I have 6 cases of #10 cans of Mountian House and Nitro-Pak

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    Freeze dried food that was given to me and I am looking for a place to sell it. I want to sell all of it about half price($450) plus shipping. Here are the items I have to sell.

    Mountain House
    6 cans of Garden Peas ($20. 79 ea; $124.74 total)
    6 cans of Pilot Crackers ($17.49 ea; $104.94 total)
    7 cans of Instant White Rice ($17.79 ea; $124.53 total)
    1 can of Chicken Stew (chunks of chicken and veggies in a thick cream sauce) ($34.99)
    1 can of Lasagna with Meat and Sauce with herbs, spices and three kinds of cheese ($32.81)
    1 can of Blueberry Cheesecake (creamy cheesecake, real blueberry sauce, graham cracker crust) ($22.98)

    Retail Total: $444.99

    3 cans of Creamy Applesauce ($38.95ea; $116. 85 total)
    6 cans Six-Grain Rolled Cereal (red wheat, rye, oats, barley, sunflower seeds, white wheat) ($10.95 ea; $65.70 total)
    1 can Orange Drink ($27.50)
    1 can Peach Drink ($27.50)
    1 can Apple Drink ($27.50)
    1 can Butter Powder ($38.60)
    1 can Banana Pudding ($20.00)
    1 can Vanilla Pudding ($20.00)
    1 can Granola Super Nutty ($16.85)
    1 can Fruit Galaxy Cocktail ($65.95)

    Retail Total: $426.45

    Grand Retail Total: $871.44

    If you are interested in purchasing these items or you know a good place for me to post them for sale please let me know.
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    Where are you located. PM me, Phone

  3. Pockets

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    Thanks for your reply

    We sold the lot last night. We are in SW VA. We might get another batch and I will post it here if we do.