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I'm sure those of you older than me can say the same about when you raised my generation,and maybe I just reached another of those "wisdom you gain as you grow older" moments, but this really troubles me.
Things have changed dramatically.
During summer vacation, when I was 10, 12, 14, the kids in our neighborhood, in a town of 25,000 or so, would leave our houses at 9:00AM and not come back home till suppertime. Our parents never really had to worry about us. We could get on our bikes and ride 15 miles to the lake or 5 miles to the creek where we would swim and fish all day. As long as we were home for supper, it was all good. I wouldn't feel comfortable today having my kids leave for the entire day on their own.

I made a map of our bike route to the lake. I don't know if this map will show the route or not.

Horseman, you might be familiar with Rose Valley Lake.

OK it didn't work. If you go due north from the placemark you'll see the lake.
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