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    I can't believe the price of yeast and spices ... :eek: ... I buy my yeast and spices at a little bulk store that is on the way to my parents house. So I have not checked prices at the local stores in a while. Boy that was a sticker stock.:eek::eek::eek: I paid $4.00 for a pound of yeast at the bulk store ... my local store wanted $8.00 per 4 oz. (note to self don't forget your list next time :rolleyes:) So ... I will wait on the yeast ... and a few spices I needed.

    So tell me ??? (fill in the blank)

    I can't believe the price of ________.
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    What hasn't gone up, look at the price of bacon in the supermarket, not only increased in price, but, the amount you get is now 12oz not 16oz, what a gimmick.

    :ranton:Its like years ago a company that builds pre-hung doors decided to decrease the number of screws in the hinges, from four to three each, the public didn't really notice just thought that is the way it is suppose to be. As you can guess the cost of the doors did not come down when they did that. Now if you complained to the retailer I worked for, they would just give you the extra screws at no cost, so who really paid for this.:rantoff:
    Sorry for digression.

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    A restaurant that I used to work for changed one of it's recipes about a year ago . . . instead of using two whole 6oz chicken breasts, they started using 9oz of chicken tenderloins, cut up and spread around. They said that right now, the big thing in the industry is "perceived value" . . . making it look like the guest is getting as much or more, but in reality you are cutting it back and saving money, while not dropping the price.

    The rich are always looking for ways to get richer. People like to say that the poor get poorer, but in reality, the poor can't afford to eat out at restaurants, so it's really just the middle class that gets screwed at every turn.
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    It is though. People don't want better in hard times they want more.