Hydrolyzed vegetable protein recall

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    Food product recall jumps by 1.7M pounds - USATODAY.com

    "Recall: Products Containing Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein"

    Got mixed opinions on this one. They claim no one's gotten sick, but how do they know when they are still tracing down what products the hvp went into? Sure is a waste of a lot of food, processed or not.

    Nothing else, it proves that the same ingredients go into the name brand and store versions of the products, when they trace ingredients by brand during a recall (I remember Peter Pan and Great Value both recalled during the peanut butter fiasco).

    Can't help but wonder what the processed food shelves are going to look like in a few weeks at the grocery stores. Bet even more people start a garden and start cooking from scratch.
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  2. NaeKid

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    I found out about that two days ago (Tuesday). Seems that the company in Nevada supplies a fair bit of that flavor-enhancer to Kirkland (Costco), Compliments (Sobey's), FamilysBest (), NoNameBrand (yellow package sold just about everywhere), Quaker (sold everywhere), PresidentsChoice (SuperStore) .. and more.

    Those are all Canadian food suppliers of bulk-level packaging... and I know how much bulk-food I purchase :eek:

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    Wow! That's a lot of food!:eek:
  4. AlterCow

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    Hydrolized proteins mean there is MSG used in the processing of the food. MSG is no bueno to consume and has been linked to cancers.
  5. NaeKid

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    AlterCow - are you tellin' me that Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein is the same as Monosodium Glutamate - MSG????

    I decided to read the wiki (linked above) on MSG and right there, in the text I found out that MSG is a Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein ..

    I don't really understand the last bit of the quote there about MSG being harmless. I would imagine that Harold McGee has never seen WildMist runnin' to the throne room 1/2hr after ingesting MSG'd products and having her body cleaned out violently ..
  6. twolilfishies

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    toxicologists that would say that are probably employees of the company that makes the damn MSG,HVP...
    Corrupt at every level....
    Whole foods are best as we all know!
    Im glad when I see more stuff like this getting revealed....
    Start your own garden, get your own chickens,rabbits for meat..whatever you can to be more self sufficienT!
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    How is your garden so far this year TwoLilFishies?
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    I try to avoid both MSG and Canola Oil (another product folks either like or hate - I deem it best to avoid) - but MSG has not bothered me physically that I know of. This doesn't include whatever internal ills it causes.
    My bestest buddy though - MSG gives him raging headaches. He says it tends to dehydrate the brain - he always asks in restaurants whether they use it. Some places use it in some salad dressings. He generally avoids Oriental restaurants on GP, unless he's sure they don't use it.
    MSG is so pervasive partly because it is a 'flavor enhancer' - our brains get to craving it in food. Makes the food taste good... but it's bad for us - gee, so many things are these days!

    (And my Canola Oil Peanut Butter experiment has entered it's FOURTH year - sitting out, with never a bit of mold, no bugs, no change of state at all. Still want to eat it...?) :D