I just invented a new weapon for 0.50 cents.

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    I just invented a new weapon for 0.50 cents.

    My new weapon can be also used as an larm system.....as a weapon, to kill or wound, can be set off from any distance and all that you have to do is to keep on pulling the string so that no evidence will be found but for a 4" piece of pipe.

    A while back someone posted a link at TB2000 for this item, it is use as an alert system that I converted into a weapon, the item #GA0210 and is called "Pulling Firework" from China and 12 of them in a 1/4" X 1"X 1 1/2" yellow box....... the item itself looks like a blue match stick with a 5" string at both ends.

    WHAT TO DO:.....get yourself a shoot gun shell and take everything out, without damagin the shell.....veryyyyyy carefull take out the primer.....because the primer hole is larger than the matchstick BANG you will have to find a tiny washer that you can run ONE of the string thrue it but not the matchstic itself.......you then, from the inside, run the string thrue the primer hole (the whasher will have to fit inside of the shell) you can cut off the string at the other end.......you then refill it with the powder and whatever you took out........as a BIG alert system plug it with anything and as a weapon with whatever it came in with.

    Find a 4" pipe for the shell and also a pipe end, drill a small hole at the pipe end for the string........set the pipe against something solid where the force will be forward..........as a booby trap tie the string to something and as a weapon do the same but run a longgggggggggggg string where you can see your target walking infront of it and you can then pull the string and set it off...........

    I already made both versions and it works.......so, you don't need a "FIRE ARM".......place them around your home in both version and specially as a weapon in blind spots ........not bad for only about 0.50 cents

    Ask if you need any help in making it.
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    A nice thing to enter into the memory bank, but other than an outright armegeddon scenario, killing or injuring someone via booby trap is an automatic go-to-jail card and a guaranteed lose-everything-you-own civil suit.

    But, thanks for the info.:)