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Got a email from Youtube saying I am banned for hateful content. Well so much, for people having a right to know. Comments based upon my own personal experiences, and such. Not my fault if YT channels like vice news, have actual junkies in it, doing pro drugs stories basically. What's the big deal stories. More drug addicts, more junkies, more destroyed lives and families, etc. What's the big deal?

Google has said I might be a spammer, several times, in the past, and I had to jump through hoops, just to use my email again. Sending emails to the press mostly, and other places, where I think people would care to know. Making pretty big statements, when they do this type of thing, with such important issues. Not many places now to inform people. I think, people have the right to know, and make better informed decisions, regarding there safety, and the families safety. I understand, it is very serious issues. That lots of powerful people don't want, others knowing even. Want revenge, want people trusting and hence, easy pickings, etc.

YT is getting, worst and worst, for more and more people. Will see. Will do appeal. This is what I sent, as reason, I think my channel was suspended in error. As worded. I should have added, I understand there reasoning, for what they do. It's all just P.R. and P.R. damage control. I expect a negative outcome. Helpful while it lasted anyway. Something, it did help for peoples safety, while it lasted. So below sent.

I am a severely abused human rights activists. All I do is tell the truth. Based upon my own person experiences, with drug addicts, and junkies, and people whom think of themselves as terrorists. The truth about people in various government departments to. Using people for there own career security.


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Well, permanently banned from posting on youtube. Tried sending a response back. Bounded back at me. Unsendable.

My full respond I sent them back. Tried to anyway.
When you are dealing with the 1st amendment rights, and simply, can call something, hate speech. The truth. What you get is lies and silent in response. Like from public speakers and silent from others basically. More and more of that. Things are already bad.

When you silence dissent. Well I do things, that slow down, what governments, want to do, to its own citizens, to harm them but make it better, for government, itself. To be perfectly clear, I do not stop them, from doing, what they want to di. I simply, slow them down. Others who dare, will not be as clear as I am. Use prettier speech. So that means governments, will have an even easier time, doing what they want, to us. So they will implement, even faster. People will learn, that mostly, all they can do, is try to protect their families better.

Lets say, for arguments sake. That what I do, is hate speech. None of that matters. All that matters, is that things, are going to get even worse, faster now. I do extraordinary things, I do extraordinarily scary things. None of that matters, when you are picked, to be a victim, by your government. So when you do even less, or are nor even aware, of what is being done to you and your family. Things will get even worse, for more, and more people. Right outside your door too.

Government has learned. They can get away with basically anything, and not get punished. All governments do, is take and destroy, and blame others, for what they do and did. They get others, special interest groups, to take and destroy to. Wanting more and more, of what we got. Our rights, and freedoms, and liberties, and wealth. When governments, hands your tax money, back out again. For every dollar, in taxpayer money. If you are lucky, if 10 cents of every taxpayer dollar, gets to the people, who need that help. Special interest groups, get more than their fair share. Including with jobs. We get to become 2nd class citizens. The government, used our trust, and compassion, against us. I will make some predictions, just so that you know.

The government needs poor people the most. So there will be more poor people, to abuse. Multigenerational poverty, if they can, and done on purpose, to the poor. Don't want poor people getting out of poverty, so more poverty, will mean more violence, and gangs, and more terrorism, to justify a bigger police state. The police state, needs justification for its existence. So they will squeeze, in various, non standard ways, if they must. So more violence and terrorism. The press, as always, will play a big role in this too. As said many times by the government on TV.Poverty and violence, is breading grounds for terrorism. Right outside your door now. More and more.

The government, never blames itself, for the problems it causes. So it will blame others. Like they already do. Like rich peoples. The definition of rich, will become, more and more easy to meet. Like because you own a home, so you are rich. It will be done gradually, but it will be done. No one will care, because the poor have nothing left to give except there lives, liberty, and freedoms. Oops, they have already given that up, mostly. Have not given up there anger though at injustices. Which will be stoked, inflamed (black lives matter, don't they). So the rich, will become less rich. They will be hated, and no one will care, as they become a smaller and smaller minority, in their own country. The middle class will be destroyed, which the government already, is doing a fine job of, for a long time now. Just ask a Russian former billionaire. Does he even own the shirt on his back now. While he is sitting in a Russian prison.

During the tea party movement. Huge amounts of citizen time, and expense, was poured into, the tea party movement. Whether you agree, with it, or not. There was very little in return, for the citizens. They had to move mountains, for a pittance, in return. So it seems, to be best, to not let the government, take what you got, from you, in the first place. That seems to be much better, for the average person. But you can not even do that anymore. All you can do, is slow them down. When you are poor. Rights, liberties, and freedoms, are just marketing terms. You can no longer afford them. For the vast majority.

You 2nd amendment rights, will be taken away to. More and more. So you must rely, more and more, upon, the police state, to protect you. During that mass shooting in Paris, years ago. In one event. More than a 100 people learned. The police state, never showed up in time, to even save their lives, and they waited, and cried, were terrorized, and prayed to be saved, by the police state. What did the police state get by doing that. A bigger, more powerful police state.

It mattered, that I could do some posts on Youtube. It's going to matter, that I can't. So very few places are left now. I am the first, and last, and as far as I know, the only person, in the entire world, doing like I do. I hope this, was worth it. I don't think it will be. For the entire human race. That means N.A. to. Taking a single person's right to speak out, against current government propaganda. I could go on.

It seems to me, that people, who think they know what's best for us, or pretend to, and try to manipulate the general public, with half truths, and falsehoods, and such, need to learn things. It's too bad, that some many, have to suffer and die, in the meantime.

Don't think, that I haven't noticed, that companies, only seem to care about freedom of speech during their growth phase, and no longer care, when their growth phase is over.


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50 members of the police state, should have to die trying, for even one citizen, of the police state that dies or experiences grave bodily harm. For they are nothing. Compared to us.

They are our servants, and expendable to us.

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So another day for racist George. Got a recording of going down stairs, to get a meal at suppertime.

The staff at places, like women centres, are this involved, in what happens, in places like shelters. (Youth group home have the same types working there I assume). Womens centres, are full of staff, that are "former" prostitutes. Gang members, or still work with the gangs. Not a care. Let things like this, go in for years daily. Prostitutes still allowed for some reason, to be not just around children. But around, the most vulnerable, and easy to exploit children, in society. They literally are this organized, and intertwined, with criminal gang activities still. With literal convicted sex offenders, like convicted pedophiles. AKA child molesters and rapest and prostitues. Prostitutes are worst in some way than child molesters. They don't even care, if you know. So comfortable, in what they do. It is even not a thought to them. This gets done to me, a adult. This organized, this corrupted.

Had my recorder going when I went downstairs today, October 31, 2021 to get supper.

These types of people, are horrific, to have in your government, or just, around you, and yours. Whatever is important to them, is all they care about, and do. They make that thing, part of there job, abusing people. But you are the bad one. You are the racist. All they do to you is, just and fair, while you are racist, and hateful, and crazy, and violent, and threatening, and should be despised, and locked away. Even though, they are the ones, making death threats, for example, as recorded, in recording linked. Staff involved as usual. And implied death threats. They know, I have a recorder going, sometimes, when I can bother, and want to cover up, what they are doing to me. So noisy.

Probably have to listen more than once, to hear, some parts. Fast talking and doing. Experts. If you care to. All the people staying here are natives, and one or two, white people.

If you complain to staff. Which I have did several times. They stop answered the phone, and for other reasons to. They start threatening you. The R.C.M.P, don't care at all. Just got there way, arresting you, or more likely, sending you to the psyward. After being arrested. That's all. No joke.

Supposed rituals (chanting, been drugged against my will before), taking place, in this recording, to prove, I am a demon, the Koran talks about, I guess. Done to me before. Said this, around me, before (the purpose, some A&W staff downtown, with others to, other drug dealers, other nuts). I will get drugged again, I assume, 100s of times again. I will just say a 100 times again. My coffee, food, whatever.

If you do not do drugs, at all. You can tell. Hand tremors, etc. Feel weird. Made sick on purpose. (Racist George). Told them a few times, lately , to go do there chanting, and walk off the side of a cliff, and see if it protects them.

There sacred chanting, and drugging you (me), to prove, you are some type of demon, doesn't work, when they don't have AKs, and machetes, pointed, and hovered, over your, and your families head, apparently. That key component, is missing, for a guaranteed, swift death, for you, and your family. Not (skinned alive), like they are known, to do, to people.

None of these peoples, are a joke, to have around. None of them, can be trusted, in having any type of power, over you, and your family, what-so-ever. You would be shocked, at what they would do to your family, and you. If given a chance to, if they could get away with it, or not.

Just see what they, get away with doing, to others, when they rule, other countries. They gang up with each other, and make what they do, just and fair. Even religious, given enough time. While, as you defend yourself, back at them. You are called racist, etc. Justifying all they do, to you, and others. It's as simple as that, for them. The press, loves and protects them. Even there machete police. AK police now, some.

They will deliberately, put children, toddlers, and babies, in harms way, to show, there dead bodies, on TV. Even do this to there own. Well they have "just cause" to themselves, to do so. In there own mind. That's all that matters to them. Just not, putting themselves, in harms way. But children, and younger. They do not have that much "just cause". Only have enough "just cause", to harm others. They use real religious people, and other groups, to attack others. Violent, nuts, nuts, nuts.

I am gone downstairs, to get supper. In this recording. Recorder October 31 2021. Put online today October 31 2021. Same day.

Well the 2 male staff members talking here, are from Indian, and or Pakistan. But I am (racist George). They always use the racist card. These types, claiming you are racist. All these types, do that. Loud music, loud TV in background. To cover up, what they are doing to me.

These two staff members, walk by loudly, on purpose, at night, talking loudly, and or stomping, as they walk by my room, and loudly knock, on someones door loudly, for nothing, basically. Other than, to wake me up, or keep me up, and further harass me. Can be 2am or 3am or 4 am in the mourning even. Other times to. When I am sleeping, or trying to sleep. Middle of day. Others to, joining in. Opening and slamming doors. Not being seen, on camera, doing that. I could put out, lots of audio recordings, with staff participation going on, in harassing me to the point, it is torture. But I am (racist George).

1:23 Gang member client here saying "suck cock".

1:28 Old witch who worked at dropin center for homeless people, usually. Shut down now. Or was. Staff got covid. Now working here, says "you mean there's no more for George?" She looks to be like 70 years old native person. So she's been the gangs then, for 60 years or more. Doing things to people.

1:31 I say back to her "fuck off bitch". She's evil. Just evil. Lots like her.

1:33 To different people talk. 1st person says, 1st part, and then seamlessly switches over, to other person, completing sentence. "Your not suppose to be here".

1:37 Staff guy talking like a woman says "you young prick" to me.

1:42 Male staff member saying "this the fat pig" Pretending Pig is "tea". Slurring. Other staff member, saying back "yea all get some" gay sexual assault threat, from a gay person. Implied. Pig is baby to them. Looking like a big baby. Based upon other personal experiences, with these gay nut types. Straight nuts. Gay nuts. Whatever. (Racist George). I'm not sure, how tea, can be fat.

1:51 Some parts, hard to hear. Male client saying to me "big mouth" or "big lump" and then "fuck up faces" Staff member saying at basically, at the same time "walk outside sir". Threats of violence. Implied. Leeyroy, the gang leader, a few days ago, was talking, so I can hear, from his room, about me getting attacked basically. Leeroy arranging that. Forced to fight, when I walk outside. They are all, just one big gang. Then a few seconds later, another staff member says "you prick". Then one of the staff members says "to kill la". Another death threat. (Racist George).

1:58 Man client staying here, says loudly fast, especially the last word "and one Jihadi".

2:00 Then male staff member says "is he a man?" Then "the three of us?" Trying to pretend he is saying something else. The male client here responds back, says "no it's cute". Some convicted pedophile. Loved and protected. Untouchable, unstoppable. Then staff member says fast "kill punk ass" and the pedophile says back "blood his teeth". Talking about forced prostitution training and another death threat.

2:07 Woman says "he's dead" Death threat. (Racist George).

2:08 Client man says "bang-up face" Threat of violence and or, more threats of, forced prostitution training. (Racist George).

2:12 Staff members says "go". Chanting rhythm starts, for a few seconds. Like a heart beat to. This time. Tone to beeping, at first. Loud scraping. Trying to imprint and or activate me. Just playing a pre done recording, I guess. Being played on TV most likely. Parts anyway, on TV speakers maybe. Leeroy, plays a recording in his rooms, lots, of some preacher, or whatever, talking about me. Preaching about me, swearing about me.

2:14 Some voodoo, jihadie chant, magic word(s) or beats, or whatever. Been done to me several times lately, for long periods of time. More obviously to me. Hard to tell, with other noises, when listening to a recording. Lately, they want to pretend again. That I am some type if demon, or whatever, from there religion, and have been chanting at me, and making chanting, banging noises (beats like in music, sometimes with chanting words or not).

Done before to me. Was drugged to. Want to pretend, I am some demon, from the Koran, or whatever. They are what the Koran warms about. As far as I am concerned. Monsters. Preteding, not to be monsters. Some beat, in the background, with the chanting. I guess, if I fail there tests this time, with this group, they get to kill me, or whatever. It's a surprise. There nuts, and not a joke. Doing hard drugs, fantasizing, etc. Not 100% predictible. Nuts don't get controlled, they get unleased.

2:19 Woman says "pervert".

2:58 staff member calls me "animal". (Racist George).

3:00 sound like Joe saying "fuck you". that's what he normally does.

3:03 Male staff members says fast "lard doe" Voice that sounds like old Joe, at the same times says "jihadi". Trying to make his voice sound strange. The the staff member says some more chanting "praise the" whatever. Don't remember now.

3:07 I say "fucking jihad" back to male staff member.

3:12 First staff member says "he's a lardo". The male client says "says things about Leon". I make some comments and swear.

3:19 Man says "says Leeroy fight whoever". Then "get the fuck out of here". And "dam this ass-hole Leeroy. I want him out of here. He's trouble". I talk some. Then staff members called me "lardo". Staff member talking. Leeroy was in the kitchen when I first came in. Ahead of me. Maybe he was still in the room. Don't know. Never noticed. (Racist George).

3:31 Same staff member as above talking, saying, "i drove him up all night". Someone bangs loudly so you can not hear last part on recording". they change words to pretend it means something else. Slanging to them. I talk back. "you need to get out of here. You fucking freak".

3:41 Staff member male says "get out of here". I say "go back where you came from". Staff members says back "you loose" and I say "you piece of shit". Staff member says back "fuck you".

3:50 Same staff member male whispers "you piece of shit, fuck you".

3:54 "taping fuck" and then say "you" a little special effect done. Using tapping.

3:55 I say "we don;t need another fucking junkie, here". Then I say "fucking jihad".

4:00 Someone using a vibrating sounds voice. "why don't you die? I don't die." Devil voice again, I guess.(Racist George)

4:05 Plain or car goes by. Says "terrorist, why don't you die" at same time. Sounds like that. I walk away to go upstairs and back into my room.

6:03 Man saying "he's fucked, he's fucked". Stomping around outside my door.

I goto and say the time and read headlines from site. At about 8:15.

Attachment below is about 2.9 megs in size.

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So what actually happens, to a person in real life. Is reality. All of TV, and such, is make believe. Actors acting. So Apparently I am a racist. I have strong opinions. Some think I should tune it down.

So just part of, one day in my life, recorded again. (racist George). Next recording, as I am writing this out, is a fight, outside my door, to try to intimidate me. I made some comments back. Staff there to, from Indian, and or Pakistan. Same ones again. Nov 3 2021 super time.WAV

Making some comments back to the convicted child molesters and such around here today. Nov 3 2021. Been slamming there doors loudly all day long. Trying to study and someone gives them access to, where I go online, or tells them. The firewall. So I being a victim dared talk back. So they get like this. Threatening and such. Usually I don't do much back. Leeroy and others put people up to this today. Staff to. Herr a staff member later. Has a super creepy joker smile. Like out of a comic book. Let this go on all day long to frustrate me and then pretend to be nice. Someone staff who has participated to many times in this type of behaviour. A enabler and doer himself. He stops pretending he is being nice, after I say a comment back at him. There fun, is really raging. I don't pretend. They do.

As I wrote this. I have another recording, of a fight, breaking out, outside my door. I have some things to say, and just like that, they are gone. Street hustle, a scam. Trying to intimidate. So they are going to start doing things to, most likely (violence). There friends in criminal activities, like violent crimes. Various street thugs. A warning. Too bad. Not very long. Next recording. This old guy. Johnny Butts. Has spent years, banging on things, for hours at a time. Daily for months at a time. Screaming to. They have lots of friends.

They make death threats, and threats of violence against me, all the time. I have a right to be angry to. If convicted child molesters, and such, can be mad at me to. Jihadies to. Drug dealers to. Gangs members to. Nuts to. Going to be bad tonight, trying to sleep. Be woken up, and kept up. As usual. So when you drive by, these peoples, and see them outside. Looking like they do nothing. This is the type of things, they are doing. They are all, the same. I have tens of 1000s, of unwanted, and involuntary interactions, with these types.

Some new people, showed up, working here, in the past few days. So maybe, some of the staff, is going to get (replaced). So raging angry, but pretending, not to be. That is usually, what ends up happening. Most new staff, are just trouble makers, from the dropin here in town. One tried to do her job. Been a long time though. Even worst there, than with those people, staff from the local dropin. So I suspect, things will get even worst for me, personally here. Earlier today, a staff member, came to the door, of room 202. Then that guy, did most of the door slamming today, during the normal work day. Creepy pedophile John. In that room, another child molester, I guess. Just one more, or there friend, of convicted child molesters. He acts like, the self admitted pedophile here, a child molester, Leeroy.

So, this is what they do, with free time. Child molesters, and such (there friends).

1:18 Lou the white pimp here, says fast "what's that asshole?" He's one of the street thugs here. They are all violent. Threats of violence, rape, forced prostitution, murder, are common from them against me. They got lots of other friends, just like them. Staff in these places, are exactly the same people. They just never got caught, doing serious crimes.

0:02 Leeroy says "fuck you"

1:20 I say back "your a cock sucker to Luo. You piece of shit" I walk down stairs.

1:25 Then Lou gets in my face and says "get the fuck out of my way" as he plants his ass in the doorway as he usually does.

1:27 I say "get the fuck out of my way"

1:28 then Lou instantly "acts and makes his head look like he's drunk and slurs his voice". They are perfect actors. He says"you're i my way"

1:30 I say "fuck off you piece of shit". Lou says "fuck you" at the same time I am talking.

1:32 I say "come show me you piece of shit". Lou says "fuck you" as he's walking away. I say "you fucking piece of shit. You god dam pimp piece of shit. Come fucking show me, you fucking coward".

1:46 I say "you're another fucking cock sucker. Fucking cock sucker". Not even sure who I said it to now.

1:59 I go into the front door to get supper. You can here a male staff member say "hello George" Like nothing was going on. I says "there's the freak who was at the door earlier this afternoon." Where I talked about a staff member going to room 202 and knocking at the door. Then creepy pedophile John, slamming his door all day long, along with, creepy self admitted convicted pedophile Leeroy. Staff member might have changed his cloths to. They pose certain ways, and such to. Experts. "Former" street people. Then the staff members says, in a weird voice 2:07 "he's a piece of shit" and someone else says "you're a asshole".

2:12 I say "he says Yea you're a asshole" that staff member, who has the creepy smile, says at the same time. "you fucker". Staff member serving food says "right" and the staff member with the creepy smile says at the same time basically "what are we going to do about him?"

2:17 I say "that's the freak that works here and likes smiling." That creepy staff member says "dumb fuck". I say back "creapy fucking pervert", because that is what he is. Then the creapy similing staff member says "get out of here".

2:24 The creepy staff member, serving me, whispers "yes" in a creepy voice.

2:29 The creepy smiling staff member, in the entrance area says "oh... want your crack fat fuck"

2:33 I say "there's the main trouble maker" Charlie that stays here. Perpetually stones and or drunk. Makes enough money to do that. Says he "works" in construction. Prowling around. Making sure he gets his $$$$ worth. That's all I think about him. there not talking but displaying himself in front of me. They just "go to". They fantasize they own the toen and things like that. Big men, in there own mind. Can't afford to pay rent, with there drug dealing though. I don't pretend. I don't dress up, and pretend, I'm not homeless. Etc. I would tell you, if I thought you did not know. I would warn you to, about the street people, and others, around here. I get interrupted sometimes, doing that. Has happened. People tell you right away, I am crazy, etc. Nicely dressed, and nicely educated, peoples. Others. Warned them, there children are in danger. They have been so schooled already, by others, they start to freak out, at me. I say it anyway. They don't want to listen, when I warn them, there children are in danger around here. Do you understand. They start to freak out, already they think, I am so crazy already. Not schooled by street people. Not all anyway.

2:35 So I say as I'm getting served some rice then I think. "can I have a bit more". So that creepy smiling staff member in the entrance ways says "eat us out of house". He's on the phone, or pretending to be talking on the phone. Then he says "ah.. the holy cow is here".

2:40 The staff member serving food, bangs against the trays basically and moans "oh" fast.

2:42 Staff member serving food, says some word, and then "fuck you"

2:48 Staff member with creepy smile, and out at desk, at entrance way, screams basically "that won't do"

2:55 I say "god dam fucking child molesters allowed to be out of control" As I say this, staff member serving food says "why are you Baal". Or plays some recording or something, who knows. Then he can says honestly, I said nothing. The R.C.M.P. would ask him, if he said anything, or that phrase, for example. Then laugh about it.

3:03 Again in a weird voice again, the staff member serving food says "why are you Baal again?" I says "freaks".

3:07 Some man says "fuck him Johnny" Johny Butts I assume, I says "child molesters piece of shit. All fucking day long."

3:11 Staff member serving food uses a different voice and sings "hel-lo creepy creepy".

3:12 Some man says "nice sperm buddy" Not sure who it is. Then he says "what do we have?" Might have been staff member, sitting next to coffee machine, in kitchen area.

3:17 I say "child molesters and fucking terrorists".

3:22 I say "every rat piece of shit there is, Indian, Pakistan, Africa". They are full-time rats to. Staff member makes some comment as I talk "you need to indulge in community". Like junkie community, he means. So when they do things to me, it is just, and OK. When I do something back, I'm in the wrong. Everything you see on TV, is fake. Most of what they news says to. What is right outside your door, is real life. Real stuff, that happens to you, and yours. What is actually happening. What you actually have, to worry about. Don't worry about what they tell you to, worry about. You may actually end up with dead, or as good as dead, family and others, you care about. If you listen to them, and others like them. That is the real, possible, consequences. Always there waiting.

3:31 They start up with the chanting stuff again. Staff present, at least again. Just for a few seconds. Will see what happens tonight, as I try to sleep.

3:36 Someone says "kick the shit out of you bastard" right after chanting stops. Staff present at least. Probably a staff member. I say something, not sure what. "takes one to know one" or something like that. Right after that in a weird voice. Probably the staff member serving food "you're a sperm donor". Or being played on TV in there. A recording, of a audio, or video, with audio. Sex related stuff. There psychopathic mental disorder, revolves around sex, and violence, and violent sex. Like rape, and forced prostitution, etc. Brutal acts, of sexual violence. Most are bipolar to. Happy and them violent, sad and then violent. They glorify violence, like in rap music. There heroes. That recorded person talking, is the same voice, that I hear Leeroy plays, in his room. Happening right now. Nov 3 2021 8:27pm. Preacher voice.

3:40 I say back "all I got to do is wait" and "you're a fucking child molester". Various sex related comments being said in background, and continue, after I finish speaking.

3:50 Some man says "George, fat Tony after you shit" Probably someone who does not exist. Well there is, a Tony here. Will find out anyway. No choice. Get to do whatever they want to. All the time. Then I say "more pedophiles child molester". then someone says "right".

3:56 Charlie, it sounds like says "good night". It's Nov 3 2021 8:21pm. As I write this. Charlie, just came to Leeroys door, and started knocking, on it, repeatedly. I opened the door, to see who it is, and it's Charlie. When lower down people, are not making trouble. The higher up, and staff, start causing trouble. Just like, when you hear of gang members recently, on social media, making comments about each other, and getting into fights, and or killing, each other. They all just "have to" do something, to prove, how powerful, A.K.A. in charge they are. Around here, lots of them, take turns, doing crimes and almost crimes, to people. Most are dead, from the past anyway. The women, who had the street gangs, and others, come after them here in Yellowknife. Had lots of others, helping from government. Or as good as dead. All taking there turn. All organized crime, but pretending not to be.

3:59 I say "fuck you too you piece of shit. Any time dick wad". Saying back to old pedophile (child molester) that walked in as I was walking away basically.

4:12 I say "cock sucking dick wad. Fucking child molester". Still talking back to him. The window in kitchen area, I am walking by, is almost always open, as it was right now.

4:31 Some man says "fat fuck" as I am walking up the stairs. First he says more quietly, and fast "you are ending" and then more normally, and louder "fat fuck". Another death threat. I make some comments. "All one big gang, child molester friends".

4:57 Someone hitting on door, as I get ready to open my door. It's Leeroy. Leeroy says "fucker". So I made a comment back" why don't you come outside freak." I will be kept up even more now, to exhaust me even more. Been through that lots of times to. Trying to study right now. So they get worst. Doesn't take much, to stress me out, so much, has been done to me.

5:50 I say, what I expect to happen. Based upon, previous experiences. "Typically what happens. One or more, of the thugs. Gang up, start making threats, and even worst. Lou, the white pimp Lou, being one of them, main one". Not sure what I said next. I say "cowards, what it comes down to".

7:22 So I talk about staff, and what they do to people. If you had, or have a loved on,e involved with these people(s). What you can expect. Government workers to.

8:45 Say date and time, and read some headlines, off

Audio recording below, is like 3.3 megs in size. Nov 3 2021 super time.WAV

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So fake fight, outside my door, to intimidate me, is coming up. Staff involved again. Took off fast. After I started talking.

If you trust these types, and or, act like a normal human being, around them. They see you as weak, and to be exploited. Just like in corrections shows, like "60 days in". Your government, is full of these types to. More and more so. Nov 3 2021 Johnny Butts fighting.WAV

Well this place is run by the local womens centre. Full of prostitutes and such, given jobs. Years ago on TV. Women who experienced sexual violence, were sent to these places for help, and counselling. Women started complaining on TV. I think even the news. That the staff, were trying to break up, there marriages. Even though there husbands, did nothing wrong to them. So staff, in some of these places. Do not have, even adult sexual assault survivors, best interests, in mind. That is serious. Women in that state. some are traumatized, and easy picking, for prostitutes and such.

But it is still OK, for these woman, who work there, to still, deal with children. Who are even more vulnerable, and easy to take advantage of. I have talked about this before and I will be more blunt (racist). Still nothing done about it. Not one government department cared. Not social services, not child protective services, not victims right groups, not the police, not the courts, and not the press. Still allowed to go on.

These types, "former" prostitutes and such, gang members, drug addicts, allowed, to run places like this, and allow, all that goes on to go on. Do you think, they have victims, best interests at heart? Now? Replacing staff, doesn't matter, if they let the cycle of violence continue against a victim. They are the ones who need replacing. The highest ups.

That means, actual government department workers, would have to actually work (shocking concept for them), all the time. No more perfect resumes (CVs). No more doing nothing, but paperwork. Etc. At a huge cost to the tax payers, in all kinds of ways.

Watch how fast, they would heavily medicate, even children. Acting up. With powerful drugs. Ruining there lives forever. Children freaking out, at what get's done to them. Not knowing, what to do, but freaking out. A child. Children. Children are supposed to be protected by adults. More career security for government workers. A super stressful environment for adults to be in. Let alone children. Easy pickings. There little lives, getting worst and worst as time goes by. Having to deal with doctors and psychologists. Especially when they get out of school.

This should be on camera anyway. Only started recording after they showed up and started fighting. Caught a little. Should have waited I guess. Oh well. Only about 4 1/2 minutes long recording. How bad it really is. Don't even hesitate, to do what they want to, and can get away with.

0:00 I say pretty loudly, right away "don't forget to cry staff, don't forget to cry staff". Fight already going on, outside my door. Shut down fast, as I started talking to them.

0:04 I am still talking and a staff member says "stop the fight". Only then. Not going on, very long anyway.

0:06 Staff member saying "that was him"

0:08 John Smokie it sounds like moans "oh ah.." I say "oh how scary". Getting some drunk person to do this. More free booze for him I guess. I say "get fucking lost you fuckin freak". Will try to swear less often. Later on.

0:12 Staff member says outside my door "do you think he help molest?" Then staff member moans.

0:14 I say "bang on my fuckin door and see what happens you piece of shit. Bunch of fuckin freaks"

0:27 someone says with a weird spirit voice again "jihad"

0:28 I say "trying to intimidate getting mad right outside my door". Making various noises as I say that. Staff. Growling at end of me speaking.

0:34 I say "what a fuckin joke"

0:44 I got say date and time Nov 3 2021, 8:06 pm. Read some headlines.

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You have a lot of native self government in northern Canada. The NT and NU. So they are responsible to a high degree, to all that happens, to everyone here. Responsible for the way things are. As they set it up to be this way, over years and decades.

You have lots of elected public officials from small native communities, in northern Canada. Who are relatives, family and friends of homeless people, like the gang members. Gang members around here have gotten several elected officials gone. Talking about various crimes they have done. Some anyway. Other reasons to. Getting drunk and violent basically. Spousal abuse. Elected officials.

It's a disaster basically. F.A.S.D. in common in the north with these people. (racist George). Even though I have some native blood to. They are born without morals, there babies basically. Because the mother was drinking, and or doing drugs, while pregnant. Crack babies, and almost crack babies to being born. They have lots of government jobs here to. Everywhere, all across, northern Canada. They protect each other. Mostly. Use different groups themselves to do different things to people. Even there own.

Highest suicide rate in the country, and attempted suicide rate in the country. Sometimes they commit suicide, because they are going to prison, for being a convicted child molester, or whatever. Some do that. Kill themselves then. That doesn't get talked about. Other than in the context of how bad guns are, or whatever, on TV. Another suicide. Sometimes, I think. They are forced, to sober up basically, and think about, what they did. Maybe think about. No more easy booze, and drugs, while in corrections. Some for sure. It's all they care about, some. I think this is misunderstood by many people, in that one special situation. (racist George).

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Nov 4 2021. Lots of different people today still bangin around loudly. As usual. Can't sleep or study. Switching who does what in what room to. Trying to make me run around. convicted child molester and such, having fun. As they always do. With there free booze, drugs and other fun for psychopaths. the local women centre runs this place and makes it exactly how it is. Still allowed to be around innocent children, and vulnerable children. The most vulnerable of all. Literally prostitutes, given jobs, and trusted,with there safety, and well being. These types to, from around here, Yellowknife, and all they do. The others working there, simply said nothing.

Some swearing in recording. nov 4 2021 138 am trying to sleep.WAV

So made a recording Nov 3 2021. Past midnight. When I was trying to sleep. Nov 4 2021 1:38 am recording starts. Woken up several times again. The devil voice and such again. Crazy racist George. MA\y add link later to recording. Several hours long.

Just some of what's recorded mentioned here. Literally allowed to be around child and run group homes for kids and such in some places. They don't stand a chance. Being feed to the gangs. You better make sure you have a will and who gets custody of your children. Better be rock solid and backup choices, maybe to. In order of preference.

Lots of modulated loud hum recorded. Beat. loudish hum to. Would be much louder in real life.

1:24:44 ------------ I'm woken up. I say "I'm trying to sleep you fuckin freak. You can listen yourself if you want to to what was done. Audio wise.

2:04:10 I speak again.

3:03:00 Start making some noise around here. Maybe a little later.

3:03:47 Some woman says "Lee roy" Then she says some more comments like "get up". Staff or prostitute staying here talking. Staff can also still be a prostitute.

3:04:28 or so. Prostitute starts talking some more. Man makes noises with my snores, breathing. Got lots of that recorded before. Growling basically.

3:25:20 Some noise like a train or something is being played for several seconds.

3:55:55 --------------- I'm woken up again. I start talking.

6:16:00 Various banging noises. Like on the walls or something. Not me. Must be right outside my door.

6:18:00 ---------- A loud banging noise wakes me up. I say the time right away "7:54 am".

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Staff member from recording yesterday (Nov 3) in kitchen, was working here today, again, in the kitchen. Said he was from India. I don't believe him. I think he's from Pahistan. Meet lots of people from India and he's not the same build. Said his name. Not that I could understand what he was saying. Can not pronounce his own name apparently.

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Going to get supper again today. Nov 4 2021 Super time again.WAV

They see every day normal human behaviour as weakness. So then you are to be abused. Even a child is just weak to them, and to be exploited. This how they think, and are. That's how prostitutes, see people to. Male and female prostitutes.

0:18 Just walking by some child molesters door here. I make the floor creek I guess. Awfully well timed. So he says "fat fuck". fat like a floor creek.

0:37 Sounds like charlie says "fuck off George Collins" Probably prerecorded.

0:56 Same male voice again "fuck off George Collins" Charlie I think.

1:07 I see a woman walking down the street. I say to her "watch out for the child molesters, watch out for the child molesters here" someone a male says "fuck off, your a ass-hole". The devil voice this time I think. Some button for some gang member to push I guess. Was a man inside as I went in. was already close to entrance way.

1:35 I start talking to staff member from yesterday here today again.

1:48 still talking to staff member. Sound in background from TV I assume says -------- "you meat is penis" ------------. in a girls childish voice. At least it's not the cooked flesh of dead babies, this time. No joke. told I was eating the cooked flesh of dead babies. Human babies. That was at, the local Salvation Army here, in Yellowknife. At supper time. Trust me. Seriously mentally disturbed people with jobs in shelters and such and with the seriously mentally disturbed violent stress gangs members around. Can get a whole lot worst. you would not even believe it. Otherwise you would be shocked to the very core of your being. This is nothing. Absolutely nothing. There is a murdered mother and toddler in Alberta. I think the person charged is a person from Yellowknife. Around me when horrific things to me. Where being done to me. A psychopath would have found it amazing and awesome. He did crimes to a corpse to. It is implies it was done to the mothers corpse. It can be taken sexual things were done to the babies corpse. Maybe even before the baby was dead. They were trying to drive me crazy here and he went nuts maybe. Anyway it was said, in story, he was in Edmonton. This high risk, repeat sex offender, as stated. That is only 1 flight away from Yellowknife. Lots of people from Yellowknife, including street people. Go to Edmonton. Well story already done here.

1:56 I think Charlie says "you're a fat fuck" in background. He can, I know now, talk like that.

1:59 Prostitute says fast "take a shower". I Think it is the old native witch worker from the dropin working here now. Never noticed. They make comments like that to me. Touch me and stuff, when there hands are covered in excrement, or whatever. In past anyway.

2:01 I say back "of course you're a fat fuck".

2:03 Staff member from "Indian" I talked to early, in this recording mumbles "you're a lardo".

2:04 I say "you piece of shit".

2:08 Charlie the higher up drug dealer uses his weird voice and says "you're a stupid fucker".

2:09 I say "you piece of shit fuckin child molester".

2:11 Staff members says "what are you going to do?"

2:14 Charlie in his weird voice says "you pervert dumb prick".

2:17 Female prostitute moans "oh"

2:19 So charlie is sitting down next to coffee machine. I have walked over there by now. I say to Charlie "keep your fuckin mouth shut Charlie you piece of shit". That pisses him off. But he does nothing.

2:27 I say "fuckin freak" to Charlie. Then I say to him "don't think I don't remember, you are one of those fuckin freaks". Update. They all are. They all have some thing they do for the gangs. Maybe 2 or 3 things. They are experts. They do there thing(s) all the time to people. Like calling a expert, to do something for you. Expert at acting crazy, in some way. Expert at fighting each other, to intimidate ordinary people, into not coming around. Whatever.

2:33 Same childish cartoonist girl voice says again "pervert stop" Like taking through her noise or something. Not planned for I guess. A mistake.

2:35 Staff member serving food I think. Slams down some plates, I guess, and says "fuckin jihad think scare me". Then some loud tapping. Maybe Charlie. Don't think he had anything to slam down. Who knows.

2:54 So I am standing next to Charlie who is sitting down and he says "and you're a pervert". I say back "yea rat turd" to him. not agreeing with him just responding back to Mr. Yea lets fight Charlie when people say things to him. Pretending to intimidate I guess. Mostly at dropin. Not here as far as I know.

3:22 So I stand in door way with the native man standing next to the desk farther in. SO he can see and here me. I say to 2 women walking by loudly "what out for the child molester here". they look over and I say again loudly "watch out for the child molesters staying here" then I say it again "watch out for the child molesters staying here". Usually a gang of them making trouble for me as I walk by are at the side entrance way. Not right now. Just one.

3:38 Staff member says, as I walk by open side window "he's fat". sounds like that staff member anyway.

8:00 start reading some headlines off

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So another street thug here is starting to go out into the hallway making nasty comments and such. He went into room 206. Seen him get into room 205 to. Apparently, he has 2 rooms, to stay in here. Same with others in rooms around me here. Probably another convicted sex offender. Probably a rapist. Or a convicted pedophile (child molester). Waiting to go to court, or has.

Been making copmments back at the witches working here today. They make all kinds of nasty comment to me all the time. Where they worked before or here. Then pretend to be nice "oh high George". Then make some nasty comment usually before or afterwards to as I walk farther away.

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Nov 5 2021. Still constant harassment and noise throughout the day. So the staff member from the local salvation army. Wong is his name I think. Is the one who came around and took the pad or whatever off the door so that whenever you try to close the door quietly. You can not. Makes it easy for them to slam the door noisy. He is the one who gave me chemical burns that almost killed me. (racist George). He is a violent nut job with a constant temper, and a constant scowl on his face. I can't even not think when I see him that he believe that he should be the (great commie leader) but the floor need mopping again. That, pisses him off. He is a seriously mentally disturbed person. Complained to salvation army staff severe times that street people are allowed to wash my mat using dirty mop water with really strong industrial grade chemicals put in it. Way to concentrated. This went on for like a year. Have to be really careful, to clean my mat carefully. Or I would get a chemical burn again.
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