Hunting native orchids

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    Orchids call up many different images to different people. Some think only of those moth orchids sold by the dozen at hardware stores, or impossibly rare and stunning natural sculptures that only grow in the undergrowth of tropical rainforests. What most people do not know is that orchids grow on every continent except Antarctica, and that American plants such as the lady's slipper or mocassin-flower are orchids. I nearly crushed to death one of my own native orchids yesterday evening while walking through an overgrown field. I had not gone into the field with the intention of finding an orchid, rather I was marvelling at the yarrow and St. John's Wort that seemed to be overtaking the whole place. My children were with me, and I was carrying my 12 month old daughter in my arms, trying to navigate through the high weeds without tripping and falling on my face :p So naturally I kept looking at the ground as we walked on. My oldest yelled something, and I turned around to see what the problem was and lost my footing. As I righted myself, I noticed the unmistakably delicate fringe on a short stalk of petals, and the smooth, green leaf. There in front of me was a ragged fringed orchid-all alone, no others around it. It wasn't more than 5 inches tall. The petals were a creamy yellow-green. You could imagine my horror when, back at the party, the neighbor who owns the field says to me "It'll be brush-hogged here in a few days" NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :eek: :eek: :eek: I hope to make a return trip by early this week and take some pictures before he gets to it.

    Anyone else into orchid hunting?
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    Ohhh noo. Any chance he would let you dig it up? And would it live if you did so?
    My coworker thinks I am nuts because I have an entire flower bed devoted to Milkweeds, even after I have explained several times about the Monarch butterfly needing them. ( then this year the wasps got every last one of the cats from the first generation. Haven't really seen any monarchs since then :( )
    And wait until I tell them about the elderberries, will really think I am nuts. But she has to redo yer yard every year, and uses chemicals on it too.

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    I doubt it would live. The conditions and environment needed to sustain any orchid are so complex and delicate I do not believe they can be replicated, at least when it comes to American orchids. I am sure he wouldn't mind me digging it up, after all I go back there and pick lots of other things. As luck would have it I've got a bad tire on my car, and it looks like all of the tires will need to be replaced. My husband says he can try to get it done tommorrow....I should call my dad and find out when Mike is gonna mow back there, maybe I can tell him to wait a few days longer.
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    :D I wouldn`t know an Orchid if it bit me.
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    It's been my experience that they don't bite. They may nibble a little but it doesn't seem to hurt.

    I don't know much about orchids but will tell you that visiting some of the Orchid farms in Hawaii will overwhelm you with the varieties, colors... If memory serves me correctly, there's something like 20,000 different kinds of orchids.