Hurricane Harvey

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  1. Sentry18

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    What say you? Katrina all over again or no real reason for concern? I found the articles on Harvey vary greatly in their expectations for impending doom.

  2. Flight1630

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    Stay safe all who are in the way.

    I wonder if FEMA will do a better job this time around.

  3. sewingcreations15

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    Stay safe and best wishes to all in the path of hurricane Hervey.
  4. Danil54

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    We may just get outer bands or we may be facing a category 1 or tropical depression. Who knows but are stocked up and ready either way. In my area expected rains between 10-20 inches depending. Not concerned about our house flooding, but am for the goat pastures. I am closing the middle one and containing them to the pasture in front of the house. After work this morning, sanitized the goat barn, stocked up their mineral block and loose minerals and moved in a water trough. My babies don't like to get wet.. . i'm afraid they would die of dehydration if i didn't! :) Last night we filled all gas tanks and picked up another 2400 lbs of feed. That and the hay will be plenty for the critters. I am doing the last of the wash now and going ahead and cooking the next few days of meals to have on hand. We have a house generator and also a well, but I like to preplan and probably do overkill, but we did have to rough it during both Rita and Like. Lots of BBQ'd meals along with meals canned up. Had a generator for the freezers so didn't loose any of those. Heavy rains have already started here and the was nds have picked up.
  5. terri9630

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    I grew up in the "cone" for this storm. The biggest dangers will be flooding and tornadoes. There are a lot of rivers and low lying areas in the path. I was in Falfurrias in 2005 I think it was when the storm went south of us and there was FEET of standing water. Over the pastures, highways buildings.... I saw a farmer drive his tractor up the road with his family in the bucket looking for somewhere dry.
  6. hiwall

    hiwall Just walking at the edge of my grave

    There will very likely be millions of dollars of damage. It will be yet another drain on our economy and add more debt.
  7. BillS

    BillS Well-Known Member

    I heard Sean Hannity interview some weather guy. He expects it to go back out to the gulf. Then hit SW Louisiana and New Orleans.

    Let me guess: the crooked Democrat politicians there who stole the money the first time meant for the levees stole it again after Katrina and we'll see the same events unfold there.

    If this happens you'll have to wonder if God is punishing New Orleans for its sins.
  8. Sentry18

    Sentry18 Well-Known Member


    If God worked that way Washington DC would have been destroyed decades ago and California would be at the bottom of the ocean.
  9. camo2460

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    I just heard that this Storm may become a Cat. 4 before it hits Land. If you live in the path of this Storm, it's time to bug out.
  10. Danil54

    Danil54 Well-Known Member

    A mayor in Rockport told people not bugging out to go ahead and write your name and ss# on your arm to help identify bodies. . . thought that was a little extreme. But when hurricane Ike hit Boliver lots of people did loss their life and it was hard to figure out who was who. Had a lady who stayed that called her husband saying she knew she made the wrong decision and she wouldn't be making it. They finally found her naked body miles away from where their beach cabin once stood. Sad story. The article about the mayor was on Sorry I don't know how to copy a link to place on here but this is the headline . . . "Mayor tells those not evacuating for hurricane to put Social Security numbers on arm"
  11. RedBeard

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    Wow! I wish you guys luck!
  12. Sentry18

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    On a related humorous note:

  13. weedygarden

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    How many times have we seen one of these coming? I heard on the news about people going to the stores and buying water, food and more.

    Me, I would have left a few days ago. I remember when Hurricane Rita hit Houston. Cars were in gridlock heading out, all too late. Not everyone is able to leave early, and not everyone can take vacation time at a moment's notice, but some people can. I would load up and head out north, as far as necessary to get out of the path of the storm.
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  14. Danil54

    Danil54 Well-Known Member

    Harvey is stalled out at a 4 now. I am down on the east coast from Corpus Christi on the other side of Galveston, but we are watching closely. We are expecting the flooding and tornadoes. If it floods too bad I am moving my goats to the back porch and asking hunny forgiveness later on. . . I am sure we can work something out ;).
  15. DrPrepper

    DrPrepper Supporting Member

    My son and d-i-l are in New Braunfels. He says the stores around them are stripped and people in their area are starting to panic already even though the storm hasn't hit yet.

    He assures me they are ready- bathtubs filled, fresh batteries in the flashlights, and adequate food for them (and my grandpuppies) to get through the storm and the expected power outages.
  16. phideaux

    phideaux Dogs breath

    Hope all our good friends here on PS stay safe.

  17. jimLE

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    well n them goats should of come here..on account i wouldn't of had to mow the yard
  18. havasu

    havasu Just a family friend

    Anyone from the area know if Belton (Temple Area) will be in harm? My daughter and grandson just moved there and I'll be honest with ya, I'm a bit nutted up.
  19. hiwall

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    We didn't have a hurricane today but I did see a few fluffy clouds float past.
  20. bugoutbob

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    Can't seem to quote here on the app but people were talking about having SSN attached to them in case. The standard drill here during forest fire season is for the police to ask those who refuse to go the name of their dentists. After a fire dental records may be the only way to identify them.