous. As for Buck goats, if you make sure that they know you are the boss when they challenge you they pretty much leave you alone. I will have a spray bottle and spray them when they get pushy. They don't like getting wet and usually back right off.
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    I had a goat named Nita when I was 10 yr.s old and lived on 100 acres in Stone Mountain Ga.. She followed me everywhere even chased the car if I as in it. Our neighbors stole her and Bar B Qued her. Mama saw what was left of her hide and told me not to go look. She told them if she ever caught them on her property they would be shot. She could shoot the head off a moving rattler at 5 yards.

    Had donks too, we got from Sears and Robuck Catalog in the 50s you could get anything out of catalogs. Mexican Burros they were called. we picked them up at train station downtown Atlanta. That was the life!!!:cool:
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    I vacuum seal blocks of parmigiana and they keep for a long time in a cool place. I usually keep them in the fridge. After a while, they may grow white mold on the outside, but I just scrape that off. It's harmless and the cheese underneath is fine. Remember that cheese gets stronger/sharper when it is stored. The cheddars that I store are removed from their plastic covers and dipped in cheese wax. Again, they keep great when you can put them in a cool place. I don't try to store soft cheeses like mozzarella- that is too easy to make (as long as you have milk!)