I Had The Sh*t-Your-Pants Moment Today...

Discussion in 'General Chit-Chat' started by IrritatedWithUS, Apr 26, 2011.

  1. IrritatedWithUS

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    I unfortunately for the time being am a urban prepper. My plan is to run away into the woods as soon as I finish my degrees in pharmacy and phlebotomy. I figure I'll only have to go into the city to work and run back home.

    Not wanting to deal with early morning traffic, I take the city bus to the university. I was walking down the sidewalk and notice a jail-crew mowing and doing yard work about 30ft away. All of a sudden I hear a "HEY YOU!". I stop and look and figure that the plain-clothed lady in a construction vest was talking to a worker and I ambled on to the bus stop. I then hear running footsteps behind me and a "HEY YOU, STOP COMM'ERE!" I turn around and I didn't budge and let the lady come to me. She said that I needed to come with her immediately to which I applied "I don't know you, i'm going to the bus stop". I walk off, cross the street and down the road when I hear more foot steps. I hear yelling and I turn around and am met with 2 cops and the lady GUNS DRAWN at me.

    I was held and had to provide my I.D. The guns didn't go away until they realized that I was not a worker and that they had lost a worker on their watch!

    I explained to then rather rudely "Do I look like a worker? Do I have crock shoes on my feet, baby blue jeans and a shirt? NO! How dare...." and I thought I should shut my mouth and I caught my bus that instant.

    I was wearing Adidas tennis shoes, had a backpack and a laptop case, a Adidas hooded open jacket and my Dickie's shirt on. On top of that I had a cellphone in my right hand and I was wearing a 24k ring. Somehow I don't think I match up with a common prisoner!!

    There was no apologies, no "so sorry for trying to kill you" or "so sorry for mistaking you for a prisoner"-- NOTHING!

    Sweet mountains, here I come!!
  2. goshengirl

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    Holy cow, I can't even imagine what that would have been like. And with the way things are - you're guilty until proven innocent - I can't imagine what that would have been like. And to not even apologize at the end, sheesh.

    Sorry you had to go through that today.

  3. IrritatedWithUS

    IrritatedWithUS Well-Known Member

    It left me in a pissy mood all day. People are disgusting and ready to jump on anyone whenever they feel the need to or to show off authority. They knew damn right I didn't look nor act the part of an inmate whatsoever.
  4. OldCootHillbilly

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    I beleive I'd a missed the bus, got names an had somebody's job fer that moronic move! Maroon's like that ain't got no business with guns.
  5. *Andi

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    Wow ...

    I would have been more than a little ticked off... Like OldCootHillbilly, I would have gotten some names and made more than a few phone calls.

    Around here work prisoners wear hunter orange jumpsuits ... They stick out like a sore thumb.
  6. backlash

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    I would still make a call.
    How many prison work crews could there be in the neighborhood?
  7. IrritatedWithUS

    IrritatedWithUS Well-Known Member

    Quite a bit. the dispatch center for the public vans is where the bus stop is near. They come with the prisoners and leave them for another van with the trailer on the back of supplies to take them to whatever area they are in. The prisoners get taken to and from and in separate vans. They do landscaping work for the public works building. That is where they were today. They made that area into a depot area after i got my house. I wouldn't have if I was psychic and knew beforehand. :)
  8. *Andi

    *Andi Supporting Member

    I would call anyway ...

    maybe it is time for them to look at what the work prisoners wear ...

    just a thought ...
  9. Dixie

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    Well, look at it this way, they are being paid back. If they hadn't wasted their time messing your day up, they probably would have found their missing guy and not had to report losing an inmate. Besides, look at the story you have to tell now!! Not just your: I had to walk five miles to school.......in the snow......... up hill........both ways, I also had to dodge the police! :)
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    Huh, not from what I see.
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    Perhaps I should have added a few of these :gaah::gaah::gaah::gaah::gaah: