Hunting for food.

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  1. Turkish

    Turkish Guest

    How many of you guys hunt for your food? Do you hunt for deer, birds, what?
    And also where do you hunt at usually?
  2. Narsil

    Narsil Member

    I hunt for beef and chicken, mostly at Costco or Publix. :eek: You'd be amazed at how quickly you get tossed out of a Publix when you're all camo'd up, carrying a shotgun, low crawling down an aisle, and sounding a chicken call. :p

    I'd like to go deer or hog hunting but I've never done it and haven't found someone both able and willing to take a newbie and show him the ropes.
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  3. gds

    gds Well-Known Member

    I hunt year round, there is almost always something to hunt. Deer, tree rats, dove, duck, goose, chucker, quail, rabbit, frogs, pig, coon. Then there is the fishing, that supplies plenty of good eats.

    "And also where do you hunt at usually? "

    Wherever the above food is.
  4. Jack

    Jack ExCommunicated

    I hunt when ever possible

    it saves money tastes great and keeps you sharp

    i cureently have a corned silverside in the fridge


    but its the only store bought meat in the place and i have maybe 30lbs in the freezer

    loved corned beef eh.. never got it quite right myself so i buy that

    got some excellent roo haunches ( throw the tail away its all fat and sinew only liked by starving black fella's )

    now its spring here i will go looking for deer , enough got away in the 70's from people starting up deer farms ( thought 6 an 8 ' fences would hold em)that theres quite a few wild ones about now

    i got 2 nice red does last year leave the bucks to breed up

    nice meat bugger to clean up though


  5. gds

    gds Well-Known Member

    Jack ol mate,
    I got a few tree rat haunches I'll trade ya for some Roo haunches.:)
  6. spittinfire

    spittinfire Member

    I hunt year around as well. There is always something to shoot at and serve up with a side of potatoes. Also, I don't shoot anything I don't plan to eat unless it's attacking me or it's a pest, aka rat, ground hog, something that destroys my property.

    I try to hunt on private land as much as possible but when I dont have anywhere else to go I go to state game lands. If you're hunting only for food it only make sense to stick to larger game, ie. deer, turkey, bear. I'm on the east coast so thats about all we have here.
  7. SimeaseDream

    SimeaseDream Guest

    What are haunches and tree rats and chuckers?
  8. Bearman405

    Bearman405 Member

    Love the wild meat. Will take it every time over farmed stuff.

    Hunt deer, elk, black bear, turkey and mountain sheep when I can get it. Sheep ribs cooked over a ash wood fire...........beau.............. Buy buffalo when I can find it.
  9. gds

    gds Well-Known Member

    Haunches: hindquarters.

    Tree rats: another name for squirrel.

    Chucker/ chukkar,? (Not sure of the spelling) its a game bird similar to a quail or pheasant. Its about 2-3 times the size of a quail and a little smaller then a pheasant.:)
  10. JeepHammer

    JeepHammer Well-Known Member

    I hunt, fish or trap about all seasons to one extent or another.
    I'm slowing down as I get older.
    Mostly really small game here, the largest thing we have locally is Whitetail deer, and we only get 3 or 4 a year legally.

    (Bow Season, Muzzle Loader Season, then you get a 'Fire Arms' tag that covers Handgun, 'Cowboy' Calibers in rifles and shot guns with slugs, land owners get a bonus tag for free, and you can apply for more tags in lotteries or 'Special Hunts' but those are costly to apply and risky... You can't count on your name being drawn.)

    There is also Fishing,
    Fish, eels, turtles (my favorite!),
    'Upland Foul' (Quail, Pheasants, Doves, Turkey)
    and 'Water Foul' (Ducks, Geese, the occasional Black Bird! ;) ) seasons here.

    I grew up on game meat, and I still like the taste of it.
    The fact that it stretches the food budget and gets my fat a$$ off the couch doesn't hurt anything either!

    Small game is VERY inexpensive since most of it comes at the point of a .22 LR or .22 WMR rifle while I'm out walking for exercise.
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  11. justinpcox

    justinpcox Guest

    hunting for food... do you catch eels?

    Deer, doves, tree rats, rabbits, duck, goose...all good eatin....

    Make sure you get a deep freeze!!!!!!

    mushrooms are great too....
  12. Jerseyzuks

    Jerseyzuks Well-Known Member

    Usually they are a bycatch when you are fishing for other species.

    We used to catch fresh water eels when fishing for catfish, especially at night.

    We often catch salt water eels when fishing around the docks or piers, also usually at night
  13. Denny

    Denny Praying for America

    I've never hunted, but would like to someday to learn what to do once I kill whatever it is I'm hunting.
  14. Smithy

    Smithy Outdoorsman, Bladesmith

    You and I are in the same boat. I consider it a needful skill in my set, but one I don't currently have. Gotta find a hunting buddy and go get busy, I guess...
  15. gds

    gds Well-Known Member

    Denny and Smithy,

    Both of you are in ideal places( not iraq, TX, not DC, PA, and WV) for plenty of hunting.
    Walk into a local hunt club, shooting club, or whatever you have and ask someone to show you. Get online and do some research, I know that's not the same as having someone there to show you, but at least you will have some knowledge.
    My acquaintances are a rough lot, ex cons, and veterans. All willing ready and able to make things dead, but all of them with the exception of one would welcome a new hunter and take them under their wing and teach them what they know. Find a group in your area. Most hunters are willing to help and educate if you ask, You have to ask!
    Your state conservation agencies should have work shops and how to classes. They have websites, so look into that also.
    Happy Hunting
  16. desert_tom

    desert_tom Guest

    i hunt duck in the desert! along with quail, chukar, jack rabits and cottontails. you would be surprised how many ducks there are in the desert oasis' in southern nevada. ducks and geese both can be very plentiful. chukars are an SOB to hunt, as they live in rocky outcroppings at 5000 feet or better. qauil is easier to hunt, it lives in mesquite thickets and washes. rabbits you can find anywhere by walking down any wash you might see. oh i forgot doves... the month of september is dove season here, and we hunt those near rivers, hiding under big open branched trees. after the doves eat they like to land in these trees to take a break, we sit under them in chairs, or standing, and just pluck them out of the sky as they fly by. its like a never ending supply of flyign targets! you can use small foam decoys clipped to the branches if you want, but thers no need. find water, find trees, there will be doves!

    hope this helps without giving away all the secrets...

  17. Jezcruzen

    Jezcruzen Well-Known Member

    I hunt for the enjoyment, not for food. In other words, I'm not a subsistance hunter. I do, however, eat what I kill or donate it to doesn't go to waste.

    Oh, I enjoy deer hunting most. I will occassionally hunt turkey. I enjoyed having deer and turkey season coinside in the fall, but the Wild Turkey Federation put an end to that, whinning that too many turkeys were being killed by deer hunters. How, hoo.
  18. bonanacrom

    bonanacrom Active Member

    What's wrong with PA ? I think of all the places I have ever hunted it's the best.
  19. The_Blob

    The_Blob performing monkey


    pretty certain he meant 'not DC' & that WV & PA were great places to hunt (they are!)
  20. Jack Aubrey

    Jack Aubrey Well-Known Member

    I hunt for meat.Deer,wild hog,doves,squirrel. I have a good wife and two little mouths to feed. There are some WMA's around here where I hunt.I take my canoe in real deep into the woods to avoid other hunters. Like to fish as well. I did not come from a hunting family.Oddly enough,I had a desire to hunt and fish...I always fancied myself a Grizzly Adams sort at heart,Lol!Well,I read everything I could about hunting,watched those dvd's and one day I met Pete.Pete was an accomplished hunter and fisher.He taught me how to do all that.Became my best friend,he did.Now he's my brother in law,Lol! Best regards,JA
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