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    Didn't see a new member introduction area so I will introduce myself here:)
    looks like a great site with lots of good topics. I'm from the Midwest in south central Kansas. I was in desert storm and have basically been into self sufficiency and survival ever since. I raised cattle for several years and have some horses. My wife and I are homesteading on 25 acres of remote land with lots of trees and a very nice creek.
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    Welcome. How's the creek for microhydro?

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    I don't know how good it would be for that, it is spring fed but doesn't seem to run very fast, however I have never seen it come close to drying up. my house is uphill about 100 feet higher and 150 yards from it. I have not looked into it enough to find out if I can pump that far with microhydro.
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    Welcome cowboy enjoy the forum. Glad to have you here.
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    Welcome! I'm in the exact opposite situation. My family HAD a horse ranch and now I'm out in the Middle East. Trade ya! LOL

    Let's see some pics of the land! I've only been to Kansas once. I drove from Dallas to Manhattan to pick up my Cobra. I absolutely loved the drive. Especially when I hit the Kansas state lines and I-35 turned into a tollway. That beautiful, smooth highway was worth the few extra bucks.
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    Welcome to the forums Cowboy :D