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    I saw a robot hummingbird on FOX news flew and had min cameras for they say of course its for the military..but if they can use it outside the military they will in m opinion..not too long ago, I saw in DISC channel where they were working on a "house fly", they keep this up and Im going to start getting paranoid when I see insects..all this high tech and we cant win a war against soilders that live in mountains and wear sandals in the snow and dont use toilet paper..I cant get my head around that.
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    It was on the front page of Yahoo today. Not only that but it was flying around a CIA man's hand like a normal freakin' hummingbird. You could barely tell when it was flying that it was fake. If you weren't expecting it outside, you wouldn't be able to tell if it was fake or not obviously. The story said they had robotic beetles and were working on more robotic insects. The news article on Yahoo said that the CIA might sell them to the police!

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    My little female cat cought two hummis and two bats and came to me with them......those governmnet hummies would only be a snack for her.
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    Will they visit the feeders we have hanging on the back porch? :D
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    Yes, so make sure you have tinfoil lined curtains on your arms room. LOL :nuts:
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    I saw that on PBS. You never know who is looking.
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    Has anyone seen the "smart sand" or "smart dirt" ? They are microchips the size of sand that can be strewn about and it measures how many times pressure is applied, what weight, what location, etc.

    Scary times.
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    The problem with all these little micro robots is; with current battery technology you can’t keep them going for more than 5 minutes at the best.

    Until there’s huge advances in “artificial muscle” and or battery technology these aren't going to be much of a problem.
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    Hmmm............ my cat is looking at me right now ..... hmmmm ........aruughh,,, accht............nohing to see here. Just keep on walking. :)